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Chris from Cardigan, Wales
I've had the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre adaptation of "At The Mountains of Madness" now for about a month, and so far I've listened to it about 30 times.
I do agree with certain reviews that I read prior to purchasing this, that the radio interference effects on some of the Antartic transmissions were a bit over powering, and yes I did have to strain to hear what was being said but suffice to say this does not detract from tha quality and sheer excellence of this radio drama.
The Acting is superb and the sounds effects add all the atmosphere you could need, I have sat listening to this in my kitchen on several evenings and lost myself, visualising the scenes as I listen to them, in the story.
This is a great peice of work, and well worth the money.
I will be buying the other 3 stories, based on my experience of ATMOM and I hope the HPLHS will do some other stories, or a compilation of shorter stories, on one CD as I would love to hear their take on "The Haunter of the dark" as that is my favourite lovecraft story followed by Pickmans Model, or even "the picture in the house" a very short story but one that evokes such fear and terror, especially if told well.
Keep up the good work!

Mark from Texarkana
This delightful adaptation brings the past, and its horrors to life.

Check out my full review at

Samantha Allen from Hamilton, ONT Canada
I ordered At the Mountains of Madness and the Dunwich Horror. As a long time reader of Lovecraft stories as well as a fan of old radio shows, I think that you merged the two very well. I have just ordered the other two cd's and am really looking forward to receiving them. The quality of the recordings, the great acting and sound effects all combine to really create a scary experience, just what you need to escape!!

Mr. K from Warwickshire, England
This is a marvelous production. Lots of time has been spent on creating a believeable, disturbing atmosphere. Like the book itself, the dramatisation builds with a torturously deliberate pace, culminating in a cacophony of terrorised madness. Just as it should be. The voice talent is first rate and the play withstands endless re-plays, as I can attest.

The one caveat is that in some sections the distortion effect on the voices simulating static from poor radio reception, is sometimes so overpowering it renders the passage unintelligable.

But without doubt this a sheer delight for any fan of Lovecraft, nay, any fan of horror.

Ben from Bath
This was the first of the 'Dark Adventures' series that i listened too and it's still my favourite- it's so authentic, like all of HPLHS's stuff, i really felt like i was listening to a radio broadcast! The way they've adapted the tale to audio works so well- it's an essential that you listen in a dark room at night and, honestly, i got scared- now that's cool! the story is, obviously, a classic. It's funny that even though i knew what was coming next from having read it i still got that sense of dread (especially in the ice caves) and could picture everything perfectly. The extra's in the CD case just sent me over the edge with obsessive love for this website- I've framed several of the little bits and pieces and put them up on my bedroom wall and, especially with the newspaper article, people have actually looked at it and asked me about it thinking it's real! this CD is so good- buy it now!!

Dave from Bronx
Possibly my new favorite! A bit tough in the beginning to hear some of the dialogue, but a great interpretation of a great story, and genuinely un-nerving by the end! Loved it! Tekeli-li!

Thomas from Livonia, MI
Really top-notch design and presentation.

Gordon from Bremerton
With a sense of foreboding, my hands tore clumsily at the cd wrapping as snow fell. Loading it into the player, I listened, without any pauses.

Production values-10 out of 10.Nice touches, the faux radio relays to Antarctica were excellent.(I'm a ham radio operator, KE7RYM.)

Fact-checking and background materials- 8 out of 10. I know, if I'm willing to believe in shuggoths I shouldn't have a problem with pilots flying over 20K feet without oxygen.

Overall, excellent, it held and holds my interest, I've ordered two other audio dramas, the movies, etc. and am happy with all of your treatments of Lovecraft.

It might be interesting to hear the "other" side of the story, as told by the poor entombed creatures awakened from their slumber by a curious and primitive bipedal species.

Neil from Somewhere in the UK
Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your
adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness - what an achievement to translate such a Cyclopean text to a different medium! I really think that everyone involved did a superb job and I will certainly be purchasing more from the HPLS

Bruce from Fall River, MA
I loved the At The Mountains of Madness CD

Lalo from Somewhere in Mexico
Your adaptation of the mighty At the Mountains of Madness hits every note in the vertiginous scale, even the most delirious... and adds a bit of knowing, sly wit without disturbing the masterfully sustained tone.

Max from Pune, India, via Houston, TX
I've been a fan of AtMOM for a long time. I've reread the novella almost every year since I first read it over 20 years ago. You at DART have done it again. In no way could you have just read the story, others have done that with variable results. However, your Radio Drama was exceptional, completly with vintage type commercials for Feur de Lys cigarettes. I ordered the CD and put it on my iPod just as soon as I found out that someone had done one. My only request might be....a filmed version? You did fine with CoC and I look forward to AWIND, so there is no reason you might not do just fine.
Keep up the good work, HPLHS and DART!!

Martin from Austin
Exceptional in every way. I was expecting to enjoy it but my expectations were exceeded. Considering that much of the original novella consists of lengthy exposition, I was impressed by the choices made in dramatizing it, starting with the series of radio broadcasts, followed by straightforward dramatization, all of which admirably condensed the story's information and transformed it into good drama. Very fine use of sound effects and music as well. Finally, the packaging extras were a delight ó anyone just buying the MP3 version is missing something! This performance has the kind of quality you can only get when the work is a true labor of love. I'm ready to say that HPLHS is doing the only dramatic adaptations of Lovecraft ó film or audio ó that have any artistic merit at all. Looking forward to Shadow Out of Time!

Michael from Shreveport
Enjoyed very much. One suggestion though, the parts where the character is reporting back using "radio", the sound effects drown out the voice, and the relative volume of his voice is so low, I can barely make out the dialog without cranking the volume. Remember, the idea is to make us BELIEVE and give the illusion he is talking in a snow storm, not to actually duplicate the physical sound of it.

Travis from Bartlesville, OK
I recently ordered the radio adaption of At the Mountains of Madness, and I'd just like to say that it was quite excellent. Well done, very realistic, and quite atmospheric. The constant wind in the background was a nice touch, and the character of Dyer was very well done, in my opinion.

