Philip Bell
Philip Bell was a Cthulhu Lives player and a prolific Keeper from the early days, having been involved in such classics as Egypt, The Black Man, Perigo, and Waiting for Goddeu. He played the frequently reappearing and enduringly popular character Al Neville.

Phil was co-editor of “Strange Eons,” the monthly newsletter of the HPLHS, for over two years, and served as co-vice president of the society with Andrew Leman. He also served as a producer on The Testimony of Randolph Carter.

In the game Halloween III: Blood Wedding, Phil's character Al Neville married Judy Ruha's character Allison Morgan. Bride and groom were both killed horribly as they cut the wedding cake. Several years later Phil and Judy got married again, this time in real life. They are now the proud parents of beautiful Zoë.

Life and career have prevented Phil from playing much Cthulhu in recent years. He is now kept extremely busy as an Assistant Professor of Cognition and Technology at the University of Washington, and can tell you a lot of interesting things about deformed frogs.

Phil Bell in an early Cthulhu Lives game.