The Scroll of Nitocris

This is the 4000 year old papyrus scroll discovered in the police evidence box, acquired by J.D.Titan in Egypt and later recovered at the Solstice Canyon crime scene. It describes a ritual to appease Nyarlathotep, who appears as a faceless god with black skin standing in the doorway on the right. The strange symbol from the desert floor appears numerous times on the scroll, in the vignette up above and in the hieroglyphic text below.

The scroll, like many of the props in this game, was created on a Macintosh computer. It's a digital composite of various sections of the Papyrus of Ani, also known as the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Some alterations were painted in. Once the digital file was complete, it was printed on a sheet of actual papyrus with a large-format inkjet printer. The resulting print was dried in an oven to make it brittle and fragile. Artifact by Chris Lackey and Andrew Leman.