FBI agent Carter Fawkes, recently transferred to Los Angeles from Chicago, is summoned to meet his new boss, Assistant Director Purcell, at the Long Beach field office. Arriving at the office, he sees a busy federal workplace, and meets several coworkers while he waits in the hallway for AD Purcell. When he is finally ushered into Purcell’s inner sanctum, the two have a vaguely pleasant talk and a review of Fawkes’ personnel file. Then Purcell introduces Fawkes to his new partner, Agent Jillian Crowe, who is being returned to field investigations after a prolonged desk assignment. Crowe and Fawkes don’t have much time to talk before an urgent phone call comes in from FBI Director Kennedy in Washington. After taking Kennedy’s call, Purcell informs Fawkes and Crowe that they are to proceed to a crime scene in Hollywood, where a US Naval Intelligence officer has been found dead. They get the address, and proceed immediately to the scene.

They arrive to find an apartment building with yellow “do not enter” tape stretched across the doorways. A paramedic is just outside the building, and shows the FBI agents to the apartment of the dead man. Passing through more evidence tape, the Crowe and Fawkes meet LA homicide detective Anderson Mills and Lt. Richard MacNeil of US Naval Intelligence, already at the scene.

In the bathroom of the apartment, the body of a man in his thirties is lying in the bathtub, which is partially filled with water. The man’s right hand has been severed, apparently by himself, using the hacksaw which is lying on top of the body. The severed hand is there in the water, and there is blood everywhere. A cryptic symbol of some kind is drawn in blood on the tiled wall above the bathtub. >CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS<

The Investigators all confer with each other. MacNeil confirms that the dead man was a fellow US Navy Intelligence officer named Michael Carlisle, working on a classified Navy project. MacNeil has classified knowledge about Carlisle which he cannot share with the others. Anderson Mills confirms that an anonymous 911 call was placed earlier in the evening, alerting authorities to Carlisle’s death. The caller had some kind of Slavic accent, Mills said. The paramedic, Stan Stevens, reports having seen a suspicious-looking man leaving the neighborhood upon his arrival at the crime scene. The man was described as tall, dark-haired, and smoking a pipe. Stevens later described the man to a police sketch artist.

The apartment appeared relatively normal and undisturbed. Family photos, lots of books. Two glasses of red wine sat on the kitchen table: one of them showing evidence of use. Two coats hung from the chairs around the table. There was a pan on the stove containing the charred remains of some paper, and on a nearby counter was an empty plastic Zip disk case. The case had a paper label which said “SORG Files.” No sign of the disk was found. After searching the apartment and tagging all the evidence, the Investigators split up for the night.

There followed lots of lab analysis of the evidence, with communication between the Investigators and the labs happening via email. Forensics reports confirm the dead man’s identity, and prove that his wounds were self-inflicted. (The coroner opines that only an individual under “extreme duress” could cut off his own hand.) Analysis also proves that the symbol drawn in blood on the wall was drawn by the dead man himself. The lab also reported having found a human molar in the folds of the dead man’s clothing. But the tooth must have come from someone else, because the dead man was not missing any of his molars. The mysterious tooth seemed to have been surgically extracted years earlier.

Lab analysis of the burned paper from the apartment shows that it was a computer-printed report of some kind, and the first page had a Department of Defense emblem on it. The contents of the report could not be recovered.

Lt. MacNeil is unable to provide any details of Carlisle’s classified Naval Intelligence work, but he does inform his fellow Investigators that Lt. Carlisle had been investigating a very secret naval abnormal event which occured in the South Pacific. MacNeil also reveals that Carlisle was diagnosed as having gone mentally unstable during the last few weeks prior to his death, and that his work documents have disappeared. There is also a report/rumor of a Ukrainian spy known as "Igor," who is believed by some to be operating in the Los Angeles area. The NIC has reason to believe the Ukrainian government has a motive to silence Lt. Carlisle about his investigation.

Fingerprints from the Zip disk case found in the apartment match those of the dead man, plus two other people: a Dr. Martin Rivera and a Claudia Cowen. Both are scientists working with government equipment on a deep-sea research project for an organization called the Sonographic Ocean Resonance Group (SORG). Attempts to contact SORG reveal that it has suddenly and without explanation ceased all operations. Its offices are completely deserted. Furthermore, Dr. Martin Rivera, the leader of the team, has been reported missing by a family member. The Investigators are deeply concerned that something bad might be happening to the members of SORG, so they arrange to meet with Claudia Cowen as soon as possible at her home in Los Angeles.

