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Vincent from Unknown
To use the vernacular, and forgive this, but.....

That show was fucking awesome.

Steve from Yuggoth
"Shadow Out of Time" is outstanding. I listened to it twice
in a row last night. Creepy, atmospheric, and just plain cool.
I'm guessing it won't be long before the unnameable lurkers in
the void compel me to download "Dunwich" and "Innsmouth" as

Mark from Texarcana
The shivering 'otherness' of the original tale comes through in this superb radio adaptation. Truly a must for any serious HPL fan.

Check out my full review at

Or Nyralthotep will eat your face.

Ian from Luton, UK
Just a note to say my box set came today. Played Shadow this evening. Brilliant production. Really made the story come alive. My heart was pumping just that little bit fast at the end.

Now if only the wind would drop, and the tree branches would stop knock against the window I could get to sleep. Hang on there isn't a tree on this side of the house. hoj54 gbdf jk;a

Phoenix from Denver
I received the CD yesterday and got to listen to it last night :) I think you guys did a really good job.

In the CD cover you mentioned ~taking liberties, adding characters, and dramatizing things alluded to in the text~. I think the way you guys did it worked out really well, and that doing it the way you did was pretty much necessary for converting it to an audio drama. I particularly liked the bits of the disoriented Yithian waking up in Nathaniel's body, and the conversation between the restored Nathaniel and the Swedish librarian. The part where Nathaniel describes his decent into the ruins of Pnakotus was excellent, although even in HPL's text that part is never long enough for me and is my favorite part.

Anyway, thanks for making the audio drama of what is probably my favorite HPL story (among the top three anyway) :) I really enjoyed it and will definitely listen to it many many more times. Minus the first and last tracks, I could see occasionally putting this on before going to bed to see how it effects my dreams ;)

Todd from Ohio
I finished listening to SooT last night, and I must say I'm very impressed. This was the first of the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre plays that I've listened too and it won't be my last. The hard part is deciding which to get next!

Eric from Pilbarra
I listened to SOOT last night, in the dark, and even though I knew the story back to front, I got shivers and couldn't sleep right. The sound effects for the Yithians were just absolutely chilling and I literally dreaded hearing them again. Now I understand how such a sound could grate your sanity away. I could hear the terror in Peaslee's voice and hear every iota of sanity as it dripped from his mindcase. Thank you muchly for the suggestion. It was phenomenal.

Evan from Pasco, WA
Absolutely great!

Joe from Somewhere in the UK
I couldn't resist downloading 'The Shadow Out Of Time' MP3s. I must admit I had that 'excited kid' feeling on reading your web shop's inventory, (I'm 34...)

TSOOT is a really good piece of work! I was worried it might be corny, but I'm already four chapters through the six and totally absorbed. It's very professional -- BBC radio play standard -- and there's no higher compliment from a Brit. :) I listened to it by candlelight via my iPod's FM transmitter for extra atmosphere. Great stuff.

I'm going to buy my brother the 'Mountains of Madness' (with props) because we both loved the book when we first read it twenty odd years ago, and still do.

Keep up the good work!

Cameron from North Arlington, NJ
I've just listened to "The Dunwich Horror" and "The Shadow Out Of Time". You've all done an outstanding job, as usual. The respect and love the HPLHS exhibits for the original material has made your films and radio plays not only enjoyable but, in my opinion, some of the most important developments in adapting HPL's work. You've demonstrated that it is possible to faithfully adapt the stories to other media and still retain the feel and atmosphere of the originals, something that has rarely been accomplished.

Keep up the good work, I'll keep supporting it!

Allan from Washington DC
Outstanding job on Shadow Out Of Time; the whole thing was terrific. The best yet of the audio plays. SOOT is my favorite Lovecraft novella after Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath. Now there's an ambitious project for you guys. The HPLHS is a great tribute to Howard Phillips. All I've received will be family heirlooms for my daughter.

Hugh from Palmetto, GA
Singularly Sensational! Always a pleasure to transact with HPLHS and always pleased with the superior product and its components. There are some things the human mind cannot and should not explore and HPLHS never fails to deliver an accurate roadmap for the fatally curious. Ia Ia and Bravo!

Lalo from Mexico
best one yet, probably (I favour Mountains however, simply because that's my fave Lovecraft story). Great performances eh... some hilarious dialogue during the scenes with the uh... "alienated" proffesor. Witty adaptation all around. And yes, terrifying too, in just the right way.

