Mariel Thorne

On the right is Jennifer Anderson, who played beautiful but deadly Mariel Cil Thorne. In the 1995 scenario, the Investigators learn that Mariel is the daughter of CalTech physicist Kip Thorne. Kip Thorne is a real person: a prominent physicist who really has done seminal work on black holes and the theory of time travel. Although the real Kip Thorne does have a daughter, to the best of our knowledge she is not a murderous supervillain who dreams of cosmic destruction. At last report she was an actress in New York City. Paul Nyhus, who played several NPC parts in the game, is himself a physicist and he later obtained Kip Thorne's autograph for the Keepers as a memento.

Seated next to Jennifer is Matt Sieger, still another physicist who played several NPC roles, including Jacque, the leader of the medieval French bandits.

Left to right: Matt Sieger, Jennifer Anderson. Photo by Estidan.