She lives in a converted loft building in an industrial area of downtown Los Angeles. When Fawkes, Crowe, and Mills arrive, they find her building surrounded by a high iron fence. They observe a suspicious looking man lurking on the sidewalk south of the building. He is smoking a pipe and looks very much like the sketch of the man reported leaving the scene of Carlisle’s suicide. The Investigators follow him to a nearby street corner, where they stop him and question him. He claims not to understand them, and repeats the phrase “no English” in a thick Slavic accent. The Investigators search his pockets and find a book (written in English) and an electric garage door opener. The opener operates the gate of the big iron fence. The agents decide to hold the pipe-smoking man for further questioning when an interpreter can be found, and Detective Mills takes him into custody.

The Investigators go up to Claudia Cowen’s apartment, where they find Ms. Cowen entertaining some guests. Cowen and her friends say that the pipe-smoking guy is Ivar, who works at the building. Fawkes and Crowe take Cowen aside, and question her about SORG and Dr. Martin Rivera. Cowen reveals she is a Ph.D. candidate in oceanography who worked with Dr. Rivera and the Sonographic Ocean Resonance Group collecting data for her doctoral dissertation. She describes SORG as a very small research consortium headed by Dr. Rivera, which used decomissioned Cold War naval equipment to collect underwater sounds, especially whalesong. She said that she and Dr. Rivera constituted the entire local staff of the organization. She can’t imagine any current military or security application for their work. She has not heard of Lt. Carlisle and has no knowledge of his classified work. She reports that in recent weeks Dr. Rivera had begun exhibiting odd behavior, and had spoken of a “support group” for his “calling.” She further reports that on October 15, two men identifying themselves only as “from the Navy” appeared at the SORG offices and declared that the organization was being shut down, and that they had authority to repossess all US Naval equipment. Cowen reports that they removed everything from the SORG offices, including all furniture, fixtures, supplies, and all the data and files, including her own doctoral research. No additional explanations for the shutdown were given to her; Dr. Rivera was not present. Cowen reports that she has not seen or heard from Dr. Rivera since this incident, and has no idea where he might be located.

Under the withering interrogation of Agent Fawkes, Cowen reveals that she did, in fact, make a personal backup copy of some of the research files on a Zip disk prior to this shutdown, when Dr. Rivera began acting strangely. With some persuasion she agrees to hand this disk over to the investigating agents. She is deeply concerned about losing the results of her years of doctoral study, and the agents promise to do what they can to restore her own work to her. Cowen takes the Investigators downstairs to a storage area in the building, where they recover the backup disk. After giving Cowen contact phone numbers, the Investigators leave, taking “Ivar” with them. (“Ivar” is released from custody during the night on a technicality, and the Investigators thus lose a potentially promising lead. They are all annoyed and their bosses give them hell.)

The bloody symbol from Carlisle’s bathroom has been compared against government databases by lab analysts, and a match is found from a previous FBI investigation: case X9233-93-5, “Cthulhu Cult”, by SA Chris Neville, dated 1993. The file is 34 pages long, and arguably a work of genius. It’s more of a dissertation than a case report. It tells of a worldwide cult of Cthulhu, and posits that the fantasy worlds created by writer H P Lovecraft and others have been so widely embraced, written about, and elaborated on that they may have actually crossed some kind of line into physical reality.

The paper quotes, indirectly, fragments of a document which may or may not be fictional called The R’lyeh Text. The last part of the quote reads:

“It is written in the R'lyeh Text that the passing of each solar cycle bears the potential to bring the Great Lord closer to his eruption from the sea. Cthulhu takes the minds of small groups of humans and as he holds their psyches in his thrall, he demands sacrifice from them. Those held in his sway follow his compulsion to peform self-sacrifice; sometimes in the taking of their own lives, more often in the self-destruction of a limb or member of their own body. This yielding of flesh strengthens his might. A sacrificial cycle of individuals will occur during the lunar month preceding the Hallowmas. Each will follow the bidding of Cthulhu, giving up, quite literally, life and limb to appease the Great Old One and to hasten his return. The cycle culminates with the sacrifice of the twelfth victim who will take his own life two days prior to the Hallowmas. The "Chosen One" will meet with other followers of Cthulhu, and in ritual circle the Chosen One will sever his or her own head as the ultimate self sacrifice to Cthulhu. The final sacrifice is essential, as it culminates the cycle and creates a psychic force which propels Cthulhu's sunken tomb in R'lyeh towards the surface. When it surfaces, his dominion shall be complete. It is writ that unto the year when the warm water shall come forth from R'lyeh and the second millenium of the false prophet is nigh, this shall be the year that Cthulhu cometh forth and darkness forever falls upon the epoch of man.