Tristan from London, UK
Has there ever been a manifestation of fandom as creative, professional, and dedicated as the HPLHS?

This latest audio play is, like its predecessors, and the subsequent Shadow Over Innsmouth, frankly a wonder to behold. The well-adapted, well-produced, nostalgic radio adaptation beats many professional audio plays for quality, and the humour and love shown in the whole package mark these works out as way above the average.

The quite unnecessary free documents and props that come with each CD are in some ways the best example of what I mean - there is no earthly reason why a customer would need such things with their CD, and the fact they are not needed makes them nothing but a bonus to fascinate and amuse. No mere scraps of paper, these are authentic-seeming oddments that speak of the sheer effort and dedication these people put in.

A must-have for fans of genre-audio, and fans of Lovecraft, and really... I have waited years and years for some decent radio adaptations of HP Lovecraft stories. All of these productions have been entirely worth the wait, and absolutely filled the gap that existed for so long.

More Please!

John from Owasso, OK
These just get better and better everytime and bring the stories to life. Thanks!

Adrian from South Central Antarctica
It was just terriffic. You guys have been doing a great job with these shows. It's also great that a dedicated group of creative people care enough to make things like this without deviating from the original material.

Looking forward to your next great show (and "Whisperer" of course).

Joe from Oak Lawn, IL
I've got to say, it was great. I first heard it on Yog Radio which piqued my interest. When I actually listened to it, I was blown away. I'm definitely going to buy the rest and I think I'll be sending out a couple as Christmas presents.

Bob from Ampthill, UK
I'd not visited the HPLHS site for a while (shame on me) so ordered both the Dunwich Horror and Shadow out of Time at the same time. Hugely pleased to find that the usual high production standards are still in evidence (even more so than Mountains of Madness which, for all that I've enjoyed it, has way too much interference effects on the radio messages - fine on a home sound system but makes them inaudible on my daily commute). Both the newer productions remind me why I like Lovecraft so much.

Hope you carry on providing the 'little extras' with the CD versions of these productions. The workmanship that goes into these is fantastic. Can't wait for Innsmouth.

Charles from South Antarctica
I just wish to advise you on how much I enjoyed you and your groups productions of H. P. Lovecraft's three stories, The Dunwich Horror, The Shadow Out of Time and my personal favorite At The Mountains Of Madness.

I eagerly await the release of The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

Please, continue to produce as many of these stories as you and you team are able. I find them well worth the money spent for the hours of enjoyment I shall gather from them in the time to come.

Thank you.

Keegan from South Antarctica
I absolutely love the HPL radio dramas by the HPLS. These as well as the radio plays performed by the Atlantic Radio Theatre Company mark the absolute pinnicle in supreme horror radio. I'm eagerly awaiting your release of Shadows Over Innsmouth later this month.

Heaping amounts of praise aside, my only criticism whatsoever is that the recording of At the Mountains of Madness seems to be improperly balanced in so far as the left audio channel is favored more than the right during the scenes where the Antarctic crew of scientists are speaking over the radio. The main announcer is clearly balanced in both the left and right audio channels as well as the ads for fleur de lys cigarettes. I mention this only because I've listened to ATMOM on my iPhone (and at home on my stereo) but it's quite distracting to have one ear getting sound where the other is faint. As stated, this only seems to be an issue during the radio scenes for the anarctic crew. I have not experienced this as being an issue during any of the other radio plays.

Keep up the great work, I've loved both the Call of Cthulhu movie and the radio dramas put out by the HPLHS.

John from Springfield, VA
The audio rendition was very cool. I look forward to listening to the others in the future.

John from Keyport, NJ
Just wanted to write and commend the HPLHS on "The Shadow out of Time." Everything about the production was absolutely top notch - the sound effects, the music, the 'added' scenes and dialogue fleshing out the story - and the acting was far and away above level of talent usually evident in audio dramatizations. As a big fan of both H.P. Lovecraft and Old-Time Radio, I had high expectations, but the show definitely exceeded them. I am very likely going to order the CD boxed set as I really want to hear the other adaptations now. Thank you for doing justice to Lovecraft's work - I think he'd be proud!

Don from Rock Springs, WY
Congratulations! Those productions are amazingly well done. I hopeyou guys can keep doing more and more of Lovecrafts major works in this fashion!

Paul from Bradford, UK
Just received the CD version of 'Shadow out of Time' through the post this morning. Thank you. My praise is superfluous. I just don't know how you do it!

