Oscar Quick, a very strange man, summons the investigators to his house, where he hires them to discover the whereabouts of his grandfather, Benjamin Quick. It seems the body was body was removed from its grave. He offers them a large sum of money.

Oscar Quick takes the investigators to the mountain town of Sedalia, to the site of his grandfather’s empty grave. Investigators examine the scene for clues.

The investigators discover that Benjamin Quick was a wizard, and that he kept a diary. They learn that a young man named Richard Nicholas purchased the diary, and is planning to show the members of his coven a "big surprise."

Investigators plan a large-scale assault on the apartment where Nicholas lives, but when they get there they discover that he is already dead. His corpse has been partially eaten by none other than Benjamin Quick, who is now reanimated as a zombie. Benjamin Quick, still hungry, attacks the investigators with a very large knife, and there follows a furious melee in which the investigators ward off his blows. Quick is killed again and returned to his grave