Paul Nyhus
Paul and his fellow grad student Kevin O'Brien were drafted as jurors for the murder trial scenario of "The Sentence," and were sufficiently intrigued by the experience to continue playing. They brought their buddy Matt Sieger along for the next game, and "the physics guys" became indispensible NPCs, excellent Investigators, and cherished friends.

Paul's fluency in French was a huge contribution to the Medieval France segment of The Epic, in which he played the Friar. He also played a gangster and a koken in that game. He was nominated as Best Investigator for his playing of private eye Chip Wembley in Dirt. He was co-Keeper of "Chalice of Laggash," and played multiple NPC parts in "We Thought it Would be Fungi."

Dr. Nyhus and his wife live in the Seattle area, where he works for Intel.

Paul takes a much-deserved break in a Champaign-Urbana coffeehouse during "The Epic."