Jason from Iowa City
Just as with the Dunwich Horror, you've produced another excellent "radio play". I thoroughly enjoy it. One related product suggestion: A Miskatonic U expedition sticker for a car's rear window.

William Timothy from Oakhurst, NJ
Now this is how it should be done!

Adapting the stories of HP Lovecraft to other media has always been a thankless & mostly futile task. But the creators of this adaptation have succeeded wonderfully, because they had the sense to recreate the times & atmosphere in which Lovecraft wrote, setting his tale in context.


By recreating the glory days of radio drama, right down to the static & commercials & slightly over-the-top acting style of the 1930s. You can practically hear the vacuum tubes warming up when you put this CD on to play! The attention to detail & authenticity is truly astounding, from beginning to end. You'll swear that you're listening to something contemporary with Orson Welles' famed "War of the Worlds" broadcast.

At the same time, they don't focus so much on details that they lose sight of the story. Everything is in service to Lovecraft's vision of an ancient, titanic city in frozen waste of the Antarctic mountains, created by weird alien beings & their monstrous servants, now long dead ... or are they? The hapless expedition of mere mortal men will discover the horrifying truth before long!

So settle down in a cozy chair, turn the lights down low, and enter the theater of the imagination. But be prepared for some chills! For both horror & classic radio fans, this is a treat. Highly recommended!

Ben from Woodbridge
I bought At the Mountains of Madness show after seeing a lot of favorable reviews for it, and I wasn't disappointed. Having read the story, I found the adaptation to a radio program really well done, and I can actually picture the scenes as the men experienced them. I usually listen to this in conjuction with other Lovecraftian stories (The Lurking Fear for example).

This said, when the Dunwich Horror was announced, I hopped on it. I've heard the first Radio show based off the story, and this one beats it hands down, especially with the additional content which really adds to the story in general. I'm tickled pink!

Tim from Columbus, OH
This is good stuff. I was very impressed. The production really does capture and transmit the horrors, the irresistible horrors, of such a discovery.

I did have a little trouble hearing the radio transmissions at the beginning, so I had to lean in more closely to the speakers, but then I realized that this is exactly what listeners had to do in the 1930s - they had to lean in as closely as possible to the radio so they could catch even the faintest of transmissions from the bottom of the earth . . .

Great work!

Boris from Ipswich, UK
Hey there! I thought it was pretty fantastic! Very enjoyable, i'll likely be downloading dunwich horror soon!

Lee from Brisbane
I remember that the first time I read this book when I was 20, this is a wonderful story.

Kent from Watauga, TX
I listen to a lot of audio books and dramas, and I would put the two episodes of Dark Adventure Mystery Theatre right a the top in terms of quality. HPLHS did an excellent job of dramatizing both stories, especially 'At the Mountains of Madness'. I especially liked the use of 'live' broadcasts from Antarctica to relay the meat of the story before the climax was revealed. I will definitely be looking and purchasing the next episode that is put out.

As an aside I would like to thank you for the Lovecraft works you have done. I use to play Call of Cthulhu, but after moving to a new area haven't found anyone interested in it. The radio plays have helped satiate the desire to know things man was not meant to know.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Melanie from Tasmania
This is a superb production. The packaging alone, with the clipping, photos and sketches, is a delight to own and handle, and the audio drama matches it. Very well written, totally faithful to the original, cleverly presented and well acted, with atmospheric music and eerie sound effects. Now I know what a shoggoth sounds like! Wonderful - when are they going to do more?

Richard from Phoenix
The stories of HP Lovecraft still haunt us years after his death and despite the fact he is still relagated to general obscurity. Ask your average person who he is, and you'll likely get no response. When I was younger, in my teens, it was popular to read his works. They were a taste of the wierd and horrible and it was chic to know names such as Cthuhlu and make references to Miskatonic University or the writings of certain mad arabs.

Years later I went back to his work and found it all the more thrilling and horrific. My younger mind couldn't pick up the subtle terror of the unknown that I believe Lovecraft mastered.

When I discovered one of his greatest works and one of his view 'novels' had been turned into a Radio Drama, I leapt at the chance. This is not just a 'reading' of the Mountains of Madness, it is an honest to goodness radio drama done in the style of the 1930's when radio was king and cigarettes were just darn good for ya! The voice acting, music and sound effects work to take the Mountains of Madness to where modern film could not go. The radio drama leaves much for the listener to imagine, the same as the written work. While film often destroys imagination by 'showing' you horror, the radio drama simply guides you into your own nightmareish visions.

Is the radio drama perfect? No. The beginning is a bit repetative with a series of 'World Wide News' stories which set the backdrop of the tale. A listener might get a bit frustrated hearing the morse code and musical jingle of the radio station over and over. However, once Professor Dyer begins his tale in earnest, listeners are left with the frozen wastes of Antarctica, the wonder of a forotten city, and the horror of what truly happened to Professor Lake.

What lies beyond the Mountains of Madness await and I strongly reccomend you let Dark Adventure Radio take you there!

Tristan from Sevenoaks, UK
I adored 'Mountains of Madness' and your film of Call of Cthulhu - they're positively profound in the love that's evident in them! I'm a guaranteed customer for any more that you do!

Paul from SC
I ordered this along with COC. Very well done. Sounds very much like a 1930's radio drama.
Looking forward to DUNWICH HORROR.

Bo from Australia
Iím so very pleased with; The Call + Mountains of Madness. I wish I had Lovecrafts command of the written word so I could properly describe this. Iíve been a huge fan-fanatic of this stuff since I discovered it in our school library. Seeing and Hearing your renditions of these stories have been great.

Itís a spooky feeling going about my ordinary life as a witless mortal with one of Lovecrafts stories in my ears.
Yes, as soon as Iíve heard it, (and after sobbing and weeping in a cold shower and traumatic stress management classes) Iíll be glad to tell you how good it was!

I love the Props. I was sitting on a train, with the disc a-playing in my ears, and looking thru the props when the man in the seat behind mine asked me what they were.
I let him have a look thru them, heís never heard of Lovecraft but he was way interested. I finger them lovingly from time to time.

