The Story

Dr. Boris Wheatly meets with Mark Drudge, Michael O’Grady, and Wally Forsythe at the Castle Rising, a new-age tea and coffee shop. Wheatly hires them to pursue a wizard named Randolph Mortimer.

Following a map, investigators went to an abandoned shed, where they met Creepy Joe the gardener. There they found another map and a prayer to Ghatanothoa.

In handyman Fred Copper’s basement, where Mortimer once lived, they find a dead body, horribly melted, and strange books and idols in a small hidden room. The body is identified as that of police officer who was also pursuing Mortimer. The body had a map to a Castle Rock location where Mortimer was planning nefarious activities.

In Perry Park, on the night of Friday the 13th under a brilliant full moon, investigators saved a girl whom Mortimer was about to sacrifice to his dark god. The girl was tied to a tree next to a roaring fire. Another girl, confused and frightened, was found wandering in the woods nearby. Investigators then killed a goon of Mortimer’s, and finally rid the world of Randolph Mortimer himself after a lengthy chase through woods. They recovered the Crystal of Ghatanothoa at the site.