by Andrew Leman
played in July of 1985 in Denver and environs

In this sequel, the investigators learn of secret identities and hidden plans, and help to stop the foul machinations of the Pazu-Kanpa. In the end, they are ready for the next step...

Game Notes
The keeper acquired a total of more than 30 live rats from a variety of pet stores. All the rats were returned to their respective homes the next day.

Mr. Bushman was originally supposed to be an English bulldog, but no such dog was available at the pound. Lady Diana, the very friendly Bassett Hound who ultimately was snatched from the jaws of death and cast in the role, retired after the game’s conclusion to a dog’s life on the Jones family farm.

During the very exciting hotdog cart chase scenario, which was played on the Sixteenth Street Mall in the middle of downtown Denver at a very crowded lunchtime, Andrew Leman chose to grab Jenny Weins when he started to run. Unfortunately, in the confusion Jenny didn’t have time to grab her purse, and before she knew it she was running for her life and it was long gone. Luckily, one of the cultists, Ray Jones, saw what happened and he grabbed it for her. No one ever noticed the cultist with the purse, but Jenny was very relieved to discover him after the scenario was over.

That chase attracted a lot of attention: in retrospect it’s a miracle we weren’t all arrested. At one point the investigators jumped onto a down escalator while running from cultists. However, more cultists appeared at the bottom, waiting for them. Some of the investigators turned and ran up the down escalator, but others climbed over the moving handrail and onto the neighboring up escalator, escaping even more quickly. It was quite a thrill.

The laboratory scenario was played at Malo Hall, the home of The Original Scene, the high school theatre organization where Andrew Leman and Sean Branney met for the first time.

The keeper’s intention was that it should be very difficult for the investigators to free themselves in the lab, and Bill Darren was standing by to rescue them at the last minute, if it should be necessary. However, because Sean Branney had a cast on his arm at the time, his hands could not be tied behind his back, as was the plan. Consequently he managed to free himself almost instantly, and the scenario had very little of the tense struggle against time that the keeper originally envisioned.