The Helmet Experiences: MP3 Files

(Pictured Above: Sean Branney, in the helmet, succumbs to insane delusions of omnipotence while Judy Ruha, Phil Bell, and Leslie Baldwin look on. Although these four did play in the Colorado version of this game, this particular photograph was staged about ten years after the fact for a completely different purpose.)

In the final scenario of the game, one of the Investigators donned the Transdimensional Helmet and prepared to try to dispel the Hound of Tindalos which had been summoned to kill them all. Once the player was carefully strapped into the helmet, he was presented with a selection of eight identical-looking audio cassette tapes. He had to choose one. The tape he chose was put into a tape player which was attached to stereo headphones hidden inside the helmet's earflaps. When the tape was played, he heard a private "transdimensional experience" narrated with music. It was his role-playing challenge to imagine the experience as it was described and simultaneously play it out in a way that included the other players, none of whom could hear the tape for themselves. He had to do this with the blinders of the helmet down, so he could see nothing, and hear only what was on the tape.

Of the eight experiences, only one included the successful banishment of the Hound of Tindalos. In one other experience the Hound was banished, but the Investigator went permanently insane in the process, having delusions of godhood. The other six experiences did not involve the Hound in any way, and one of them resulted in the death of the Investigator wearing the helmet, if heard in its entirety.

The original cassette tapes have been converted to MP3 files for this website. Click on any of the links in the table below to download an experience. They range in length from 3 to 12 minutes. There is a total of 52 minutes of audio. (Keeper's favorite: Number 8)

Experience 1 Experience 2 Experience 3 Experience 4
Experience 5 Experience 6 Experience 7 Experience 8
Download ALL 8 Helmet Experiences (ZIP Archive)

(Narration by Andrew Leman and Nick Offerman. Audio engineering by Tom Utterback. Recorded at the Univeristy of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.)

In the Illinois version of this game, player Greg Tatro chose the best possible tape on the very first try, much to the Keepers' disappointment. He successfully banished the Hound and the game was over. But in the Colorado version, the hapless Amsbarys kept picking tapes that did not result in success, and each of the players took a turn wearing the helmet as they went through several experiences, before Sean Branney, as Claude Amsbary, finally saw the Hound and dispelled it. But Claude drew the experience which resulted in permanent madness, and poor Claude had to be subued by his sisters and the helpful man from US Army Intelligence.