Manny from Athens, Greece
I'm afraid I won't be offering anything new to the illustrious reviews above mine. At the Mountains of Madness Radio Drama is yet another superbly executed endeavor from HPLHS...
When I unpacked my CD I was already blown away by the bonus stuff they managed to squeeze inside the jewel-case; vintage photos of the city of the Elder beings, a wonderfully-made torn page from the sketchbook of Danforth and a newspaper print. All of them top quality stuff!
And then of course there was the CD itself. One of the finest pieces of modern literature (at least in my opinion) rendered in an almost flawless way... Yes, it's true; if someone made a radio adaptation of "At the mountains of Madness" around the '20s that's what it would sound like!!!
My congrats once again to the HPLHS group; keep up the good work guys! Can't wait for the Dunwich Horror adaptation!

Yog from So. Thoth
This is a great piece of work on par with the quality and "audio verite" of Welle's War of the Worlds. I found myself literally straining to hear the crackling broadcasts from the doomed Antarctic expedition and actually feeling they were stranded out there, a world away from the safe, lite coziness of the announcer's booth.

While the entire production from beginning to end was attended to with the highest professionalism, love of source material, and exceptional production values we've come to expect from these rogues, I do have one small complaint regarding the narration. There were times when it felt unnecessary, and a point or two where it intruded on the tension of the scene and briefly drew me out of the full immersion only audio plays can create.

Otherwise, top notch. Can't wait for Dunwich Horror. Now stop patting yourselves on the back, HPLHS, and get back to work! I command it! (Peace)

Benjamin from Badsey, United Kingdom
CD arrived in perfect condition. I stuck the Miskatonic seal on the back of the box.

As for the radio play itself, I thought it was amazing. I love audio-drama, and this was really atmospheric. I've only recently discovered H. P. Lovecraft, and I'm busy reading his stories, though I haven't got to At the Mountains of Madness just yet. If the radio drama is anything to go by, it should be great!

The production values of the show seemed really high - certainly on a par with the best audio stuff I have heard. I can't wait for The Dunwich Horror! Perhaps I can get that one read before I get the play, though I don't want to hurry through it.

While I'm here, I may as well also say how much I enjoyed the HPLHS film 'Call of Cthulhu'. I had just read the story, so it was great to be able to go straight onto the film. At times it reminded me of films such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and the original King Kong! Wonderful!

But yeah - At the Mountains of Madness - brilliant!

The Colour from Outer Space

Jim from From Beyond
I listened to it last night and loved it. It's truly an excellent production and a faithful, suitably creepy adaptation of Lovecraft's work. Thanks for making it available.

John from North Haledon, NJ

I've just finished listening to the CD, and I have to say . . . well done!!! Excellent acting, first-rate use of sound FX (especially the telling reverb added to Dyer's and Danforth's voices when they entered the tunnel system) and the eerie mix of vocalization and piping for the "Tekeli-li!"

The script was extremely clever (although I will nitpick and confess that I miss Danforth's raving about "the colour out of space" after his terrible glimpse over the Forbidden Peaks; it always struck me as one of HPL's finest cross-references). I especially like the "teaser" aspect of the initial portion setting up Dyer's firsthand account. Truly a fine adaptation, and worthy of being rated with Orson Welles' magnificent adaptation of "War of the Worlds" for sheer radio theater (although it's much truer to its source than Welles' script was!)

I might also mention the nicely-done enclosures -- they add the perfect finishing touch. All in all, a wonderful follow-up to "Cthulhu."

Scott from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Amazingly well done. "At the Mountains of Madness" is one of Lovecraft's best works, and here it is wonderfully adapted and skillfully performed.

Haunting, dramatic and very true to the original intent of H.P. Lovecraft's story of exploration and horror, this is a MUST BUY for any fan of the story.

The cast and crew of this fantastic radio adaptation should certainly be proud of what they've done, and I look forward to listening to any work they do in the future.

Allan from Virginia
Listened to At the Mountains of Madness twice while on vacation in New Hampshire. It is an excellent piece of work. I was astounded at the talents displayed in this audio drama. The photographs included in the jewel case were a nice surprise.

Duane from New Orleans
The Mountain of Madness radio show was amazing. I was actually reaching to adjust my dial when I realized my radio is digital. You guys do amazing work. I look forward to the next radio show and movie. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.

Richard from Phoenix (Pre-Cthulhu Consumption)
An excellent homage to the 'good old days'. The tongue in cheek advertisement for Fleur-De-Lies cigarettes adds hilarity to the horror. I believe HPLHS has hit paydirt. Using the old methods, to re-create Lovecraft's works is fantastic and is sure to lead to many a future product. I expect fedora hats, notepads, trenchcoats, and 'I voted for Warren G Harding" buttons in no time. I eagerly await the upcoming film and the Dunwich Horror. I shall also say that I eagerly await Innsmouth, one of the best and hardest to re-create with the right 'feel'.

Steven from Brighton, Co.
The three of us gathered together in our comfortable sitting room, a small fire of willow logs and a few candles our only light while we listened in awe to the greatest radio show never broadcast. Loving the old time radio from seventy years ago, we had high hopes for this CD. Hopes that were surpassed in every way. Just as Call of Cthulhu was a silent movie beyond our hopes, so too was this "broadcast" H.P. Lovecraft as we have never heard before. Indeed, only in dreams could we have hoped for so much.

Tim from Denver
I loved the cigarette commercial at the beginning of the broadcast. Ha. While the expository broadcasts of the expedition dispatches are good, the show really shines once it becomes a straight narrative in flashback form with characters reacting to events in real time. Really cool stuff.

I hope you guys get the next one out soon.

Paul from Mass.
"at the mountains of madness" was an excallant production on so many levels that i don't know where to start. the music, voices, dramatic delivery, and language captured the essence of those early radio plays. i want to say throughout it is great but in places its PERFECT. i've listened to it numerous times. i already listen to alot of books on tape but this one has already become an old friend, so thanks again.

