Joe Foust
Joe had a somewhat rocky beginning as an NPC in the game "The Crawling Chaos", in which he and Nick Offerman went into business for themselves, scaring the crap out of the Investigators and the Keeper alike. As he later explained, "Nick and I had no idea what was going on, thanks to Mr. Leman. We thought the game was to be played as 'us vs. them' and we should play to win. Later, we discovered what the role of an NPC truly was, no thanks to Mr. Keeper himself, Andy Leman. All Nick and I got for our FOUR HOUR make up job and head shaving was 'we cancelled the game!' Luckily for Andy, Nick and I were able to make the next game flow smoothly by learning from his shameless mistakes."

Joe learned well, subsequently playing in five games, and co-Keeping "The Dark Father" with Richard Ragsdale. Among Joe's extremely memorable Investigator characters were mental patient Clive Baneswell from "The Sentence" and Yithian-possessed Philip Grimm, the central character of "The Epic." Joe won the Black Tentacle award for his turn as NPC Albert Feldman in "The Chalice of Laggash."

Joe is now an actor, director, designer, playwright and fight choreographer in Chicago, IL. In the spring of 2001 he is working on Romeo and Juliet in London.

(He's also a brilliant collage artist and one of the most insanely funny people I've ever known. -AHL)

One of Joe's many fancy actor photos.