Game 64 Mose Ain’t Dead
Game 62 The Call
Game 57 Dirt
Game 55 The Epic
Game 48 The Helmet NEW!
Game 44 The Ninth Talisman
Game 33 The Master Race
Game 18 The Horror in Egypt
Game 17 Hell's Chancellor
Game 16 Possession Out of Time
Game 15 I Made Him Spill His Coffee
Game 14 Halloween 2
Game 13 Fate of the Ancients - Part 3
Game 12 The Mystery Keeper
Game 11 Fate of the Ancients - Part 2
Game 10 Feeding Time
Game 9 Fear on the Water
Game 8 Bring Me Back
Game 7 Some Words with a Mummy
Game 6 Fate of the Ancients - Part I
Game 5 The Iddimu of Leng
Game 4 Nathaniel Ward and the Temple of Boons
Game 3 The Seance
Game 2 The Eye of R’as al Ghethi
Game 1 The Randolph Mortimer Incident
The HPLHS has played 64 original games of Cthulhu Lives since 1984. Although it is our goal to archive all of them here eventually, for now we’re proud to include some of the first games and some of the most recent. We add new games as time permits: be sure to check back for updates.
Some of the games in the archive feature digital artifacts in Adobe Acrobat®. If you don't have the reader, you may want it. Download it for free here.