Dan Harper
Dan got his first taste of the Lovecraftian limelight as an
NPC in some of Sean Branney's Cthulhu Lives games at
the California Institute of the Arts, playing cultists, undead
ex-cultists, and a bloodthirsty were-creature stalking the
foothills. He made his first foray into investigation as
Trevor Carson, an operative with Guy Boyet's Ace Detective
Agency, in Game 50, Halloween 7: The Bastard in the Boat.
After a turncoat politician murdered Carson with a butter
knife, Dan went into semi-retirement, only to be drawn back
into the world of The Old Ones as NPC Deputy Anderson
Mills in Game 62, The Call. As Mills became more involved
in the case, he was handed the unprecedented (and unlikely)
dual promotion from NPC to Investigator, and from Sheriff's
Deputy to Sheriff's Homicide Detective. A big day for
humble "Andy" Mills. Dan reprised his role as Detective Mills
in Stephanie Morey's game Chinatown Terror, in which he
was stabbed, shot, stun-gunned, karate-kicked, pistol-whipped,
drugged, and betrayed—and still got his man. Mills returned
to duty ("Why do I always get stuck with these freak-show
cases!?") in Game 64, Mose Ain't Dead, reuniting with FBI
Special Agent Jillian Crowe, and maintaining his spotless record
of sending the Dark Fiends back to the netherworld while
giving the cops someone to hang the blame on.

When he's not keeping the streets of LA safe from tentacled
monsters, Dan plays the roles of actor, director, producer,
fight choreographer, and calligrapher. He has appeared in
three productions with Sean Branney & Leslie Baldwin's
Theatre Banshee, and by day is the Marketing Director for
Theatre LA.

Dan tries to keep a straight face while watching cultists in the dark, smoke-filled basement at the end of The Call.