Peggy Cope
Peggy Cope played in 10 games of Cthulhu Lives at the height of the Colorado era. She played seven times as Investigator Flo Denison, in such classic adventures as The Horror in Egypt, Perigo, and The Black Man. Miraculously, Flo survived and stayed reasonably sane throughout her long career. Peggy was also co-Keeper of the game The Wicker Man, played in London and Cambridge, England. So far, it remains the only game played outside of the United States. She contributed regularly to Strange Eons, the HPLHS newsletter, and worked on the Society's production of The Testimony of Randolph Carter.

Peggy matriculated at Newnham College, Cambridge University, in the U.K. and received her master's degree in English history and literature from the University of Chicago. She became a magazine editor purely by serendipity, stumbling into her proper place in life. She has worked on Computer Shopper magazine, Windows magazine, several travel trade publications, and is now features editor of homeoffice magazine. She lives near the Jersey Shore with her boyfriend, James, and cat, Pooh, and commutes from there to her midtown Manhattan office behind Carnegie Hall, when she's not working from home on her laptop. She still sings from time to time, and writes feature articles on topics relating to small and home-based business operations, as well as travel. She has also become addicted to the landscaping aisles of Home Depot and is working on becoming a gourmet chef. She is conversant in French and Anglo-Saxon, and is given to quoting Monty Python on the most inappropriate occasions.

Peggy (right) poses in the Hall of Very Large Feet at the British Museum in London, England.