The Solstice Canyon Crime Scene

These are some of the 1931 Solstice Canyon crime scene photos the Investigators found in the evidence box. They show some of the figures mentioned in the newspaper clippings. The photos were staged at the Mahaney home in southern California in advance of the game, then digitally manipulated to look antique. Liz Stanton, who lived in New York and could not attend the photo shoot, was digitally inserted into the photos later. (Keeper's thanks to Brigitte Mahaney for standing in.) Likewise, the blood and wounds were added digitally afterwards, so that no one would have to clean up a big mess.

People shown:

Top left photo, L to R: Chris Lackey (as cop), Jeff Lieber (as Simon Kent), Liz Stanton (as Melanie Forrester)

Top right photo: Richard Mahaney (as Sam Buchannan)

Bottom photos: Tamara McDonough (as Roxy Ross)