As soon as you see The Call of Cthulhu, you realize the term "silent film" really isn't appropriate. True, there is no dialogue or sound effects, but there is most definitely sound. Sound is an essential component of all films, but particularly silent films. The score of The Call of Cthulhu is the heartbeat of the film.

Due to a staffing change, late in the process of making the movie, we found ourselves without a composer. We sent out calls, talked to people, begged and wheedled and ended up gathering a team of five composers to create an original score for The Call of Cthulhu (now available on CD, click here to buy yours now).

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Track Composer
Main Title Ben Holbrook
The Interrogation of Castro Ben Holbrook
Cyclopean Dreams Troy Sterling Nies
Neither Dead Nor Dreaming Troy Sterling Nies
Damnable Detail Nicholas Pavkovic

Troy Sterling Nies
Troy wrote to us to volunteer his services just about the time we really needed them. With cruel and unusual time deadlines, Troy composed more of the soundtrack than anyone else and did an astouding job. His music captures both the sound of period orchestra and the dramatic tension of the story's most exciting moments.

Ben Holbrook
Ben wrote a number of pieces for the film, bringing nuance and atmosphere to the period sound. Unshaken by preposterous deadlines, Ben composed music that sets the tone and atmosphere of the film.

Nicholas Pavkovic
In addition to the closing credits and other pieces, Nick provided the movie with many of its essential bridges - scenes which transition from one part of the story to another. His bridges carry the film's momentum, while allowing for significant changes in musical tone.

Chad Fifer
Composer, actor, writer and Wilcox in The Call of Cthulhu, Chad also provided a number of short pieces of music which are sprinkled throughout the film. These audio gems give spice to the unfolding action.

David O
Famed Los Angeles musical theatre composer/director/arranger/performer David O took on our commission to write music for the film. Unfortunately in the end we were not able to fit David's compositions into the final cut of the film, but we remain grateful for his contributions to the project.

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