Nancy from Kingston, WA
Heard a broadcast of your fabulous "At the Mountains of Madness" the other day in Second Life. I was very impressed! Excellent work: very evocative of the old radio theater productions but with much better clarity, of course. Good job, everybody! I'm going to buy a copy for my husband for Christmas, as it's one of his favorite Lovecraft stories and a fond childhood memory for him.

Ignacio from Santiago de Chile
Wow, I waited ATMOM with so anxiety, but once I got it I went just mad... guys! the photos, the Danforth's notes... I loved it!

My girlfriend said to me that my dream come trues...and now I'm living in Arkham as I always wanted.

I recommend this CD with eyes closed and no thinking twice!
The magic of touch, see and feel the props it can't be explained.

Thanx a lot guys...

Desde Santiago "del Yermo Frio"


ps: para los que quieran comprar desde Chile, a me tomů solo 2 semanas de espera y llegaron en excelente estado, ademŠs el sistema de compra es muy eficiente.

Zach from Appleton
I'm both a hugh Old Time Radio fan and "At the Mountains of Madness" is my single most favorite HPL story, so when I saw that you guys had done it had was skepticle, but hopeful. I had heard the one that this troupe did about 10 years ago and it was alright.

This one was amazing! Good adaptation, and had the right sounds and qualities like it was done in the style of Orson Wells' War of the Worlds.

Good job, and do some more!

Mike from Denver
The radio static, bulletins, sketches, newsclippings, photographs, and overall, the acting, have finally created HPL's words into light, shadow, and story. I've been listening to some of radio's scariest programs from between the 1930s-1950s for Halloween, and Dark Adventure Radio Theatre knocks out the competition!

John from The Frozen Wastes
I was having trouble sleeping the other night, so a small glass of Merlot and At The Mountains of Madness seemed like the ideal way to spend my extra hours.

Wow! I loved it! The way the CD tuned in the different stations at the start, and the whole overall experience was great. The hissing and radio static were wonderful

If I were to have the most minor of complaints, the "live" broadcasts from Antarctica were, I am sure for the realistic feel, less loud than the rest of the broadcast, and that is clever. But they were enough quieter that I had a hard time hearing them, and I missed a few lines. I didn't want to rewind and ruin the effect of listening to an actual live radio broadcast, so I suppose I'll just have to listen to the show again. If only all of my problems had such an easy and pleasant solution. :)

Oh, the newspaper clipping and photos, great stuff. Thank you for making an otherwise dull evening so enjoyable.

Dustin from White Bear Lake
Seriously, thank you so much for making this. It was just what I needed to supplement your Call of Cthulhu movie. It was a fantastic cd and it freaked me out the way a Lovecraft story most certainly should. Thanks again and I hope y'all make many, many more

Fungi from Yuggoth
Scared the bejeezus out of me.

Warren from Kingman
This is the full text of a review I posted to my blog at .

A few weeks back I blogged on the HPLHS version of "Call of Cthulhu". It was sweet, in the way that only the insanely-tainted wine of dead aeons can be; but I neglected to mention that when I ordered CofC on DVD, I also ordered the HPLHS rendering, on CD and done as a radio drama, of "At the Mountains of Madness", which is my personal favorite HPL story of all time.

HPL wrote it as an homage to Poe; it was meant, in some ways, to be a sequel to Poe's "Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket". Well, HPL couldn't make it short; in fact, it turned out to be the longest thing he ever wrote. It's longer than some pages of the reduced IRS tax code, yet shorter, less insane and much more readable than anything ever done by Jane Austen.

You'd have to be mad to convert it to any kind of performance drama.

Enter, again, the HPLHS.

Unlike CofC, they chose to render this title not as a period-piece silent movie; they decided instead to do it as a 30s-era radio play. Immediate comparisons to Welles's "War of the Worlds" might crop up; but they'd be way, way off the mark. For one thing, the WoftheW broadcast was about 40 minutes in duration; for another, in Welles's tale (as with Wells's) the Good Guys -- humans -- win.

The HPLHS version runs long, at 71 minutes; but that isn't meant to be a complaint. Though I believe I could have done without about half of the first fifteen minutes or so -- the announcer's regular nasal reminders we were listening to the Worldwide Wireless News got to be annoying, and the heavy bed of introduced static made some key points of dialogue nearly unintelligible, not to the advantage of the story -- overall I believe their rendering of "At the Mountains of Madness" is genuine to its intent, and it is pretty damned good, too.

ATMoM is, briefly, a tale of an Antarctic expedition which discovers something ghastly and hideous. HPL wrote it back when missions to Antarctica were still fairly new; and in the story his explorers find themselves plumbing bizarre, ancient and Cyclopean architecture. The constructs, we are told, are 35 to 50 million years old.

This is a simply stunning gulf of time by almost any standard, far outside what is considered in most SF or horror fiction; hell, even most religious works don't go back that far. Our own species is perhaps 160,000 years deep; yet HPL was writing blithely of times when our ancestors were little more than marmots and Terror Birds roamed the Americas.

Muhuminawah. And you can quote me on that, because when I say it, I mean it.

Aha, but here's the big nail. What HPL meant to write, in our corrected scale now of geological time, was that the buildings were about four billion years old.

I'll tell you how I know that in a minute.

The narrative takes us to the unplumbed depths of Antarctica, vast frozen wastes which are pierced by jagged-toothed mountains so high the explorers' planes can barely surmount them ... and in some places, they see evidence of regular stone outcrops, geometric deliberation -- however architecturally insane -- that show life and civilization was once present there.

One early probative group finds "fossils" which seem too well-preserved to be worthy of the epithet; they are still leathery of skin, barrel-shaped, with tentacles on the narrower ends, multiplane wings, and starfish-shaped heads. The expedition's huskies are barking madly at the discoveries, they begin to dissect one ... and then all contact is lost.

A rescue mission comes too late; the camp is a bloody mess, torn in disarray, the food stores ravaged in a lunatic, insensate fashion, dogs' carcasses strewn haphazardly across the snow -- and in the last of the tents, the medical/scientific one, they find something ghastly: A man, apparently deliberately dissected, but by someone either mad, or totally unaware of what human physiology and physiognomy are.