“Cthulhu exerts his will upon mankind through the “call.” This Call of Cthulhu appears to be an entirely real phenomenon. Most common of its symptoms are that the afflicted individual “hears” Cthulhu. Individuals hearing the Call have little choice but to do its bidding. To the outside world they seem as mad men, but they know within whom the must serve without hesitancy or reserve. The call cannot be escaped.

“The R’lyeh Text states that the Call can be broken, at least for such time as most swift action may be taken. It requires a special invocation of Cthulhu, performed before his sign. The sign being drawn, a tooth should be brought to touch it reminding the supplicant of the Great Old One's hunger for the flesh of man. This done, the invocation of “Phnglui mgwa nafh, Cthulhu R'lyeh w'gahnagl fthagn” is thrice intonated, within the hearing of the He Who Doth Hear the Call. This done, the tooth shall become enriched with the strength to break grip of the Call. But such is to be taken only with great dread, as Cthulhu shall take notice upon those breaking his grasp upon the living and unto them, if they be unrighteous, shall he send forth his calling.”

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The last paragraph seems to explain what might have happened to Carlisle: he might have been hearing “the call” and unsuccessfully attempted to break it with the ritual. Remembering Cowen’s remarks about Rivera’s strange behavior, and his description of his “calling,” and the “support group,” the Investigators suspect that Rivera may also be under the influence of “the call,” and in grave physical danger. The paper mentions twelve victims, of which Carlisle, it is presumed, counts as one. This means that at least eleven other people are in danger of committing suicide in the same horrible way before Halloween, which is now just a week away.

In an attempt to track any such pattern, Fawkes issues a special bulletin to all Southern California law enforcement agencies, EMTs, and other crisis personnel, requesting notification of any cases involving known or suspected self-mutilation within the previous month. Several reports come in as a result of the bulletin, only a few of which appear to be relevant to the case (While tracking down these leads, Fawkes is led into a rancorous and ultimately fruitless confrontation with the administration of a local mental institution.). Although no direct correlation or bodycount can be established, it does seem clear that Carlisle is not the only person to have recently cut off a part of his own body. Attempting to contact Agent Chris Neville, who wrote the Cthulhu Cult case file, Fawkes learns that he too is dead: apparently he suffered a fatal “woodworking accident” involving a power saw some time previously.

While Agent Fawkes concerns himself with the Cthulhu report and possible additional dismemberments, his partner Agent Crowe is working with the Zip disk acquired from Claudia Cowen. There are large encrypted files on the disk, but FBI computer specialists are unable to open them, sending Crowe the following email...

Thank you for your ridiculous request to crack this 128bit encrypted
file.If I turn the Cray on now, we might have something by 6pm. On the
29th. Of February. In the year 2012!!!!! This is why President Clinton
must implement a key based government sponsored encryption program.
Hooray for the V Chip. This shit is too hard to crack. Who do you think
we are? We can't even get Agent Forman's CRIMEware to work right.
It just told the Navy Seals to arrest Janet Reno. Its madness around

Agent Orange
FBI Computer Lab

The disk does contain a system folder, so Crowe attempts to boot up her computer using Rivera’s system. She is rewarded by the discovery of a digital ‘sticky notes’ utility: one note says “Calling Group” and gives a time and names a lifeguard station on a Santa Monica beach. Not sure what they’ll find, fearing cult activity and possibly another ritual killing, the agents plan to stake out the lifeguard station at the time indicated.

Fawkes, Crowe, and MacNeil gather their weapons and spy gear and head to the beach. Fawkes is equipped with an electronic listening device, night vision scope, laser pointer, and super high powered searchlight. These handy devices prove to be nothing but a burden as the Investigators trudge through the beach sand, attempting a discreet approach to the location from a distance of several hundred yards. Although it is after dark, discretion is made virtually impossible by the lack of cover in the open expanse of sand. Observing from a distance, the Investigators see a group of people sitting in a circle near the lifeguard tower. There’s no obvious sign of suspicious behavior. Fawkes tries to eavesdrop on them using his listening device, and MacNeil is very worried that Fawkes will hear “the call.” But the device is so weak and pathetic that Fawkes can’t hear anything, and abandons the attempt. The Investigators split up and approach the group, each from a different direction. It’s decided that Fawkes will remain at a distance while Crowe and MacNeil go in closer.

