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Dene from Y'ha-Nthlei
Just listened to the Innsmouth play and I just wanted to say how much we've enjoyed it. Having grown up in the UK on BBC Radio plays such as Lord of the Rings and Poirot, I can say that your work compares more than favourably. Really, really excellent stuff. If ever you guys decided to write your own material and keep these coming, you'll have a more than eager, regular audience this side of the pond.

Sid from Innsmouth
Bravo! It was brilliant! I'll definitely be picking up the other three soon.

Michael from UK
Firstly, I'd like to say that the props are excellent. The level of detail is the newspaper articles and other written material is brilliant. In fact, I was a little reluctant to remove the sticker to open the marconigram included in The Shadow Out of Time, and carefully stuck it back on after reading it.

Secondly, the shows themselves are also excellent; high-quality adaptations that leave nothing out. My favourite of the four was The Shadow over Innsmouth, which is also my least favourite of the four stories.

James from London
I started listening to this on holiday last week as I sat on a cross-Channel ferry, avoiding the curiously watery gaze and vaguely repellent appearance of my fellow passengers, and finished it on a coach driving through the decaying outskirts of Calais on my way into Europe's dark interior. The play may have influenced my experience somewhat! Another superb adaptation of a HPL classic and well worth every penny. Top marks to all involved and I really look forward to 'The Whisperer in Darkness'.

Rob from Leeds, UK
The show was great - many thanks. I was very impressed with the overall quality of the piece and thought the adaptation was clever and sympathetic. I'm off work ill today and listened to it this morning in bed, in the dark, shivering and mildly delirious - I can't think of a more appropriate situation to hear it! ;-)

Mark from Texarcana
The mounting horror of Shadow Over Innsmouth is perfectly captured in this adaptation. I don't normally like any liberties with HPL's work, but this is exceedingly well done, and true to the spirit, and fits the medium perfectly.

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Greg from Anthony, NM
I wanted to let you all know that I have greatly enjoyed listening to the radio shows you created. I listen to them often. Indeed, I often fall asleep at night listening, which might explain my dreams of dark, frightening inhuman vistas. I await your lastest film with anticipation. Thanks for bringing Lovecraft's stories to life in such an entertaining way, while staying true to the source material.

Jeff from Chehalis, WA
An excellent adaptation of one of Lovecraft's best works. The HPLHS just keeps cranking out one masterpiece after another. The attack at the Gilman Hotel was particularly chilling. I know it'll be awhile before we have any more Dark Adventure Radio Theatre presentations, as the HPLHS is busy with the 'Whisperer' film, but when you do get around to DART again, add in my vote for 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward'.

Martin from Austin, TX
Another job extremely well-done, gang. I especially thought the framing device was an inspired touch, handling the protagonist's extensive first-person narration in the form of an interview by an FBI agent. Nice ambiguous climax too. For your next DART effort, how about THE CASE OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD, perhaps as your first two-disc, two-part episode?

Roland from Tampa
Another outstanding job by DART - "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" has become my favorite out of the 4 current titles. Everything about this production is top-notch, from background sounds of seagulls and buoy bells that really add to the atmosphere of Innsmouth to a faintly-audible creak that had me holding my breath in suspense! The voice talent is fantastic - bravos to Dan Conroy, Matt Foyer, and Barry Lynch for a job well done, and 2 big bravas to Kacey Camp and McKerrin Kelly for their roles as Anna Tilton and Annabelle the Librarian. I absolutely loved their portrayals of curt, no-nonsense New England ladies. Every time I think there's no way DART can outdo themselves, they prove me wrong...and I wouldn't have it any other way. Once again, great job!

Jim from Laurel, MD
Another macabre and wonderful radio show from days gone by! The learned gentlemen from the HPL Historical Society have outdone themselves again with another adaptation of one of Lovecraft's cornerstone tales, deceptively tucked away into a jewel case bursting with absolutely believable remnants of what can only be an ill-advised venture into a dreadful, squamous town... a place called Innsmouth! The enclosed props, as usual, lend credence to the fantastic yet gradually gruesome story of an innocent slowly drawn into a nightmare not of his own making.

The terrific performances vividly bring the hapless narrator's desperate plight alive with energy and verve that send shudders through the spine and revulsion through the nose... no, wait, that's just the fishy aroma of the enclosed props. From the dead-on period newspaper articles to unearthly artwork to the detailed hand-drawn map of the town carefully sketched onto an authentically-labeled scrap of grocery bag, no detail has been spared to enhance the experience of the terrible ambush that Lovecraft created for his readers, which the Society has now dramatized for modern listeners.