And several of the "fossils" appear to be missing.

A savvy culture of SF and horror knows, now, what this signifies; steeped in Campbell's "Who Goes There?" -- both movie versions named "The Thing", and both, like Campbell himself, obviously indebted to this story -- we know that our Antarctic explorers have found a damned, benighted starchild race that fell to Earth long before there were humans, and they are probably doomed for their insouciant curiosity.

Intrepid, our heroes probe further and find, behind a particularly-impassable range of peaks that can only be bested by chance and careful flying, a massive, ancient and largely ice-packed ruin of a city. They land there, find a way into its nether depths, and explore.

They discover, among other things, carvings along the walls which seem to show, through time, the development on Earth of a civilization whose members are not even remotely human -- and yet who, by fiat of biological engineering, developed a race of ameboid proto-animals dubbed shoggoths.

These shoggoths were the slaves of the master race, the Elder Things -- for a while. They could take almost any form, they were large and powerful and graced with rudimentary intelligence, and eventually they rebelled against their masters.

We've been trying to figure out for a long time how life came to be on Earth. We have our religious myths; and we have "panspermia", and we have Brin's "Uplift" -- but before the biology, after the religion, we had Lovecraft, calmly suggesting that life here came into being because it was needed to be a servant to an ancient, incredibly-advanced culture of entities.

That ties back into my earlier comment about how long ago the Elder Things visited Earth, according to HPL. In his day, Earth's age was gauged at a few tens of millions of years. When he wrote that his race of Elder Things came to Earth and began the entire process of evolution on an otherwise-sterile planet, 50 or 60 million years ago seemed about right.

We now know better, of course. There is simply no way a civilization that existed here at the dawn of our planet's epoch could have left buildings that would have survived four billion years of time -- and yet, and yet; it is a romantic and compelling thing to want to retcon HPL into, say, 65 million years ago, when an asteroid slammed into the Yucatan and extincted the dinosaurs.

Or did it? What if that was simply how it appeared? What if the Elder Things saw promise here and there, but decided the dominant life was too dangerous -- and used mass drivers to sterilize Earth, for all intents and purposes, so they could descend and use it as they saw fit?

But with the improbability of this shoved aside, again we're left with something new, something that had not existed in either SF or horror literature before HPL suggested it: That our world was not created by divine fiat, that life here occupies no special place in the universe, that we may exist simply as a kind of cosmic accident -- or a sort of macabre cosmic joke. The equivalent of a spilled test tube, improperly cleaned up.

This is not a story that lends itself well to the screen, though tragedies such as "Alien Vs. Predator" have tried. It's something to be relished, with logs crackling in the fireplace or kerosene lamps casting an uneven, sputtery glow, as words on the printed page -- or, quite possibly, as a radio dramatization.

HPLHS did a respectful, honest job in reworking "At The Mountains of Madness", and I can recommend it to any HPL fan.

Oh -- the CD jacket included some very nice little extras, not the least of which were some carefully- and lovingly-crafted replicas of "newspaper clippings" appropriate to the period for the story. As with their "Call of Cthulhu", the HPLHS reverence to time, place and setting were simply delightful in helping set the tone for my appreciation of their work. I am by title and preference a graphic artist, and I have to say that these touches were really beautifully done: Very convincing, very authentic. The Fleurs-De-Lys cigarette ad was especially amusing in context; and it caused me almost physical pain to part the "Miskatonic University Arctic Expedition" seal in order to open the jewel case.

A well-crafted, not-overwrought homage to 1930s radio drama that is meticulously true to its source, "At the Mountains of Madness" is a CD I will continue to listen to, Worldwide Wireless News and all, for years. I'm very glad I discovered it in the eldritch complexities of the internet, and I believe Lovecraft would have approved.

Turn off the TV. Silence the phones. Sleep the computers. Douse the lights. And listen, and feel the call of darkness all around you for an hour or so. Welcome the madness.

And if Something rattles at your front door, Something that slithers with tentacular horror, that seems to cackle with insane glee words you almost hear, almost understand, almost remember from your worst nightmares ... don't open it.

Tom from Orange, Ca
I bought the prop/font combo and the "Mountains of Madness" radio drama. I eagerly looked through all the wonderful props and fonts and was delighted at the excellent quality. I can't wait to use them.

But, the item I was really looking forward to was the radio play. The props included in the packaging are wonderful - a newspaper clipping, sketches, and photos. That night, I popped the CD into my player and lay down in bed. As I lay in the darkness, my wife sleeping at my side, I listened to the drama unfold. I was quickly swept away by the story.

I have to say it's one of the best radio dramas that I have ever heard. The voices, sound effects, music, etc. all come together to plunge the listener into the world of HP Lovecraft and all done in the style of the classic radio broadcasts of the 1920's.

In a word: superb. I sincerely hope we'll be hearing more of these excellent shows from the HPLHS!

Kelly from Pocatello, Idaho
Once again the HPLHS has proved themselves to be the masters of Lovecraftian entertainment.
I cannot praise their production of "At the Mountains of Madness" enough - it is a masterwork.
After this and "The Call of Cthulhu" I will buy anything they do in the future.

Kit from Las Vegas
This is a fantastic production, meeting or even exceeding the standards set by the CoC film. The CD extras are wonderful and would make excellent props in the Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign.

I bought this as a birthday gift for a friend. When I saw the CD, I decided to immediately order a copy for myself.

A week ago, I listened to it on a flight to Charleston, South Carolina. I was awe-struck by the quality of the production. on every level, it is amazing. When I returned to Las Vegas, I made plans to have friends over to listen to it.

Last night, a friend and I drove into the desert to watch the Perseid meteor shower. I took a boom box and this CD. As a light breeze whistled through the desert and stars fell overhead, we listened. The CD was even better the second time around. possibly the best Lovecraft experience I recall.

Thank you for this fabulous production.