What they find is a complete surprise. The “calling group” is no cult: it seems to be a nurturing encounter group for people who are afflicted with the “Call of Cthulhu,” kind of like a paranormal AA meeting. The members of the group don’t know each other well as people and don’t communicate with each other in regular life: they all show up at this time and place because they see visions of it in dreams, or in some other mysterious way simply "know" that they should be there. One of them has brought biscotti to share. The group has no leader, although a woman named Terry Schnabel does try to moderate the discussion. They talk openly and frankly about their experiences hearing Cthulhu, and welcome the Investigators into their midst, assuming they are fellow sufferers. Agent Crowe plays along, gaining their trust. They all seem more or less harmless (except for the fact that each of them claims to be hearing voices from a malevolent creature whose will they cannot disobey, and who has a habit of instructing his “followers” to kill themselves). Some of them, in particular one named Bob, seem completely loony. One of the men in the group, Elias, is missing a hand, and tells the Investigators that he had cut it off himself at Cthulhu’s instructions years earlier.

They are completely unorganized and seem to know nothing specific about Carlisle. None of them knows the current whereabouts of Martin Rivera, although they do admit that someone called “Marty” attended their group meeting the previous week who seemed deeply in the grip of the call. A couple of them say they expect he will not live long. After a lengthy conversation with the group, they all split up and go their separate ways, leaving the Investigators as confused as ever. As the members of the group leave, the agents take Terry Schnabel aside and confide to her that they are not hearing “the call” themselves, but are actually law enforcement agents attempting to locate Martin Rivera. Although at first afraid and suspicious, Terry says she too fears for Martin’s life, but that she really doesn’t know where he is. She wishes the Investigators luck, and gives Agent Fawkes a medallion bearing the same symbol drawn in blood on the wall of Carlisle’s bathroom.

Although Lt. MacNeil did accompany them on the beach stakeout, he has in general been somewhat distant from the investigation, and Crowe and Fawkes are frustrated by his inability to reveal to them his classified knowledge of Carlisle’s work with SORG. All MacNeil has told them is that he worked on an incident called “Operation Deep Six” involving an incident in the south Pacific and a ship containing NATO personnel. Fawkes attempts to get information through an old FBI colleague, known only as J, who has connections with the Russian intelligence community. Russian spies sometimes know more about the American Navy than American naval intelligence officers, and Fawkes’ friend makes some discreet inquiries on his behalf.

J reports back that in June 1994, one of Ukraine's two submarines, Gdansk, was on maneuvers in the South Pacific. It detected some massive underwater structure and approached it to get more information. Apart from nonsensical final radio transmissions, Gdansk was never heard from again. Despite cooperation between the Ukrainians, the Russians and the Americans, Gdansk was not salvaged. The Russians believe it suffered structural damage and sank in deep water. The Americans believe Gdansk was probably employing some kind of new stealth technology.

The U.S. Navy began and continued their own investigation into the matter, code-named Operation Deep Six, led by Lt. Carlisle. During the Cold War, the US Navy laid sonic monitoring cables throughout the world's oceans. These cables acted as low-frequency microphones for tracking the noise made by Russian subs. After the passing of the Cold War, this equipment was of less use to the Navy. They leased it to SORG, a group of oceanographers who used it to listen to the sounds of whales. From time to time the Navy would requisition recordings in suspicious circumstances.

J thinks the Ukrainians may have retained the services of super-spy Igor Gendelman to destroy any information regarding Gdansk or Deep Six. It is unclear whether the Ukrainians did develop some kind of stealth sub and want to hide that fact, or if they feel something else may have happened to Gdansk. Igor Gendelman is described as a big guy with dark hair, who smokes a pipe.

Although unable to discuss them, MacNeil is already intimately familiar with the details of these investigations, having read the classified report on Operation Deep Six.

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Meanwhile, another one of the “sticky notes” from Martin Rivera’s computer disk implies that the keys to decrypting the huge file on the disk may be with two of his colleagues, oceanographers in Ireland named Ben Baskin and Jerry Robbins. Agent Crowe sends them email, telling them of Rivera’s disappearance, which gets the following reply...

