by Andrew Leman
played in January of 1985 in Denver and environs

Investigators trail a very suspicious criminal to the basement of an old house, where they discover the power of an ancient artifact.

Black Tentacle Awards
Steve Cassidy won the Black Tentacle for Best NPC with his terrific performance as Sammy the Hobo.

Game Notes
The shrived Ridley corpse was made out of rubber cement skin stretched over a skeleton of plumbing parts and chicken wire. The skull was sculpted from a styrofoam ball, and the teeth were an old set of dentures provided by Steve Cassidy’s father, a dentist. Everyone remarked that, for a corpse, Ridley had very nice teeth.

The amazingly cool basement location of the final scenario was actually a hidden basement, in a storage facility belonging to Leman Publications. Thanks to Ray Jones and Matt Leman for pointing it out to the Keeper.

The investigators were expecting a violent confrontation with Ridley and the cultists, and descended into the basement thinking they would have to fight their way back out again. They were completely taken by surprise to see Ridley’s dead body, and even felt a little bit cheated. The game had been so non-confrontational for them, in fact, that they requested a sequel. Finally, seven months later, they got their wish.