...Because it's the story that counts the most, of course, and they've faced the challenge of adapting Lovecraft's words on paper into a frightening melange of voice and sounds and music which transport the listener back to a simpler time and a more primitive place... only to turn the tables, as Lovecraft so often does, to forcibly reveal mankind's awful place in the greater scheme of things... all in only seventy-seven heart-arresting minutes. If this is the final radio show that the Society produces, they have truly saved their finest effort for last. Well done!

St Clean from Southamerica
I bought the box set for my birthday and it is awesome... the props are grrrreat and the performances astounding... although, I could use the script to understand everything this time... =P

Jim from Pearl River, NY
I just finished listening to my order of The Shadow Over Innsmouth & The Dunwich Horror radio presentations, and wanted to let you know I enjoyed them very much.
The audio productions were very well done, and the bonus inserts in both packages were a visual treat to look over while listening to the shows. Well done!

Marc from Redmond
I had recently purchased the Call of Cthulhu DVD and based on it's fine work I thought I would give the radio shows a go as well. It was tough deciding which one to start with and whether I wanted to go with the MP3 only option or go with the CD and props. I figured since this was the one I was going to judge the harshest (and have it stand as the basis for purchasing the rest of the radio shows or not), I might as well go with the story I knew the best and go with the CD version to see how the props added to the purchase. I'm glad to say I am 100% satisfied with the story, the production, and the great little props that came along with it. The voice acting was great and the opening and closing segments used to put you in the radio show mood were excellent touches. The story holds true enough to the classic tale and I've listened to it three times in the past week just to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of it... listening to the details of the background effects and enjoying the wonderful performances. As for the props, I had initially set them aside when I first began listening to the show, but as it went on, as different elements in the story eluded to the props, quickly picked them up and soaked in the great detail they had and felt they added a wonderful bit of atmosphere to the listening experience. It's safe to say that this show/purchase has sealed the deal for me... I'll be ordering the box set of the other three radio shows!
That's one last thing I'd like to mention about these shows... the purchasing options they give you are great. From format options (MP3 vs CD) and the fact you can mix and match the box set (in case you're someone like me who wanted to try one out before taking a bigger plunge) gives you a good bit of flexibility. Great job to everyone involved and I look forward to The Whisperer in Darkness as well.

Dane from Burt, Michigan
You guys do everything in such a professional manner, the voice acting, the props and the hoodie are all superb!

John K from Richmond, Va
A Shadow Over Innsmouth was marvelously created by HPLHS! The voice acting is incredible, you can tell there is a lot of love going into the production, no one walks through their parts! I was thoroughly spooked by the sound effects, try sitting through the Gilman House escape with the lights off! I listen to SOI almost everyday at work and I am currently waiting for SOT & ATMOM to arrive in the new wooden box!
Bravo to everyone at HPLHS!

Chris from UK
Just finished listening to the CD "The Shadow Over Innsmouth". Amazing!! And the props were fantastic as well, although I must say that I was particularly impressed with the inclusion of the matchbook! Your attention to detail is astounding.

I plan on getting the rest of the CD's ASAP. Thanks and keep up the stellar work!

Carl from Innsmouth
JUst listened to this latest CD from HPLHS, and as always, they have outdone themselves yet again. This is an exciting and chilling old-time radio theater rendition of H.P. Lovecraft's classic "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", and it is outstanding. I love what HPLHS is doing to keep the works of Lovecraft alive for a new generation of fans of weird fiction. Great job guys! Keep it up!

Serge from Pacquetville, Canada
I received my order three weeks ago and I just finished listening to all four shows (I was out of town). You guys did a wonderful job in recreating the atmosphere of the stories while getting out a bit of the 'narration' HPL style.. My favorite is Shadow Over Innsmouth (Well I am a bit biased as this was always my favorite HPL story...)

Also the included props are amazing. A lot of work and efforts must have been put into them. This is adding to my huge HPL collection and I will listen to these again and again for sure!

Keep up the good work. I am buying anything else you guys make in the future ;)

Maria from Turku, Finland
The HPLHS radio play "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" is simply the best Lovecraft adaptation, regardless of medium, that I have encountered. It's wonderful how you managed to keep the story's Lovecraftian essence true and pure, and yet made a fresh interpretation of it, which is something that only someone with real understanding of HPL's work can achieve.

To put it shortly, it's everything you could ask from an adaptation. I warmly recommend this radio play to any HPL fan.