Dear Ms Crowe,
I am sorry to hear of the dissappearence of Martin. He and I had
worked closely in the past. I do not have the encryption keys you
require but I do have an unencoded version of the 'bluewhale.wav'
file which I will include. Martin sent this file to me, he said it
was in the frequency range for a bluewhale but he didn't think that
was what it was. Neither did I, I have never heard anything like it
before. SORG was an institute dedicated to the study of the sounds of
marine animals. They had access to sonic monitoring equipment that
had been used by the US Navy to track russian submarines during the
cold war. The navy gave them access to this equipment for their
research. I don't know about any involvement that they had with the
Ukrainian Navy. I am sure the did some work in the south pacific,
there are a vast number of aquatic species living there many of which
I'm sure have still to be discovered. I am not sure if my friend Jerry
will reply to your message. Recently I have seen him go from an
intelligent man to a gibbering wreak. The hasn't shaved in days and
he spends alot of time listening to the file I have sent you. Only
yesterday, someone stopped him from cutting his wrist with a butter
knife. I fear he will be institutionalised. If you wish to reply to
this, send it to or if you want to talk to me
in person call 011441396778032. I wont be there between 7pm and 10pm
tommorow and remember the 8 hour time difference,

Ben Baskin

Baskin includes the unencoded version of the file, which takes quite some time to download. It is an audio file, and using sound manipulation software, Crowe and Fawkes open and listen to it. At the default settings it sounds like something that could be whalesong. But after adjusting pitch and playback rate and other factors, they hear something altogether different: it is what seems to be a voice, chanting the following words: “Phnglui mgwa nafh, Cthulhu R'lyeh w'gahnagl fthagn.” Both of the agents get the creeps. This is what Carlisle and Rivera heard, and it’s what drove Carlisle to suicide and Rivera into hiding.

Halloween is now only a few days away, and time is running out for Martin Rivera. Fawkes and Crowe receive the following bulletin from the FBI...


FBI HQ in Washington received the following note via US Mail today. It was postmarked from Santa Monica, California. We believe the note's author has been in contact with FBI agents. Any agents in contact with a Bob H. should contact him promptly. The note is most likely a hoax, but in the event it is part of a terrorist conspiracy, we want all bases covered.

Agent B. Orange
FBI Mailroom

Fawkes and Crowe tell MacNeil and Anderson Mills about the note from Bob H., whom they believe is the same Bob they met in the “Call of Cthulhu” support group on the beach. They believe that “Marty” is of course Martin Rivera. And they realize that they have only one day left to find Rivera, if Bob’s note is to be believed. Crowe speculates that the reference to the “big bare stand[ing] on the earth to the north” means Big Bear Mountain in the San Gabriel range north of Los Angeles. Fawkes suspects it’s a reference to the constellation Ursa Major.

Both Fawkes and Crowe experience strange after-effects from having listened to the chanting in the digital file. Crowe admits to her partner that she woke up the morning after hearing the file to find herself standing up to her knees in the Pacific Ocean at the Santa Monica beach, with no memory of how she had gotten there. She found her own car nearby, and concluded she must have driven herself, but she could not remember having done so. Fawkes’ experience was not as extreme, but he too suffers from disturbing visions and mysterious noises.

With potential Ukrainian and Russian agents involved, the original SORG disk from Carlisle’s apartment still missing, and Rivera still nowhere to be found, the Investigators are deeply concerned that national security may be at risk (to say nothing of the cosmic dangers posed by Cthulhu himself). Tracking Rivera and Bob H. is their top priority, and they utilize every resource at their disposal to locate them. A dragnet of agents and officers from all local law enforcement agencies, including the lifeguards, are ordered to actively search for the men in Santa Monica, and an APB is issued on Martin Rivera. Unfortunately, all these efforts are useless, and the Investigators meet at a local diner to discuss their dwindling options as the hour predicted in Bob’s note for Rivera’s suicide approaches. Although they’ve studied the symbol and the ritual, and stand ready to intervene in any occult activity, they don’t know when or where it will take place. The Investigators are deeply discouraged, when they are informed of a 911 call which just came in....

We may have something that could tie into your FBI manhunt for Bob H. The following 911 call came in at 8:02pm. It was traced to a pay phone at the In and Out Burger at Sunset W. of La Brea. The caller referred to the FBI. The transcript follows.

911: 911 Operator.

Caller: Uh, hi.

911: This is the emergency operator, can I help you, sir?

