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There are some things man was not meant to adapt to musical theatre...
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Tentacles (1Mb)
Arkham Dunwich (1Mb)
Byakhee Byakhee (632k)
Shoggoth Prayer(1Mb)
To Life (1Mb)
The NIghtmare (708k)
Victim of Victims (880k)
Very Far From the Home I Love (920k)
Do You Fear Me (712k)
Miskatonic (964k)
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A Shoggoth on the Roof HPLHS Cast Album. Available for a $14.00 donation to the HPLHS Committee for the Prevention of Cruelty to Shoggoths, plus shipping/handling. Click below to pay by credit card. We ship via First Class/Priority Mail.

New and Improved Fun-Filled Super-Size Shoggoth Combo
Donate just $22.50 to the HPLHS Committee for the Prevention of Cruelty to Shoggoths and we'll send you the Shoggoth on the Roof Cast Album CD and the Libretto, and we'll throw in a free DVD of the documentary! Appease the Great Old Ones and get the whole enchilada.

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Real Customer Responses

Wow! I'm still recovering. Wow! Whoever wrote this is a brilliant - albeit highly demented - genius. It's definitely the coolest, most twistedly brilliant thing I've ever seen/heard.
- Chris, Berlin

I had my 4 year old daughter singing "If I Were a Deep One" in the car as we drove around our extremely suburban suburb this weekend. Loads of fun!
- Graham, IL

CD came today and it rocks!
- Vince, CA

...it is mind-erasingly fantastic; inspired, deftly performed and produced, and worth well more than the mere pennies I paid for the CD.
- scromp, KY

The catchy and funny songs promise to stay firmly lodged in my mind until merciful oblivion erases them and everything else, if merciful oblivion is even possible for one such as I...
- Julie, CA

You guys rock!
- Dave, OR

As a happy, if gibbering, owner of this work, I recommend it, if youliked (or really, really hated) _Fiddler on the Roof_.
- Scott, NJ

The recording was crystal clear, great voices, excellent music and above all else the material fun, with a capital Ftaghn!
- David and Jenny, NJ

If you want to hear the literature of H.P. Lovecraft as a musical, you're probably insane. Fortunately for you there's the musical whose songs include Cthulhu, shoggoths, the re-animated dead, Deep Ones, victims, cursed books, and more! So sit back, listen to A SHOGGOTH ON THE ROOF, and let the hysterical songs drown out those pesky voices in your head.
- James, NY

It's disturbing, frightening, but yet I can't stop listening. Good cast. Am I insane to actually like this?
- spauldingae, unknown

...we will take whatever steps are deemed appropriate to preclude and prevent the work "A Shoggoth on the Roof" from being performed...
- Richard Ticktin, counsel to Jerry Bock, NY

This is the musical that destroyed the Other Gods theatre company 23 years ago. This is the musical that esteemed Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi found "amusing". This is the musical that Stuart Gordon claims to have nothing to do with. This is the musical that Sheldon Harnick said was "funny." This is the only musical that dares put Great Cthulhu himself on stage for a musical number! This is it!

The CD features a fully-orchestrated score and a cast including: Gordon Goodman, Susan Hegarty, Tanya Anton, Holly Long, Rebecca Marcotte, John Jabaley, Chad Fifer, Pascal Marcotte, Jonathan Nail, Andrew Leman, Sean Branney, Josie DiVincenzo, Leslie Baldwin, Dan Harper, Chris Lackey, Erika Zucker, Jon Beauregard and the HPLHS Zombie Chorale. Orchestration, recording and digital repairs to the music provided by Erik Hockman of Artistry Entertainment.

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