The Players

Jennifer Anderson as Creelle Ryan
Paul Nyhus as Chip Wembley
Kevin O'Brien as Clyde Icarus O'Conner
Matt Sieger as Maxwell Holtemann

Andy Anderson as Ilsa Nesbitt
Dan Anderson as Bernie Babcock
Jamie Anderson as Harry Wells, Smokey, and a koken
Jon Anderson as Bootsie
Julie Anderson as Ruth Ashley and a koken
Vince Gatton as Peter Surratt, koken, and John Wilkes Booth
Katia Herbst as Susan Baker, Evelyn Crabtree, Eve, and a koken
Sally Herbst as Dorothy and a koken
Andrew Leman as Robert Lincoln, Grigori “Dr. Black” Blarcza,
and puppeteer of the Lincoln Homonculus
Gail Stern as Nina Surratt