Caller: Yeah, I think so.

911: What is the problem, sir?

Caller: I have a message for the FBI.

911: Sir, this is an emergency line. You’ll have to call the FBI directly.

Caller: But its an emergency.

911: What’s the emergency, is someone hurt?

Caller: They will be.

911: Where are you?

Caller: In and Out Burger.

911: Do you know what city you’re in?

Caller: Hollywood, I think.

911: Who is going to get hurt?

Caller: Marty.

911: Can I talk to Marty? Is Marty your wife?

Caller: I dreamed numbers.

911: Could you repeat that?

Caller: Tell the FBI I dreamed: N34 05.665 and W118 19.075.

911: Are those lottery numbers?

Caller: Maybe the FBI will know what it means.

911: What’s your name?

Caller: Bob.

911: Bob, we’ve got patrol car that’s going to come by and give you a ride, OK? They’ll make sure that Marty’s OK, alright?

Caller: No one’s gonna be alright. I’m gonna get in trouble.

911: Just wait there at the phone, Bob. Bob? Bob?


The LAPD squad car did not find anyone at the phone booth or in the vicinity. They are still patrolling the area.

Officer J. Weins
LAPD 911 Commander

Believing the numbers Bob quoted from his dream to be a latitude and longitude, the agents get the FBI cartography division to fire up their GPS system and pinpoint that location. It is identified as corresponding to a street corner in Los Angeles on which stands a junior high school, and the Investigators rush there immediately. Weapons drawn, and ritual chants at the ready, they carefully enter the building expecting to find trouble.

Upon entering the building, they find themselves in a dark and apparently abandoned school auditorium. Making their way down the aisles, they see a figure sitting on the stage in the darkness. They approach quickly and quietly, and see that it is Terry Schnabel, sitting on the floor at the center of a symbol identical to the one from Carlisle’s bathroom. She seems to be in some sort of trance, and doesn’t respond to the Investigators’ questions. They search the stage area for others, but find only old props and broken theatre equipment. Moving around in the backstage space, however, they can hear chanting coming from somewhere in the building, and find a small door which opens on a dark staircase going down into the basement. With their flashlights and their guns in hand, they go down the stairs.

The basement is filled with a choking fog or mist, and the sound of the chanting increases as the beams of their flashlights cut through the haze, searching for Rivera. As they reach the bottom of the staircase, they see figures moving through the mist, and recognize some of the same faces they saw on the beach. These people seem oblivious to their presence, each clearly in the grip of “the call.” Agent Fawkes shouts out that they are Federal agents, looking for Martin Rivera, but no one responds.

Fawkes turns to his partner and is horrified to discover that she too has lapsed into some kind of trance. She stands rigidly at the foot of the stairs, unblinking and nonresponsive. His attempts to snap her out of it are useless, and with much regret he has to leave her while he and the others continue to search for Rivera.

The basement is a frightening maze of rooms, closets, and passageways, and the poor entranced victims of Cthulhu are around every corner. They are non hostile, but they do impede the search for Rivera. Fawkes continues to shout for Rivera to identify himself, but it’s no good. Finally, in one of many little side rooms, they spot a man who is holding a hacksaw to his own neck, cutting into his flesh. Blood is dripping from the growing wound, and Fawkes shouts for help from MacNeil and Mills. They wrestle the saw away from the man, but as they do so the other entranced victims become more and more agitated. The Investigators drag the man past the others out of the basement, through the dark auditorium and out to the street, where he begins to recover his senses. Fawkes handcuffs the man to a stair railing outside, then goes back into the building with Mills and MacNeil to rescue Agent Crowe and the other people in the basement. As they are brought out into the fresh air of the street, the victims begin to break out of their trance. The man handcuffed to the stairs identifies himself as Martin Rivera, and the Investigators summon an ambulance for him. Luckily he was stopped before cutting himself too deeply.

The other victims of Cthulhu are given medical attention and questioned, but no charges are filed against them. The incident is reported in the next day’s newspaper. Although the case appears to be over, there remain many unanswered questions, and Fawkes wishes to interrogate Rivera extensively. Unfortunately, Rivera is diagnosed by county psychiatrists as a dissociative schizophrenic, and is not able to communicate effectively, possibly due to the heavy doses of lithium and thorazine he is given. Fawkes never gets the answers he seeks. Crowe continues to suffer strange dreams involving Cthulhu, although she does not suffer any more blackouts.

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