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"An absolutely gorgeous telling of HP Lovecraft's cult story. Every note is hit exactly right... the end result will leave you delerious. [a] must-see... a gorgeous, haunting, pitch-perfect mini-epic."
The Stranger
alternative newspaper, Seattle
"The reverence, talent, skill, ingenuity, love, insight and craft of all hands associated with this film cannot be overstated."
Paul Di Filippo
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"Ce moyen métrage indépendent est la meileure surprise cinématographique en provenance des US pour l'année 2005."

This medium-length independent is the best cinematic surprise out of the US in 2005.
Jérôme Pottier
read full review at Sueurs Froides
"...This is one of those genius, word-of-mouth, Hollywood-will-never-understand-it kind of films. ...Best $20 I ever spent on a DVD."
Craig Engler
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"[Lovecraft] would have applauded... unexpectedly convincing... deftly adapted and atmospherically directed... The makers of The Call of Cthulhu deserve to be widely recognized."
Ramsey Campbell
Author, reviewing for Video Watchdog
"This version of the classic tale is nothing short of spectacular.... It is a must have DVD"
Robert Ledwidge
Read full review at Synergy Magazine
"...very eerie and enjoyable... a true testament to what can be accomplished with a lot of work and passion. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"
John Sinnot
read full review at DVD Talk
"it's a tremendous acheivement. It's marvelous. Go reward ingenuity, craft and love and get yourself a copy."
Will Collier
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"...this is the GREATEST LOVECRAFT ADAPTATION TO DATE. Yes, it is. ... if you are a fan of HP Lovecraft, you MUST see this movie."
Aaron Vanek
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"This movie will soon become the high-bar to which future Lovecraftian movies are measured."
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"The Call of Cthulhu was absolutely fantastic, and one of the best Lovecraft adaptations I’ve seen to date... A watershed event for Lovecraftian cinema."
Andrew Migliore, Director and Founder
HP Lovecraft Film Festival
This rich-looking curio... should shame all those who’ve misappropriated the dubious term, ‘indie.’
Ray Young
Read full review at Flickhead.
"I loved the movie. The movie was better than the story."
Stuart Gordon - Director (Reanimator,
Dagon, Dreams in the Witch House)
Highly Recommended -
"Pick this one up" - Review at Wormwood Chronicles
"Our Pick - The best HPL adaptation to date"
4 out of 5 Mugs O' Blood - Review at The Horror Channel
5/5 - "It's damned good", review at HeroRealm
5 out of 5 stars - Review at LurkerFilms
9 out of 10 stars - Review at Deleted
Review at The Sudden Curve
Review at Worldfilm
Review at Digitial
Review at Jimmy Akin
Review at Horror Magazine (in Italian)


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Upcoming Screenings of The Call of Cthulhu
incredibly observant viewers of the movie may recognize this map

1. HP Lovecraft Film Festival, Portland, OR, Oct 7-10, 2005
2. MiskatoniCon, Stockholm, Sweden, Nov 4-6, 2005
3. RIKON, Rijeka, Croatia, Oct 7-10, 2005
4. Rojo Sangre, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oct 28-30, 2005
5. Necronomicon, Tampa, FL, Oct 28-30, 2005
6. University of California, Santa Barbara, Jan 16, 2006
7. Pure Speculation, Edmonton, Canada, October 29-30, 2005
8. ArtsQuest Film Focus 2006, Bismarck, North Dakota, April 26, 2006
9. Halloween Film Fest, Burlington, Wisconsin, October 28, 2005
10. GenCon Southern California, November 17-20, 2005
11. PhilCon 2005, Philadelphia, PA, December 10, 9pm, 2005
12. Hollywood Premiere, Hollywood, California, October 24, 2005
13. Pueblo Public Library, Pueblo, CO January 18, 7pm, 2006
14. Slamdance Film Festival, Park City, Utah, January 18-27, 2006
15. Weekend of Fear, Erlangen, Germany, April 28-30, 2006
16. HP Lovecraft's Birthday, Vancouver, Canada, August 2006
17. Rhode Island International Film Festival, August, 2006
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