Darrell Tutchton
Darrell is one of the co-founders of Cthulhu Lives, having written and run the very first game, The Randolph Mortimer Incident, with Sean Branney. He was the Keeper or co-Keeper of six adventures, including the classic Fear on the Water, and the winner of multiple Black Tentacle awards.

As an Investigator, Darrell played five times as Professor Nathaniel Ward, a brilliant but sometimes misunderstood member of the faculty of Miskatonic University. Professor Ward is one of the few characters to cross over from the dice-and-paper world of Call of Cthulhu. He was so popular that he appeared in two other games as an NPC.

A gifted artist, Darrell provided many illustrations that graced the pages of the HPLHS newsletter, Strange Eons, in the late '80s. Some of his weird and creepy paintings and engravings still hang on the walls of Society members' homes. He also created the pages of the mysterious book which appeared in the HPLHS film The Testimony of Randolph Carter.

Darrell was an extremely strange kid, but he now lives in Georgia, and spends his time travelling throughout the world recruiting students on behalf of the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Darrell plays undead violinist Stanley Wilcox in Sean Branney's game "Music of the Night". He won the Black Tentacle for his portrayal.