PLEASE make more of these audio productions!

john lantier from las vegas
Wonderful,it's great to see such appreciation & understanding of Lovecraft! Try the "Dunwich horror" next! Personally, I've used Lovecraft for years as bed time stories. Lovecraft & Clark Ashton Smith, no modern horror writers compare with them. May the Old ones bless you!

Brian from Dallas
I just received At The Mountains of Madness and it is excellent! I was compelled to listen to it twice back-to-back. As a fan of OTR dramas, I can honestly say that it is on par or even better than some of the greats. I also have to commend you on your packaging. I even opened my CD case bassackwards so as not to disturb the nifty seal on it. Yet another fine product from HPLHS.... more please!!!

Stephen from West Jordan UTAH
I recently Downloaded the MP3 version of this Radio Program Formatted Audio Play and for a solid week resisted the urge of playing it for myself, On fathers day 2007 I took my son with my father to my grandfathers house in Provo Utah.

4 Generations of the oldest males in my Family tree all in the same room.

Before I continue I feel I must explain a few conditions. 3 of us have fough at our courntries request. My grandfather a Infantry Man in WW2, My father a Marine in both Vietnam and in Desert Storm and my Self Twice in this recent Iraq Conflict.

All three of us thought of our selves harden to the core. inable to be scared of anything, espacily not of sound from a radio speaker.

My son is only 5 (almost six) and I have never once sheltered him from scary movies. I've always felt that if sees Mosters and how fake they really are on TV and film he will not fear mosters of his mind in the dark and so far it worked like that. then again i may have very well distroyed this childs sanity doing so. But I'm getting off track.

Back to my story.

4 generations of my Family all in my grandfathers house listening to my ipod hooked up to my grandfathers Vintage looking CD player. 3 of us had near heart failure and the other was to totally entralled with the story he actually watch the Vintage looking Radio as if watching mindlessly unintelligent Cartoons on the TV Jaw dropped in amazement and wrapped into the story like nothing else.

My grandfather cried with a great big smile on his face when the final words where spoken, and the soft hum of the next track started to fade in my father was speachless for the entire car ride to our favorite Eatery, once we got out of the car my fatehr chould not stop talking about how his mind was blown by the story. The Poor Waitress must have though our party of four completely and utterly mad men/boy.

My son was stunned that he could actully see the situation unfold in his imagination and it delighted him to no end that he was actually capapbe of doing so. as I said before "Mindlessly unintelligent Cartoons" and I feel this rob children of their purest asset, the childlike imagination.

I being the only HP Lovecraft fan and the only one who has read any of his work. It may suprise many to know I've never once gotten around to reading ATMOM but now I will deffintly read it. Probally on the long flight over seas to my third deployment.

Along with this I'm going to order the CD to round out my HPLHS collection of this great work and to get the added little goodies that come with it, these I'll leave home as the CD may never make it back alive and may beed to be burried as a fallen soldier. if that happen I have no doubt in my mind I'll order another copy with duplicate Extras and all.

HPLHS, Myself and 2 other Soldiers Salute you for the fine work done on this product, no, this work of art. This really did all it said it would and so very much more. my son also asked that I empart his review. I'll quote him word for word.

"Dad. Tell them oh my gosh, that was so cool."

~Stephen P.

Johnny from Valley Village
Absolutely brilliant! Captures the feel of the good old radio dramas, I certainly hope this will not be the only story you do.

Brian from Oxford, NY
A really well-done adaptation, with fine music, sound effects, and acting. Surprisingly good - one has come to expect so little of Lovecraftian adaptations, but this is Grade-A radio drama. If the film "The Call of Cthulhu" is as well done, it will be a treat indeed. Highly recommended.

Michael from Manson
Wow. This program captures that Lovecraftian feel so perfectly it's scary, and the extras that come with the CD are incredibly cool. If you like Lovecraft's work you can't go wrong with this CD.

charles from moore,ok
This is awesome! The cd is excellent quality and very well performed. it is difficult to understand at times but that adds to the mystery and authenticity. The included art work is amazing also. I was really impressed by the high quality of the artwork reproductions.

Jim from Whitmore Lake
Absolutely loved this. If you are a big fan of old time radio drama and love HP Lovecraft, You must this. Buy the CD it is worth it. I agree with the other posts that this would be great for Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign as a background prop. The inserts to the CD are fantastic.
Buy the CD you won't be disappointed. Cheers

James from London
The radio play At the Mountains of Madness was alot of fun, almost blasphemously so! i enjoyed the props that accompanied it as well. very nice! i've taken up smoking as well thanks to the quality advertising. Now i never have trouble spea-*cough cough*-king.

Hakim from Brussels
"At the Mountains of Madness" arrived today! Great stuff! Wicked extras! Many thanks and keep up the awesome work!

N from Lombard
At the Mountains of Madness is FANTASTIC! It is perfect in the sounds and style of old-time radio shows while holding to the theme of H.P. Lovecraft. The story and sound effects are engaging and much more entertaining (in my humble opinion) than the book which can be a bit cumbersome at times. Wonderful voice acting all around. I can't recommend this CD enough!!!

Ron from Kobe, Japan
Dear Folks at Dark Adventure Radio Theatre,

Thanks for job well done. I was greatly impressed by the production values and amused at the extras. Looking forward to your next effort. Doing it as a radio show presentation works excellent well. Most of the readings, are just that, straightforward readings of the texts. I am not sure how many of HPL's works can be adapted this way though I am sure many could be, "Dunwich Horror" comes to mind along with "Call of Cthulhu," and "Colour out of Space," as they are all include public events.

Thanks again,

In Japan, but from Rhode Island.

Denise from Ilford, UK
Many thanks for the CD. I'd got the Atlanta Radio Theater production of AtMoM,
and enjoyed it, but your production knocks the spots off that one; doing the
story as a 1930s vintage radio show was a great idea. Plus all the usual HPLHS
attention to detail (loved the 'Danforth's sketchbook' etc). Bravo

dave from burbank, ca
I really enjoyed HPLHS's take on "Call" and just today got my copy of your '"Mountains" CD in the mail. Friggin' great!