I'm also loving all the other items in the Innsmouth combo. The hoodie is warm and soft and lovely, and the E.O.D. membership card is hilarious, and the poster is now on my wall.

Now I'm really hoping that one day I get the chance to hear your other radio plays as well!

Cameron from North Arlington, NJ
Another great radio play from the folks at HPLHS. They manage to once again stay true to the source material, and prove that their chosen medium is a viable and fun way to experience the writing of H.P. Lovecraft.

Jim from North Plainfield
Got the whole box with all 4. Loved them. Loved them all. Mountains was great and one of the more familiar to me. Dunwich I remembered the most (haven't actually read any Lovecraft in probably a decade) and that was also enjoyable. But the two Shadow stories, not sure which is actually my favorite. I'm writing this under Innsmouth because it is the one I listened to last, and is therefor sticking in my mind. Sticking and won't let go it's hold. Fantastic work. Please do more.

Paul from Costa Mesa, CA
"Innsmouth" was a peach. Great ending. I think it's my No. 2 pick behind "Mountains". Hmm, except for the bit in "SOT" when Prof Dyer shows up...

Robert from Kings Langley, Australia
Just finished listening to TSOI and really enjoyed it! It has always vied with Mts of Madness for my favourite HPL story and you've all done wonderful justice to it! You're really keeping up the amazing standard and continue to produce some enthralling listening! Matt Foyer and Barry Lynch were outstanding s always! That speech of Lynch's / Zadock's rises to a real bonechiiler! Wondeful stuff! I've never mentioned the props before but I think they're brilliant - TSOI is no exception. Takes me back to RPG gaming in the past. Lastly, I noticed that the booklet is also printed on better quality card - keep up the great work! Is there another Dark Adventure installment in the works?

Karl from Welwyn, UK
It all arrived fine- once again I am left utterly gobsmacked by the quality of your goods. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Frank from Athens, AL
I bought the Innsmouth MP3 a week ago, and I've listened to it about a dozen times already.

The cast did a FANTASTIC job; there's not a bad performance in the lot, but the man playing Zadok Allen (easily the high point of both the original story and the radio play) deserves special recognition. By the time he gets to "shapes talkin' sign language with their hands... them that, that, as HAD real hands!" I get a real shiver up my spine every time. I've read the story a million times, but the drunken terror (I suspect y'all actually got the poor bastard drunk to record it) in his voice brings it to life in a way I've never experienced before.

I would urge anyone who loves the story to give the HPLHS radio play a listen. It's a rare treat to experience this story afresh; it's almost like reading it for the first time all over again.

Richard from Meriden, CT
I finally finished listening to all the Dark Adventure shows, and just wanted to let you all know how absolutely delighted I am. I hadn't heard of you guys until I read a review of CALL OF CTHULHU when it came out, and since then I've been increasingly impressed with what you have all been doing. I thought MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS was great and each show got better and better - and INNSMOUTH has long been my favorite HPL story, so to hear it brought to life as wonderfully as this was a treat I never could have imagined. And the props - wow! I have a treasure chest of souvenirs from fictional places, and this year for Christmas my wife bought me the Miskatonic Combo, which was the pride of my collection until the treasure trove of goodies from the Dark Adventure disks. You guys are just awesome, and I look forward to more greatness in the future.

Mark from San Jose, CA

Scott from New York
The HPLHS does it again with a phenominal interpretation of a classic Lovecraft story. Creepy and atmospheric, it's equally enjoyable to those who have never read the story and those who know it by heart.

Are you guys taking requests? If you are put me down for "The Thing on the Doorstep" and "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward". Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to enjoy the smooth, mild taste of a Fleur de Lys.

Chris from Bedford, TX
Yet another wonderful radio play, adapting one of my favorite HPL stories. I've already listened to it several times, and I'm sure (like the other 3) I'll be playing it over and over again. Keep up the incredible work :)

Alasdair from Edinburgh, Scotland
I've only listened to it once, and I think it's great! Very atmospheric and scary! A great adaptation.

Sara from Poulsbo, WA
I just finished listening to Shadow Over Innsmouth and I have to say, it's a wonderful production. It manages to keep all of the suspense of the original story (the chase through the Gilman House and out of Innsmouth was especially effective), as well as the poetry of the language toward the end of the story, as the narrator's conversion becomes complete.

Congratulations on an excellent job! And keep up the good work.

Man, I can't wait to see Whisperer in Darkness...

