Katia Anderson
Katia narrowly missed the chance to play in some of the Champaign-Urbana games of Cthulhu Lives while she was there earning a degree at the U of I. Fortunately, she returned to Northwestern Illinois and Eastern Iowa in time to participate in Dirt with Jamie Anderson and Andrew Leman. In Dirt, Katia played Robert Lincoln's nurse, a secretary at the offices of Davis & Brown, and various koken roles. She was a koken during the final scenario, until NPC Gail Stern decided to have her take off her koken hood and improvise a new, unplanned-for NPC hostage, much to the Keepers' dismay. Katia got her Keeper's feet wet assisting Jamie and Andrew during "The Thing In The Woods." Katia played investigator Lillian Blackwood in "Chalice of Laggash" back in Champaign. She then wrote, orchestrated, played various NPCs and literally saved the game as one of the four Keepers of "We Thought It Would Be Fungi."

Katia and her husband, Jamie, are the proud parents of daughter Natalie Anderson, and take a lot of pictures of her.

Katia in "We Thought it Would be Fungi"