The Videoconference

The videoconference between the Investigators and the aged Melanie Forrester was videotaped at the New York end. The Investigators and the Keeper, in LA, appear in the main frame. Melanie, Dr. McCandless, and the orderly/Nyarlathotep appear in the small frame.

As you watch the video, you can see Liz Stanton doing an excellent job of giving the Investigators just enough information to provoke them to ask the right questions, even as she struggles to remember the vast amount of background detail she had to keep in mind. Andrew Leman is lurking as the Keeper behind the Investigators, and can be seen coaching Liz through the scenario and whispering added details to the Investigators. He regrets he left her insufficiently prepared to answer some of their questions.

At the end of the conference, when Melanie becomes very agitated, Dr. McCandless injects her with a tranquilizer and snaps her neck on camera as the Investigators watch, powerless to stop him. The orderly transforms into Nyarlathotep in his Black Man form. The transformation was less impressive than the Keeper would have liked, but we did our best with limited resources. Vince Gatton did an amazing job as the evil psychiatrist.

Click on the picture above to load highlight moments from the videoconference. Note: 3.8MB download may take some time unless you have a fast connection.

Edited video highlights of actual scenario in progress. Pictured: (L to R, main frame) Sean Branney, Andrew Leman, Stephanie Morey, Dan Harper; (L to R, inset frame) Rob Kimmel, Vince Gatton, Liz Stanton