FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I order it?

A: Click here to get it from the HPLHS Store. You can also ask your favorite weird retailler to order it for you, but don't be expecting to find it at Wallmart.

Q: So what all is on this DVD?

A: The Call of Cthulhu is a 47 minute movie. The DVD special features include: hi-fidelity or Mythophonic sound, 24 languages, two slide shows, deleted scenes, bonus footage and a 25 minute "making of" documentary.

Q: Are you really a historical society?

A: Sure. Most of our projects are historical in nature, but we are more oriented towards entertainment production than your average historical society.

Q: How did you get all the languages on the DVD?

A: We asked. Visitors from our website volunteered. In the end we decided to limit the translations to languages which use the Roman alphabet. The translations they supplied were typeset and converted into graphics. The graphics are then played over the English title cards when a language is selected.

Q: Did you study real silent films from the period as research?

A: Yes, we watched a great many, and you can find a list of the ones we found most inspiring if you click this link. If you enjoy the style of The Call of Cthulhu, you might enjoy watching some of these classic "silent" films.

Q: How did you guys deal with Cthulhu himself? It's some kind of CGI thing, right?

A: No. Throughout the film we did our best to shoot things as they might have been shot in the 1920s. We are pleased to say there are no CG effects in the movie.

Q: How long did it take you to make this?

A: We started pre-production more than two years ago. It took fourteen months of actual shooting to complete the picture.

Q: Why a silent film?

A: We wanted to tell this story as a silent film, as if the movie had been made in the 1920s when the story was written. This isn't a story about relationships and snappy dialogue between characters. We felt the style of a 1920s film would be an ideal way to tell this huge, sprawling story.

Q: Why didn't you make it longer?

A: We didn't want to make it longer just for the sake of having a longer movie. We wanted to film Lovecraft's story as it is. This is how long it turned out. If Andrew had his way it would probably be longer; if Sean had his it would be shorter. Hopefully that means it's about right.

Q: What the hell is Mythoscope?

Mythoscope® is the term we coined for our technique of using modern technology and vintage filmmaking techniques to create a film that has the look of old movie film. The glow, flicker and noise you see in the footage are part of the Mythoscope process and they are added to the film after editing is complete.

Q: And Mythophone?

A: Mythophone is the audio companion to Mythoscope®. We take the beautiful high-fidelity audio created by our composers and we make it sound like it was recorded and played back on 1920s era equipment.

Q: What's next?

A: We've got a bushel of projects, at least one of which is a full length adaptation of a Lovecraft film (with sound!). Look around our site and you'll see what we're up to.

Q: Your Cthulhu puppet looks pretty cool. Can I have it?

A: No.

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