Joe Baykun
Joe Baykun did a number of high school plays with Sean Branney and Andrew Leman, and was part of the gang that played Call of Cthulhu at Branney's house in Cherry Creek, CO in the early 1980s. He was one of the few to play the same character in both the tabletop and live-action versions of Cthulhu. His Investigator character, Michael O'Grady, was a dashing private eye. "Have Dust, Will Travel" was his motto. (Mummy dust, that is.) He appeared in the very first game of Cthulhu Lives, and in four subsequent adventures. Joe also played NPCs in Fate of the Ancients and Possession Out of Time.

Joe continues to live in Denver, Colorado, where he is an active member of the Buddhist faith.

Joe Baykun in Denver, CO.