Scott from Milwaukee
Thanks to the HPLHS gang for producing another great adaptation. As a fan of radio plays and Lovecraft it is a great pleasure for me to have both of them together in an excellently executed form.

Luke from Isle Of Wight
A real pleasure in life is getting a parcel from the gang at HPLHS. Thanks again, you never disappoint me. Finally Barry Lynch, you are welcome to come around for tea anytime, but you must wear the eye patch and do "the voice".

John from San Antonio
I've listened to other "radio show" or spoken performances of HPL's work and have been trying to figure out how they differ, compare, contrast to the HPLHS productions. I think these other productions have excellent voice actors and they all do a fine job rendering Lovecraft's various dialects. In other words, they do a fine, technical job of presenting the material, and the actors deliver enjoyable performances.

What I think makes the HPLHS productions better is I think they have a deeper understanding of the horror of the subject. They understand that Professor Armitage's meeting with Wilbur Whately in the Miskatonic University library would be an openly suspicious, verging on hostile exchange. Armitage is not just suspicious of Whately's motives, he is genuinely repulsed by the very sight of the "man." The HPLHS folks know that people would be reluctant to speak of Innsmouth, not a cast of interesting voices attempting to top each other's story on how "queer" folks from that part were. And that an attempt to view the Marsh tiara by an outsider might take some coaxing by a local before a viewing would be granted. Even the handling of how Zadock Allen is enticed into revealing the dark secrets of Innsmouth is handled in a better fashion, I think.

And, of course, nobody else has pulled together a character like Chester Langfield and presented the listener with the virtues of Fluers de-Lys cigarettes.

Once again, the HPLHS group has delivered a wonderful rendition of a Lovecraft story, and I eagerly look forward to their next effort.

Darren from Edmonton, AB
Dark Adventure Radio Theater has become a highlight of my media collection! Especially now that I have the DART Box sitting proudly on my shelf holding the current library of stories.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth is another fantastic foray into the world of the audio macabre! Matt Foyer delivers beautifully as Robert Olmstead, and I loved the performances of Barry Lynch and Kacey Camp as well. (Of course, the entire ensemble were brilliant, but those were characters that really stood out to me.)
And Andrew Leman's voice for Joe Sargeant was positively loathesome! (In a good way... er, yeah.)

The props were amazing quality, as they usually are - a true delight to go through while listening to the show. Especially the reproduction of the map. And the personalized EOD card, and the hoodie, are perfect.:)

Troy Sterling Nies is responsible for a great score, and I'm really looking forward to a CD containing the music found in the DART episodes.

Thank you Sean, and the rest of the HPLHS, for such another awesome DART episode. Keep them coming! I'm looking forward to the next one, whatever it may be!

Eduardo Padilla from Leon, Mexico

Outdid yerselves, you did. Cosmic horror crawling up my shambling rooftops and opening a croaking void in the pit o' my stomach! Great acting. The music is somewhat less operatic than in previous efforts (not that there's anything wrong with operatic when faithfully adapting HPL), I found it more contained and atmospheric in its approach (yet it does go for the gut during the final vertiginous stretch)... lovely and disturbing... hooray! ah, what great tone and tempo you guys hit. this is by far the most sinister adaptation you've made so far... even your usual inspired bits of humour seem to instantly freeze in the cold, opressive night air. oh and what mounting dread! Lovecraft's elegant, morbid spirals of prose poetry catch a fluorescent pallor in your hands. you brainy cats not only fully understand Lovecraft's fearful architecture, it seems, you also feel it like it was whispering ominously outside your windows.

encore, damn it!

-lalo padilla

Manny from Athens, Greece
I just finished listening to HPLHS' latest endeavor...

Once more, you guys have delivered a top-notch radio-adaptation of fine Lovecraft literature. The props are amazing as always, and the production values are sky-high! The only nag I have is that at very few points the dialogue is not "delivered" quite as I expected (I thought Zadok Allen should be portrayed by a somewhat "older voice").

But I'm nitpicking here... HPLHS has delivered another great product... A must have for every Lovecraft fan!

Benjamin from Broadway, UK
I actually already have a review on here (Ben from Badsey, UK), but that wasn't my proper review, so if it's alright, I'd like to submit my proper review here.

Unlike all the previous shows from the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre, I had already read The Shadow Over Innsmouth before listening to the show. As a result, I had a small fear that it wouldn't live up to my expectations - especially considering how much I had enjoyed all the other shows, and how much I love The Shadow Over Innsmouth as a story.