Paul from South Carolina
Great radio drama!
The actors are great, the atmosphere is great, the music is great...
When the polyps scream, it's chilling as all get out!
Good job, HPLHS!

Allan from Vancouver
First let me say I received the Shadow Out Of Time CD and have enjoyed every moment of it. I listened to the disc yesterday in broad daylight and on the twentieth floor of an office tower overlooking noon traffic in the urban core--as non-creepy as you can get--and yet, I was still consumed by the frightening environment we all know and love and actually felt unnerved, so much so that when my colleague tapped me on the shoulder I jumped nearly out of my skin--excellent work!

Second, I have purchased both prop and font discs for use in my Call of Cthulhu games, and find them absolutely invaluable. Handing a player a medical patient's file, or a passport, or a street car transfer from a suspect's pocket litter makes the immersive aspects of the game complete, and fun beyond compare. In fact, the perfection of your props have made me hope that you will follow up with a second, third and so on disc of props to make the game even more real. To that end, I am including a list of some of the props that I would have loved to have had in my own games. Perhaps someday the HPLHS will include them in a prop disc and make my own game complete.

Finally, keep up the good work, HPL would have been incredibly pleased with the work you are doing.

Darren from Edmonton, AB
One of the things I've definitely come to look forward to is Dark Adventure Radio Theatre. I'm hooked. I love it. My ipod is my gateway to Dark Adventure thanks to the HPLHS.
The Shadow Out of Time continues the tradition of fantastic voice acting, scripting, music, and inspiration that At the Mountains of Madness and the Dunwich Horror had in cyclopean spades... and improves upon it! It also shows a maturity of art, as the HPLHS hones its craft. Bravo!

Bring on the Innsmouth! And whatever insanity awaits us around the next bend!

Christian from Poissy, France
I THOUGHt I would enjoy Shadows Out Of Time LESS than Mountains of Madness or the fortchoming Innsmouth, both these stories having great action setpieces. But the characterisation, the depth, the real feeling of strangeness, is a marvel. And the very intriguing reference in the nots on the CD liner on the situation between Peaslee and his son, and HPL's experience with his father, is haunting. Another marvelous work of love, well-done!

Karl from Welwyn, UK
Yet another smashing show from the old colonies! I did not know this story as well as the previous two classics, but once again our fellow Elder One revivalists breathed life and ichor into a fantastic tale of madness and mystery!

And now you must forgive me but it is time for a fleur de lys!

Robert from Kings Langley, Australia
I received SOOT 2day and I'm writing this as I listen to it so I haven't finished but I was so thrilled I had to write this ASAP! This is the best one you guys have produced so far - superb voice acting and production. Barry Lynch is again the standout for me. I think there are few superlatives left to describe the care and attention you all give to HPL's legacy. Simply put: Thank you.

BTW - as an Aussie I was pleased with all your voice efforts for the antipodean characters although sometimes they tended towards a more New Zealand tone than ours but my own "urbanized" accent is anything but the broad "bush" tones most ppl associate with downunder and I wouldn't have a clue how they speak in Western Australia (we in the eastern states barely even think of them as part of Australia!) so I think you all did a magnificent job!!!

You're doing my absolute favourite HPL next so I can't wait till the next Dark Adventure comes my way! Thanks again!

Mark from Coralville, IA
Just wanted to let you know that you folks at HPLHS have done a great job on the radio play versions of H.P.Ls works and that "The Shadow out of Time" is the best yet! I can't wait for the "The Shadow over Innsmouth". Thanks for all that you do.

Bo from Brooklyn, Australia
I have just now listened thru; Shadow out of time. Wonderful! Creepy and Vast! You guys are getting better and better, I have read this story before, but that didn't ruin it for me, I was simply swept along by the drama of it. This one is the best so far, in my humble opinion.

The subtle sound effects were great and the Australians sounded fair dingkum. I was a little afraid of how the accents here would sound - I hate that London Cockney thing that some Americans do when trying to do; Aussie.

Thanks very much for your efforts here, it's one I will be listening to again. I'm all nervous energy when it comes to the subject of you new film; Whisperer. I'm awaiting its release on tenderhooks. If you see the others: Could you just tell them I said Thanks!

Robert from Simi Valley
A post Script to my earlier review-

The special download prop is AWESOME! It sucked up a good bit of ink on my Epson printer but thats just fine by me :P

These extra goodies are really a labor of love on the part of HPLHS and it shows in the quality and attention to detail.

Very nice stuff guys....

