The Players

Tom Carr as Patrick O’Connell
Joe Foust as Philip Sidney Grimm
Nick Offerman as Hannibal Callahan
Gail Stern as Rachel Roberts
Liz Walden as Mary Patterson

Arya Akmal as Jerry Peabody, P R, and pyro koken
Jamie Anderson as student, Basle, Dak, Happy, Joe, Sakto, and cop
Jennifer Anderson as Mariel Cil Thorne
Greg Bell as the Lone Rider, the Knight Champion, and koken
Kim Bergen as attic koken
Jennifer Bock as Margaret Thurman, magic koken, and Miskato woman
Jenny Cotteleer as Kathleen Grimm Wilcox
Mike Dueweke as Corky
Beaner Higgins as pyro koken
Andrew Leman as Calhoun, Martin Fen, Yithian Grimm, Danny O’Bannion,
Occultist and He Who Walks with the Cats
Doug Manning as bandit and Miskato chief
Julie McCardle as bandit cook, Miskato, and portal koken
Paul Nyhus as Friar, Slick, and portal koken
Kevin O’Brien as student, bandit, Miskato, bodyguard, magic koken, and Mariel’s friend
Deborah Palmes as Regina Kent
Linda Pine as Virgie Fox, bandit, Miskato, and portal koken
Michelle Primeaux as Yithian Woman
Richard Ragsdale as Harvey Wilcox, Gilles, and Smokes Two Times
Craig Rising as a student
Matt Sieger as Jacques, Stretch, Mariel’s friend, portal koken, and henchman
Jim Slonina as bandit and Miskato
Lori Stone as bandit, Miskato, fence, and McDonald’s koken
Greg Tatro as Zap
Rob Vangermeersch as Warrior Priest
Ron Weiss as portal koken
Chuck Young as Lothaire 1
Santi Zorzopoulos as French knight
Estidan as Tyler Freeborn, and knight
Crystal as knight
Todd as knight
with special guest horse Kim