Rich from Boca Raton, FL
Excellent adaptation, outstanding voice work, music, and sound effects. I'm a big OTR fan, and I listen in my car during the commute from work. Your efforts were amazingly effective. As I was getting near the end of the narrative, but too close to home, I actually pulled over to listen to the rest. (Dinner could wait!) I enjoyed ATMOM every bit as much as your COC silent film. Please keep them coming!

Lance from Bethlehem, PA
I greatly enjoyed listening to AtMoM on Saturday while working on the house. Really wonderful work. I highly look forward to more radio plays from your very professional group. I'm going to be recommending your work to all my HPL-fan friends.

Nick from Plymouth, UK
I enjoyed even more the radio drama of At the Mountains of Madness. I am obviously familiar with the story, but hearing it on radio - I listened to it coming back from a call out in the middle of the night, and it scared me silly. So long as no-one ever whispers 'Tekeli-Li' in my ear I'll be ok. I think. I was impressed beyond all measure by the production values - the newspaper clipping and the sketches adding massively to the mood. Thank you so much!

Maria from Mentor
Classic. This is one of the greatest adaptions of a Lovecraftian story I've ever heard. It's extremely realistic, sounding exactly like a broadcast from the 1930s. Or at least what I've been told they sound like.

Joakim from Sweden
A little while ago I bought the mp3 version of "At the Mountains of Madness". After reading some of the reviews at your web site my expectations where high, very high, but I could not imagine it to be as wonderful as it was. It made a long, boring bus trip, something I hate, to pure joy!

Bryan from Carlsbad, CA
Having known many of the fine actors on the marvelous radio adaptation, sometimes it's difficult to separate the nice guys that they are in real life from their performances, thereby suspending disbelief.

Not so on this excellent dramatization of "At the Mountains of Madness" by the always reliable HPLHS.

Just when you think those talented rascals have peaked, they throw you a curve and out-do themselves at every turn.

Fraught with suspense, unbelievably realistic sound effects and outstanding performances done in the style of those great radio shows of yesteryear, ATMOM delivers on every level.

For those who have not yet read this Lovecraft classic, the radio adaption would be an excellent first listen to act as a primer to understand the enduring quality of the Old Gent's work.

Thanks again to the gang at HPLHS for giving us fans countless hours of top notch thrills and chills. Audiences of the thirties should have been so lucky to have heard this masterpiece, but I consider this generation's exposure to this modern/retro classic to set the standard, as usual, for all time.

As expected, entertaining. As always, inspiring.

Fabio from Genoa (Italy)
Very Very good, the props are amazing !

Simon from UK
It was great, I really enjoyed it It's been a while since I read the book and I forgot how it could be fascinating and unnerving at the same time.

I love those old radio drama and it captured the spirit of them really well.

Amy from Nashville, TN
Congratulations on another fabulous adaptation of HPL's work! This radio production was excellent in every possible way, from the script and music down to the little details such as the radio ad and the clever extras included in the packaging. I've come to expect great things from the HPLHS, and yet this surpassed my high expectations. I do hope you will produce more installments of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre soon!

James from Danville, VA
I just wanted to write and express my admiration for your radio adaptation of At The Mountains of Madness. I was very pleased with the CD, everything about the recording was excellent: music, sound effects, and the voice acting. I thoroughly enjoyed the production; it was on equal footing with (and in some ways better than) the other radio dramas in my collection, such as The Very Best of Orson Wells (the Mercury Theatre recordings of Dracula and The War of the Worlds) and The Shadow: Greatest Radio Adventures. I also very much liked the jewel case art and extras.

I am enthusiastically looking foreword to further episodes Dark Adventure Radio Theatre. I can't wait to see (or rather hear) what adaptations will be presented in Mythophone (Everything sounds better in Mythophone!).

Thanks again for this fine production.

P.S. I liked the radio commercial as well. Very nice touch.

Rick from Quincy, MA
I got the CD very promptly. Thank you for your great service. I finally was able to sit down and listen last night, and I absolutely loved it. Wonderfully written, produced and acted. A fan of Lovecraft and classic radio couldn't ask for more. If I have one nitpick, it's that the radio transmissions at the beginning were a little too realistic; as in, hard to understand. :)

Both of your productions so far have been excellent. I've long been a proponent of using classic styles of storytelling; modern styles are fine, mind you, but they shouldn't be allowed to make the classics obsolete. You guys have the right idea. And I see on your website that you have a new project in the works. I can't wait!

edward from waratah, australia
Just a short note to say that the "Mountains of Madness" CD is first-class work, as are the extras. I'm sure listening to it has already injured my sanity. (Sanity? Bah. Over-rated!)

D.G. Cercone, II from Washington, D.C.
Good Sirs and Madames:

I happen to know these august gentlemen and please, believe me when I write that, the accuracy, emotion and devotion which with they and their team of players and artists have given to the great H.P.L's fine novella "At The Mountains of Madness" cannot be praised highly enough. Were I at liberty to say which of the governmental agencies have given great and sincere attention to the discoveries made in the Antarctic by the Lake-Pabodie Expedition of 1931, why, I'd be driven into exile. Suffice to say, that, rush, do not saunter to purchase or downloand this fine "radio drama" for if this not be fiction, we should surely loose our collective minds, true this IS the anniversary of that master of weird fiction, a certain New England gentleman of Maine, no? Vermont? Rhode Island was it? Anywho, do not hesitate to pick up this fine piece of "fiction"

I, of course, write this review using a Sue De Nimes, as it were....

Christof from Bredene, Belgium
It was great. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I couldn't recommend it more. I've listened to it several times and each time you hear something new. I'm looking forward if you are going to do another one. While the film (Call of
cthulhu) is very good and I really enjoyed it, the CD really is the gem of the order, and I'm not even talking about the very nice extra's that come along with it (the photographs and the drawings). Some of the conversations in the radio transmissions are a bit hard to understand, but not too much. The extra touches such as the Florida Lee Sigarettes advertisement make for a good atmosphere. I hope to be using it over future sessions in my campaign. (We're playing Walker in the Wastes at the in on a ceremony to Sila (Ithaqua) and in the following gun battle, several partymembers got wounded and one severly wounded NPC (Poo-Yet-Tah) is about to be sacrificed and turned into a Wendigo). Short radio transmissions will be worked into the campaign from day to day.

