by Andrew Leman, with Ray Jones
played in August of 1985 in Denver, Mount Lindo, and environs

In their attempts to vanquish the Pazu-Kanpa once and for all, the investigators come face to face with the fearsome Pazuzu himself in a remote valley.

Black Tentacles
The elaborate and difficult-to-produce Pazuzu Manifestation effect won the Black Tentacle™ Award for Best Special Effects of 1986.

Game Notes
Like the previous games of this trilogy, this adventure was set in the 1980s.

Although Gabbye Birchak was happy to play the Dumb Friends League secretary, she was not able to leave work to do so. So we played at her place of employment: a bank. The entire scenario was conducted at a teller window.

The farm shoot-out scenario was played at Ray Jones’ family’s farm in Longmont. When the game was over, Lady Diana, who played Mr. Bushman, became a permanent member of the family there.

Mount Lindo is a lovely cemetery in the foothills of Denver, and the huge light-up cross there really is a familiar landmark.

The Wisdom of the Messenger was in real life a piece of German hunting jewelry purchased at an international gift shop on Larimer street in downtown Denver. I never could figure out what kind of animal the teeth belonged to.

Although the TV newscast did serve a game purpose—indicating that Pazuzu was in the neighborhood—mostly it was done for fun. The first story, about the two Colorado boys arrested in Peru, was a direct reference to Sean and Darrell, who were about to leave for a hiking expedition to Macchu Picchu. Originally Andrew was supposed to go with them, but had to cancel (and it’s a good thing, too). The entire text of the news story went as follows:

In the news this hour, two Colorado teenagers burned
their way out of a jail cell in Peru using molten rock
which they had been carrying in a thermos. The young men
obtained the magma while climbing a live volcano deep in
the heart of Peru. When asked to comment on their
unorthodox breakout, they replied only: "We thought it
would be fun." Both men are scheduled for execution by
Peruvian officials on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, the videotape of this newscast has been lost.

Apex, Colorado, really is an abandoned little town where the Jones family had a cabin. The valley was totally isolated.

Setting up for the Pazuzu effect was very difficult. Andrew borrowed the Leman Publications company van to haul all the speakers and sound equipment necessary, and drove it in on a dirt road as close to the ceremony site as possible. Schlepping the incredibly heavy speakers over the mountain and through the woods, which were soaking wet with dew, was extremely hard. After it was over and the equipment was loaded back into the van, Andrew nearly backed the van over the edge of the mountain road, and escaped plummeting to his death by a matter of inches. No kidding. If Steve Deidel hadn’t leapt to the front of the van to redistribute the weight, the whole thing probably would have fallen over the edge and rolled about 20 or 30 feet downhill. We barely got out of there.

The three Magic Queens were actually three giant helium balloons, partially painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. They were originally supposed to have fabric draped over them to give them more anthropoid, ghostly outlines, but the dew made the fabric so wet that it became too heavy for the helium to lift. We had to strip the fabric off, and most of the glowing paint with it, just to get the things to take off. So these powerful supernatural beings ended up looking a lot like balloons.

And, as almost always happens, there weren’t really quite as many cultists at the final scenario as there should have been. Actually, maybe only about three. Still, it was very scary and effective.