Dark Adventure Mystery Stories
Coveted by collectors, Dark Adventure Mystery Stories magazine is one of the rarest of the classic pulps. Published in Chicago from 1924 until about 1936, the magazine was edited by Warden Hale, a rival of Farnsworth Wright. Dark Adventure had a smaller circulation than Wright's more famous Weird Tales, but cultivated a similar readership. Its offices were destroyed by fire some time in 1936, and Warden Hale dropped out of sight. No one is sure what became of him.

There is no known complete, intact issue of Dark Adventure. Several covers have survived, along with some interior pages. The HPLHS is proud to have the most complete collection of these extremely rare pulps in existence. More cover images will be put online in coming months. Check back for updates.

We are actively seeking additional covers and/or other material from Dark Adventure. If you have covers or an issue to sell, or know of other collectors, please email the Keepers.

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