Solstice Canyon UV Evidence

After learning of the murders that took place there, the Investigators returned to Solstice Canyon to examine the scene. They used a chemical called Luminol and a UV light source to try to discover any traces of blood which might remain. (Luminol is a real chemical that reacts with blood chemistry to create bioluminescence, and can be effective even many years after all traces of blood visible to the naked eye have vanished.) Sure enough, when examining the surfaces of the ruins of the old house, they found the symbol from the desert floor glowing in strange places. In this photo, you can just barely make out the glowing symbol, which appears only when exposed to ultraviolet light. Although it doesn't photograph well, it was quite plainly visible during the scenario.

The effect was created by painting the symbol on the rock with a type of invisible ink which glows under UV light. The "luminol" used by the players was just tap water.

Photo by Stephanie Morey.