But I needn't have worried, for HPLHS's dramatisation of The Shadow Over Innsmouth not only lived up to my expectations, but greatly exceeded them!

There are so many wonderful scenes in this story, and the way the cast and the music and the overall ambiance brings them to life is brilliantly atmospheric and chilling.

The CD finally arrived two days before Christmas Eve and it was a great way to begin the festering season! I have listened to it many times since then.

I have loved every DART show so far, but The Shadow Over Innsmouth is the best one yet! Great job! I really hope that HPLHS will continue to make these wonderful shows!

Now I'm off to listen to The Shadow Over Innsmouth again!

Ryan from Costa Mesa, CA
I got the Innsmouth cd the other day; quite a pleasant surprise. ;) You guys continue to blow me away with your authenticity and awesomeness. The "fish smell" is hilarious!

Anyways, hope you have a good holiday and keep up the phenomenal job with DART. I can't wait for the next adventure!

Don from Rock Springs, WY
Awesome! As good at the other productions! You guys have a definite talent for this. What other productions are in the plans or in the works?

Gael from Englewood, Colo.
Nicely done, as always.

I'm very aware of the difficulty you face in bringing these tales to life in a radio show format: HPL did not use much fact, almost none. As a result, Dark Adventure adaptations of his works have to consist mainly of long monologues on the part of the principal characters. "Shadow over Innsmouth" is a case in point.

However, your voice actors pull it off remarkably well. (Zadok was superb!) And the seasoning you give to the drama -- the short bits of back-and-forth business in the created dialog sections -- break things up nicely and add drive and movement. And then, of course, they allow the final, frenzied monologue to have greater impact.

"...grotesque, malignant saraband of fantastic nightmare." I love that line! And, now that I think about it, since the saraband dance form is in triple time with the second beat stressed and lingered over, it does rather imitate the shambling, irregular gait of the Deep One hybrids. I wonder if the Old Gentleman knew?

Hats off to your actors. And to your sound effects people as well. I look forward _extremely_ to "The Whisperer in Darkness".

Gregory from Allston, MA
Just got the CD today. This might be your best rendition yet. I'll never feel quite the same about my summer visits to Newburyport.

Richard from Peterborough, Canada
It was my pleasure to purchase it and I loved it! I have been a huge fan of HP Lovecraft for some time and found that Innsmouth was a wonderfull monument to his work.

Tristan from Osterode, Germany
By the way: The Shadow over Innsmouth is extraordinary! Congratulations! I have been listening to it for days now. Over and over again.

Sean from Cambridge, MA
THe Shadow Over Innsmouth is nothing short of brilliant; as with the three previous shows, this one draws the audience into a rich tapestry of decay, suspense, and conspiracy that matches even my favorite of the previous, the Dunwich Horror. I was enthralled by the acting and croaks of the horde, and was held in suspense right through the ending... and beyond. Well done!

Robert from Adamsville, RI
Loved it. Everything they have done so far has been fantastic. I bought the download because I couldn't wait for the cd in the mail.

Julie from Saugus
I've enjoyed all the DART adventures and Innsmouth was no exception. The fishy smelling map was a great extra and the hoodie is perfect for a comfy warm up after a dip in the ocean.

Bo from Australia
Thanks awfully for doing; "Innsmouth".
It is the best offering so far. I know the story well but I still enjoyed it fully, today, on the train. You guys Did make a few changes but I understand why, I wish I had the words to express how brilliant a job I consider it. The look of the Tiara was awesome; It was very well done.

I'm awaiting your next offering with sweaty palms. Thanks again.

Mark from Coralville, IA
Once again you folks have done a fantastic job. The Shadow over Innsmouth is my favorite Lovecraft story and the first H.P.L story I read so I was a little worried about how you might interpret it. I must say I loved what you did with it! The extras were once again were fantastic, especially the "fishy" map.
All my best and Happy Holidays to you and everyone at HPLHS. Thanks for keeping me entertained on the cold dreary nights while we here in the Midwest suffer the wrath of Ithaqua and his -20 below zero wind chills.

Sean from Cambridge, MA
By the way- The cliff hanger at the end of Innsmouth was brilliant!

Ben from Badsey, UK
I have already submitted glowing reviews of all your shows on the website - except for The Shadow Over Innsmouth, which doesn't seem to have a place for review submissions [since remedied, ed.]. But it was excellent and my favourite DART show so far - and that's saying a lot!

Wes from Newburyport
t was very enjoyable and well worth the price. I love everything you guys are doing at the HPLHS

McGraw from Boston

McGraw from Boston

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