Sean Branney
Sean Branney grew up in Englewood, Colorado. There, he hooked up with co-conspirators Andrew Leman and Darrell Tutchton and said "Let's try doing a live version of one of these role-playing games"; in 1983 Cthulhu Lives was born.

Sean has been a Keeper and a Player in many, many Cthulhu Lives games first in Colorado and later in California. Among his favorite games are Halloween I, Fear on the Water, Egypt, Perigo, The Call and Mose Ain’t Dead. Sean played the role of Harley Warren in Andrew Leman’s film of The Testimony of Randolph Carter.

Sean worked with Andrew Leman to bring the world A Shoggoth on the Roof, the Lovecraftian mega-musical. He and Andrew have also collaborated on a number of film, television and internet projects.

In his non-HPLHS life, Sean runs DataEmporium.Net (hosts of this very website). He and his wife Leslie run a professional theatre company in Los Angeles, Theatre Banshee. He is also a close personal friend of the celebrated poet, Maurice.

Sean thanks his friends for the tremendous times in games past and looks forward to the tremendous adventures still to come.
A portait of the artist as a young man