Michael from Kent, OH
My thoughts? As simply as possible, I’ll say that your production of The Dunwich Horror was great. The acting, the sound effects, and the crisp quality of production were very spot on and served as a great transport to the listener. This was not just passive entertainment, but fully engaging and engrossing material…you could feel almost hear Lovecraft’s shadow wrapping itself around every terror-tinged whisper. Ultimately, what I was most impressed with was exactly this notion of atmosphere that you were able to create…not only was the paranoia filled aura of the town of Dunwich spot-on, but beyond this, the radio station end caps (not to mention the cigarette ads) gave a nostalgic sense of the serialized audio shows of eras past, evoking an authenticity that pushed it far beyond a mere homage. So what was really achieved here, was not just one sense of atmosphere, but two…and by easing the listener into one, you were able to easily slide them into another, and before we know it, we’re deep in the story. Fantastic work, truly.

I’m extremely impressed by the quality of work the HPLHS does. While Dunwich was my first audio foray into your productions, I had previously been familiar with the film work you did. I was presenting at a horror convention a few months back when a friend encouraged me to pick up The Call of Cthulhu, knowing my affinity for Lovecraft and stylized filmmaking…and it was an excellent suggestion. Yet again, a
testament to quality production and great atmospheric storytelling. I eagerly anticipate the release of The Whisperer in the Darkness.

DC from Seattle
Another excellent piece of work. I'll play it repeatedly until "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" comes out!

Robert from Great Sandy Desert
I just wanted to say, that I really enjoyed your latest installment of the audio theater (third episode). I must say it is a highly professional production (as with the other two), and I love the whole ambiance you guys have created. You have the SFX spot on, and the voices were as evocative as ever. I really felt for the main character - great performance! Again, as with the previous episodes I felt you really captured the atmosphere of Lovecraft.

My only wish is that you keep bringing out episodes! :)

Great job again... And please pass on my complements to the team. Looking forward to the next installment.

Benjamin from UK
Another great piece of audio from Dark Adventure Radio Theatre. A wonderfully strange tale builds into a magnificently dramatised climax! Great props, great presentation and a great story. This is every bit as good as At the Mountains of Madness and The Dunwich Horror.

I can't wait for The Shadow Over Innsmouth and I hope there will be future episodes of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre from HPLHS, I'd love to hear more of Lovecrafts tales of cosmic horror adapted for radio.

Great job all round!

clint from Scottsdale, AZ
I just finished listening to the play. Great work, it really evoked the story in an exciting way and was throughly entertaining. Whoever came up with that sound effect for the polyps should be shot - it's one of the creepiest noises I've ever heard and for a jaded consumer like me, that takes alot of doing! You guys really improve dramatically with each production. Now the wait for 'Innsmouth' is really going to be rough.

If I had one minor quibble, it would be the Australian character's dialog. His use of epithets rather spoiled the excellent illusion of listening to an authentic 'lost' radio program of the 1930's. No way that would have gotten past the censors. Just a minor quibble, like I said, but one to perhaps keep in mind to maintain the illusion of the past.

So, what's next after 'Innsmouth'? I'd imagine 'The Lurking Fear' or even 'Red Hook' would translate quite well for a radio play, but 'Herbert West' would probably be the most financially lucrative.

Thanks again for such a great production and maintaining such a professional and respectful approach to Lovecraft's works.

Carl from Aurora, IL
Another outstanding audio adaptation of a classic H.P. Lovecraft story, excellently put together by the HPLHS. Presented in the format of an old time radio drama, this presentation of The Shadow Out Of Time is highly entertaining and enjoyable. Another great job of the HPLHS in preserving the works of the True Master of Weird Fiction!

Luke from Isle Of Wight
Wonderful. The HPLHS is the best things I have discovered in recent years. I could hardly endure the time it took me to unwrap the envelope and the aeons it required for the CD player to "read" the disk. Once again the HPLHS have delivered something that no self respecting Lovecraft fan should live without. The absolute terror of exploring those caverns...I was afraid he would slip, the torch would die...Thanks again guys, for once again, as Burroughs puts it helping me escape "the tired nagging flesh" of everyday life.

Gregg from Battle Ground, WA
Wanted to say I've head "At the Mountains of Madness" and "The Shadow Out of Time"... FANTASTIC work! Hats off to you all.

