In creating A Shoggoth on the Roof: the Documentary, we learned a great deal through our investigation. But, within the confines of time and our resources, there were many, many questions which we were not able to answer. Which is where we turn to you...

We turn to you, our Internet audience and ask for your help in contributing whatever information you may have about A Shoggoth on the Roof. We will do our best to verify and post your input, so that all interested parties will be able to learn the truth surrounding this strange theatre event. We need your help in the following areas:

The Cast

Who are the poor wrteches involved in this production? Apart from a few individuals, we know virtually nothing about the cast of this production. We've isolated still photos and assembled what information we have on them. If you know anyone or know of anyone who was a member of the original cast, we want to talk to you; please e-mail us.

The Production Crew (available soon)

Who thought this up and tried to do make it a reality? We're looking for any information regarding the Director, Producer, Stage Manager, Sound Guy, Camera Guy, or anyone else who may have contributed to the production team.

The Libretto (available soon)

The textual history of Shoggoth is a strange one. We have the handwritten "Tallahassee Manuscript" whose origin is dubious at best, and the text we've transcribed from the rehearsal footage. The pieces don't fit together well. Somewhere out there, someone has a full and authoritative libretto to this abomination.

Extant Footage (available soon)

We found some footage of the original production. There may be more out there.

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