by Darrell Tutchton
played in December of 1984 at Sean’s house and a nearby hotel in Englewood, Colorado

Investigators chase down a shaman who has reclaimed a powerful artifact.

Game Notes

This was a quick, one-night game, which was Darrell Tutchton’s answer to Sean Branney’s Temple of Boons adventure. The statue was actually Darrell’s Christmas present to Sean. AHL

As I look back on the games, this one was particularly notable for its strange use of a public location. The image of Darrell, striding out of the Colorado winter and through the lobby of a busy business hotel wearing only karate pants and some paint left an indelible impression on my mind. No doubt, the doorman and desk clerk probably remember it too. SB

Mythos Connections
Leng is a mythical plateau somewhere in Asia mentioned frequently in Mythos writing. It appears in Lovecraft's stories "The Hound," "The Whisperer in Darkness," and "Celephais," as well as in a couple of poems.