Robert from Simi Valley
GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! You guys have really managed to capture the style of old-time radio and...classic performance style(?) from that era, when actors "acted". The presentation has gotten more polished with each guys are doing an AWESOME job here. I'm glad you you have managed an "assembly line" approach and are managing these two new shows in short order. I hope you will continue in such fashion in future productions...I will buy as many as you put out! And maybe you could even squeeze in an actual "Nate Ward Adventure"!!

Manny from Athens, Greece
I just finished my first hearing of "Shadow out of time" and I really can't praise it enough. As other reviewers already pointed, the dramatization liberties taken with the story only help to enhance the experience, make it sound more like a... well, like a true Radio Drama.
The production value is impeccable (as always!), the voice acting and music is just stellar... and while I'm not the easiest person to scare, yes, the screeching of the flying polyps made my skin crawl. I won't go into how remarkable the bonus content that comes with the CD is (anyone who ever purchased any of your work is familiar with it's quality), but I would like to strain the fact that you should pay close attention to the fine print of the CD; there is a fantastic bonus download which is more than stunning!!!
Again congratulations on another top quality product. No onew who found your previews DART products worth-while should be without it... I really can't wait for "Shadow Over Insmouth". Keep up the excellent work!

Dave from UK
We listened to it on the way to our friends wedding last weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to the next one.

Jeff from Chehalis, WA
Another triumph for the H.P. Lovecraft Society’s Dark Adventure Radio Theatre, this audio drama in the style of Old Time Radio succeeds beyond even my high expectations. This is a genuinely frightening adaptation of one of Lovecraft’s greatest science fiction-horror tales.

The story is expanded a bit, dramatizing parts that, in the original tale, were only alluded to. The voice actors are very convincing, the musical soundtrack is excellent, and the sound effects are truly startling. When the human minds in Yithian bodies communicate, the sound effects are disorienting and unsettling. The sounds of the Flying Polyps made my skin crawl.

Put simply, no Lovecraft collection is complete without the works of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, and this chilling audio drama is no exception.

Mike from St. Petersburg, FL
I hope you'll forgive me for writing this before actually _listening_ to the radio play, but _certain events_ have compelled me to compose this letter immediately.

Execution of the physical product is top-notch. Nice touch on using the glossy 'magazine page' stock, as well as the "Kulten" page stock. Oddly enough, I happen to own an old German book or two and your composition and layout is pleasingly similar. Clearly, you have done your homework. As you certainly always have done. And, I recognize that Voynich script! Ha ha!

Anyway, on to the _certain events_ : I open the CD case and find the address of the "Kulten" translation PDF. Downloading it, I'm thinking to myself, "Just the same page, in English? Not too (fictionally) realistic." I didn't even think that published English translations might exist - as obviously they _should_. If the Necronomicon has one, why shouldn't Kulten? Imagine my surprise when I open the PDF and see _photostats_ and a letter of provenance! Photostats! That's frickin' brilliant! I had to write immediately :)

Congratulations and thanks,

Johnny from Valley Village
Another triumph from the HPLHS! Can't wait till you finish "The Shadow Over Innsmouth".

Phil from Grantham, PA
a MASTERFUL audio HPL rendition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitch from
Well, let me start with a bit of a confession- the side of me that collects comics has been obsessively focused on H.P. Lovecraft audiobooks and dramas for a while now. I've built a nearly 4 day long playlist, with only the Roddy Macdowell LP readings eluding me. I'm happy to say that the HPLHS is counted in.

I thoroughly enjoyed "shadow out of time", which crystallized the evolving sound design and style y'all have been developing in "mountains" and "dunwich". Your Dunwich was very good, but the definitive version for me is the Ronald Coleman episode of "suspense", followed by the Atlanta Radio Theatre version(s). Yours bats cleanup, which was Reggie Jackson's job- so take that however you want. Conversely, I think your version of "Mountains" is the absolute standard against which other attempts at this story are to be judged. Primarily because of the great score and brilliant voice talent, you beat out the excellent ARTC version.

Which brings me to "Shadow", where the acting, FX, score, and sound design all combine beautifully. The writing is amazing, turning a twisted ganglion of ideas into a smoothly unfolding dramatic story. The actor playing Peasley was spot on, and I chuckled out loud when Dyer from "Mountains" joined the Miskatonic expedition to Austrailia. The sound design was superb- the flying polyps were actually scary as they travelled around the narrator. Overall- brilliant effort and keep em coming. A great stepping stone for the longtime fan to introduce new people to the world of H.P. Lovecraft.

