by Sean Branney
played in March of 1986 in Boulder

With the help of a mental patient, the investigators learn of a Yithian who is aiding a local gangster.

Black Tentacles
Sean Branney won the Black Tentacle™ Award for Best Keeper with this game.

Game Notes

This game was the first to feature the Great Race of Yith, creatures which appear in Lovecraft’s story "The Shadow out of Time."

The game also ended with a creepy coincidence. The final scenario took place in Boulder cemetary. At the end of the game, a character I was playing, Theodore Hubbard, was slain by a Yithian. I fell to the ground, dead, as the game played out. When I went to get up I realized I was laying directly beneath a tombstone of a decedent named Hubbard. —SB