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Currently Online
Live-Action Roleplaying Props by Andrew Leman
Silent Filmgoers Guide
"Mail Order Investigator 1921"
HPLHS Survey Results
"Mail Order Investigator 1938"
"Considering the Necronomicon" by Digby R. E. Dolmen
"An E-Z Guide to Cthulhu Weaponry Part I" by Leonard Sneed
"An E-Z Guide to Cthulhu Weaponry Part II" by Leonard Sneed
"Longevity & Sanity: Two Bad Character Traits?" by Philip Bell
"How to Stay Alive" by Sam Buchannan
"Clothes Minded" by Andrew Leman
"A Page from the Notebook of Professor Nathaniel Ward" by Darrell Tutchton
"Theatrical Techniques in Cthulhu Lives" by Andrew Leman
"Characters in Quandary" by Peggy Cope
"A Further Account from the Journals" of Rutherford Quinn
"An Examination of Paranormal Cranial Morphology" by Rutherford Quinn
"The Egypthos" by Sean Branney
"Cthulhu Cult? Why Not?" by Robert M. Price
The text of the Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast Homily delivered by Reverend Price at the NecronomiCon in Providence, RI, in 2001.