Graham from Leeds, UK
As with the other DART productions, I enjoyed it immensely. I don't actually recall reading the original short story of SooT so I was genuinely hooked by the tale, and listened to the majority of it on my walk to work, completely rapt and couldn't wait to finish it.

I listened to the rest of it when I climbed into bed that night, earphones on, and honestly the whistling/screaming sounds made when Nathaniel is fleeing from the chambers under the earth in the Australian desert gave me chills... Amazing stuff and I think my favourite of the series so far.

Yog from So. Thoth
Unlike At the Mountains of Madness and The Dunwich Horror, The Shadow Out of Time has not been subjected to multiple audio renditions. In this sense, the HPLHS can truly claim this story as "its own." And not only have they created the first audio dramatization of this lesser-known though no less engaging tale of cosmic horror, but they've also managed to create the definitive version of said story. Music, voice talent, adaptation and production values all meet and occasionally exceed expectations. And as always, love of the source material and respect for the author shine through this Shadow.

Worth re-emphasizing is the fact that these stories do not contain sexual situations or blue language that may cause some to shy away from sharing them with either the older children or the grandparents.

One warning: May cause the mind to plunge into the deep voice of madness. Enjoy!

Scott from Milwaukee
Once again you'all have done a wonderful job.

Tony from Woodland, WA
I thoroughly enjoyed it. The amount of talent and technical skill that went into the making of this latest audio drama is quite apparent. The attention for detail completely made the story. I got a chuckle over the plug for the shows sponsor that did nothing to detract from this chilling tale.

Eagerly awaiting the next show,

Charles & Kelly from Moore, OK
Well, it turned out that my brother just could not stand the wait any longer and so he bought the mp3 and we all listened to it last night. We were totally impressed (as always!) with the entire thing. We've noticed that your radio dramas will definately affect our dreams if we listen to them while going to bed, and this one was no different. We couldn't possibly be more pleased, at least until we can get our hands on all the props that come with the cd!!
Thanks again, we really look forward to buying lots more stuff in the very near future.

Tallon from The Great Sandy Desert
We just finished listening to SOOT...and wow; this was fantastic. Previous to this episode, my son and I agreed that ATMoM was our favorite. The first time we heard the shoggoths in Mountains, we had shivers. But that reaction paled in comparison to what it was like when the polyps started screeching -- wonderfully horrific.

My son is in fourth grade, and kept rapt attention for the entire episode...we can't wait for Shadow over Innsmouth! I especially appreciate being able to share my love of Lovecraft with my son in this medium -- Lovecraftian films tend to be inappropriate for children, and so I love that he and I can watch "CoC" or listen to any of your radio dramas without exposing him to nudity or vulgarity, but still helping him to appreciate horror.

Well done, and thank you!

P.S. I also played a selection from SOOT for the students in my English classroom (I'm a teacher), and they had a great time listening. Got them reading several of the stories as well!

Craig from Alachua, FL
I love your radio programs. I've always been a fan of HP Lovecraft, and your programs bring to life the stories I've read. I have to admit I like audio formats like this much more than movies (although Call of Cthulhu was quite good - and I look forward to Whisperer in Darkness).

I think your programs are well-produced, and the soundtrack and sound effects are good as well. I have all three you've done so far, and I look forward to the next (which also happens to be one of my favorite stories), the Shadows
over Innsmouth.

My wife has listened to the Dunwich Horror, and she enjoyed it too.

I buy them electronically so I can put them on my iPod.

I guess the only thing that could make the radio programs even better is if you planned to do The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward someday. I know that would probably be a pretty long program though. Maybe a two parter?

Keep up the awesome work. I'm a big fan.

Zachary from Wadsworth, OH
I'm the first listener? Lucky me! HPLHS has impressed me with their fantastic vision of The Shadow Out of Time. I've been a fan of your radio shows since At the Mountains of Madness, and my feelings about Dark Adventure Radio Theater have been reinforced once again. The magnitude of quality that you folks jam into a single episode never ceases to amaze me. I'm a med student, and sometimes my studies leave me feeling much like the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred himself. Taking an hour and a half of my time to sit back and listen to this was a big stress reliever for me, so thanks for that! I look forward to future DARTs!

Steve from Ridgewood, NY
I just finished the latest Dark advenchers, it is as good if not better then the first 2, i love all of them and you all have my gratitude at the making of the radio programs. Keep going and i tell every one i know about your sight. i cant wait till the next one.

Nathaniel from Arkham
What a fanciful story! I enjoyed it quite a lot.

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