by Andrew Leman
played August 1984 in Denver and environs

Investigators are trapped between two feuding cults, and barely escape with their lives.

Black Tentacles
This game won the Black Tentacle™ Award for Best Plot.

Game Notes
The Keeper began the adventure by placing an actual ad in the personals column of the actual Denver newspaper The Rocky Mountain News. He strongly advises everyone to avoid this in the future. He got dozens of calls at work and at home from people completely unrelated to the game who wondered what the ad was about, much to the annoyance of other people who shared his phone numbers.

Jennifer Littlefield's performance as a corpse in this game was so eerily convincing that a special memorial award in her honor was established. She had lain motionless underneath a mattress for so long that her limbs had actually gone stiff and cold, and when lifted she seemed to be truly dead.

This game originally ended with the brutal killing of all of the investigators. They were each shot in the head, execution style, in the basement of a Denver house. The Keeper found this extremely upsetting, especially since he was the one pulling the trigger. He had never intended, and never imagined, that all the investigators would die, and to him the ending seemed like a complete disaster. And the playing of it all out in live action was quite disturbingly vivid. He was so upset, in fact, that he said he’d never play Cthulhu again. Luckily, the investigators themselves persuaded him to change his mind, and the final scenario was played a second time, with a more satisfactory outcome. Had the original ending been permitted to stand, Cthulhu Lives would have lost some of its most well-established and interesting characters, including Dr. Charlie Twobears and Professor Nate Ward.