Dr. Charlie Twobears, a noted world traveller and collector of occult artifacts, receives a gift from his longtime colleague Nate Ward. It is a curious green statue called the Iddimu of Leng. It is an object sacred to the Yezdeth people.

Twobears invites two other associates, Priscilla Darby and Wally Forsythe, to his home to view the statue and several other artifacts Twobears has recently acquired, including an Egyptian piece. While the three are studying, a Yezdeth shaman breaks into the home and takes Twobears hostage at knifepoint. He steals the Iddimu and flees into the night.

The investigators follow the shaman to a nearby Hilton hotel. There, they break into the shaman’s room for a final confrontation, in which the shaman is killed. Twobears recovers the statue.