Here are links to some of our favorite Lovecraftian places.

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For a great overview of Lovecraft, his works, and his impact on popular culture, it's hard to beat Donovan Loucks' impressive site. Links to everything else.
A gifted composer lurks in the wild hills of North Dakota, writing music for The Call of Cthulhu...
Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer host this extremely fun podcast about Lovecraft and his works! You must check it out!
An excellent and comprehensive British site for CoC gamers and Lovecraft fans, run by Paul Maclean.
This excellent gathering in Portland Oregon founded by Andrew Migliore showcases the latest and greatest in Lovecraftian cinema and fun times.
A source for terrific Mythos t-shirts and fun novelties, run by great people!
John Tynes runs Pagan Publishing and Armitage House, bringing you the very finest in Call of Cthulhu gaming materials, mythos fiction, and Lovecraftian scholarship.
The Temple of Dagon, featuring HPL and other Mythos authors, all with April Derleth's seal of approval.
This British magazine is an endless source of weird news, facts, and learned essays. Great source material for games, and damned entertaining.
For an insanely great alternative timeline that goes from 400,000,000 BCE to the present day, with hundreds of links to some of the greatest weirdest stuff on the web, click here!
The website of our dear friend and colleague Bryan Moore. Bryan's a filmmaker and a brilliant sculptor, and here you'll find portrait figures of HPL, Edgar Allan Poe, and other persons of interest....
BloopWatch, Aethan French's fascinating site. "The mission of this page is to document ways in which Lovecraft's writings intersect, or seem to intersect, reality."
Check out this fascinating French site: the Surnatéum.

Le Muséum d'Histoire Surnaturelle explore depuis quelques décennies déjà les univers étranges et parallèles qui existent aux frontières de notre réalité.

Joseph Peterson's Esoteric Archives website offers the texts of a huge number of ancient books on supernatural and other topics.
Offerman Wood Shop, a thrilling palace of wonders.