The Players: Illinois

Jamie Anderson as Lt. Benjamin Christopher Ader
Gary Mundt as Lt. Max Redhorse
Brigitte Brand as Julia Amsbary
Sheila McNerney as Megan Amsbary
Greg Tatro as Jeremiah Amsbary

Nick Offerman as General Bart Brookstone & Hound of Tindalos
Joe Foust as Elias Kingsley & Hound of Tindalos
Richard Mahaney as the Restaurant Patron & Miskatonic Librarian
Andrew Leman as Abner Amsbary

The Players: Colorado

Philip Bell as Lt. Noname
Leslie Baldwin as Angela Amsbary
Sean Branney as Claude Amsbary
Judy Ruha as Lili Amsbary

Andrew Leman as General Bart Brookstone & Elias Kingsley
Jamie Anderson as Abner Amsbary, Miskatonic Librarian, & Hound of Tindalos