Tony from Waldham
I thoroughly enjoyed the production. It does justice to the original story and was well worth the minor fee.

I hope to hear more of Lovecraft's tales in this format. It really brings the story to life. The fungi in my basement would also agree.

Steve from New York
i first purchased the movie HPLHS did and truly in joyed it. the when the radio drama was up i purchased that. Can i say fantastic. I truly hope you make more of the Radio dramas.

Robert from Kings Langley, Australia
Just wanted to compliment you and all the others involved with At The Mts CD. Just opening the packaging was the start of the adventure! The faux documents were great - down to the ripped edges of the article and the pencil like drawings from the notebook. Quite amazing - I felt like I was stepping back in time! As with CoC you have crafted a terrific homage to another supposedly outdated entertainment form. Although I am far too young to have known the days of radio dramas I have listened to quite a few on CD or cassette and your achievements harken wonderfully to the bygone days of the "wireless". It was a nice reworking of HPLs masterpiece too and again you have totally avoided self-parody which says so much when you consider how much camp value is attached to the mythos these days. I have to say At the Mts has been one of my favourite stories for a long time and your radio play is a remarkable version. I eagerly await The Whisper. Having re-read it since you told me about it going into pre-prod I am intrigued to see how you will ifnally handle it. Thanks again.

Adam J. from Drancy - FRANCE
This CD is a formidable journey in time... Real great job (as usual !) from HPLHS team, hope to have more soon !
And even if my english is not as good as my french ('cause I'm french...), it's a real pleasure to switch off the light and spend more than an hour in the world of Lovecraft.
Again, and never enough said, THANKS A LOT !

Scott from Milwaukee
I got it a few days ago and can't be more pleased. It is very well done!

Ben from Sweden
Thanks for the mp3, it was really great! I hope you make more, I'll
definitely buy them if you do.

Adolf from Barcelona
The radio CD arrived today by post in mint condition.
The only word that comes to me is: amazing. The quality of the reallia is SO GOOD that it 'feels' authentic, not made for the occasion! Not to mention the quality of the broadcast (the parka detail is really funny!). Orson Welles would have been proud of you. Please keep at it!

Stefano from Modeno, Italia
Then I've listened to the "At the mountains of madness" radio-drama and it was absolutely fantastic... it was wonderful to hear such a story brought to the radio, a sort of dream coming true... It reminded me when I was a child and heard science fiction and weird stories read or dramatized on the radio (Lord of the flies, The most dangerous game, Dracula, ect.)..... Pure Genius! I'm crying in happiness... and think also that I'm not english (nor american).

Now I'm very proud to wear my Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition Sweatshirt!

Stuart from Kearney, NJ
As for At the Mountains of Madness, I think I could probably write a small dissertation. I've listened to plenty of adaptations, both in the radio drama style and the more straight forward books-on-tape readings, and nothing holds a candle to your cleverly realized production. Of course, it probably didn't hurt that I listened to the majority of it while waiting outside for a bus on the coldest day of the year. The thing that really sold me on the whole thing, though, was the packaging, particularly, the small details: the fact that the newspaper clipping was actually torn out off and printed on newsprint; the stubs from the spiral notebook; even the expedition seal I took great pains to peal off without damaging (only somewhat successful, unfortunately). Add to that attention to detail the eventual realization that the CD was most likely DIY and you have me pestering everyone who will listen to me to take a look and a listen.

In short, the HPL Historical Society has made my winter.

Jeff from Centralia, WA
Just to let you know, the CD got here in perfect condition. And it's an excellent adaptation. As a long-time fan of both Lovecraft and Old Time Radio, this is a magnificent blend. Great job!

Simon from Roleystone, Australia
You guys are geniuses! I've never heard voice characterization as compelling as your production of ATMOM and the soundscaping actually had me looking over my shoulder. I'm really looking forward to CoC. Keep up the good work.

George from Carterville, IL
Just a note -- I was on a two hour trip with my five-year-old daughter. When she dozed off I started the CD. By the end of the last scene, I heard a gasp from the back seat and noticed my daughter was awake with an intense look on her face. She was enraptured by the story and wanted to hear it twice. When Langfield announced next week's episode of Dark Adventure Radio Theater, she was excited and asked if we could tune it. I hated to break her heart but told her there was only one installment to date. Anyway, you've captured the imagination of a five year old (and mine too). The only criticism she offered was that the mutant penguin squawk was too loud for her tastes. I think the idea of mutant penguins, especially in the era of "Happy Feet" and "March of the Penguins", was a particularly disturbing idea for her, but she took it all in stride.

Thanks again.

George, long time listener of Dark Adventure Radio Theater.

D.G. from Washington DC
Allow me to once again doff my cap at another peerless and brilliantly executed HPLHS production

Jim from Laurel, MD
Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I‚m enjoying your old-time radio show. An ambitious and complex tale, but the performances hit just the right note, from the radio announcer‚s clipped syllables to the entrancing opening music to the professor's somber (then, panicked) warnings of slaughter and madness. You guys do vintage like no-one else. The layers of sound effects and foley really sell it; only after repeated listening did I notice The Lord's Prayer muttered by one of the terrified explorers. (And the melodrama of the fake ad cracked me up) The extras were terrific; the HPLHS delivers above and beyond as usual. From the detailed sketches, to the believable newspaper clipping, to the realistic vintage photographs, there's plenty to ponder while listening to the saga. The tonal disconnect between the worldly remarks of the radio announcer and the sincere bewilderment of the distant explorers only serves to illustrate Lovecraft's theme of just how far out of our depth that humanity is. "But professor, what does it all mean?" -- "I... I have no idea — it changes everything." Brrrr. Well done -- very enjoyable!

Alex from New Paltz, New York
Having downloaded my copy of ATMOM and uploaded it onto my i-pod, I patiently waited all weekend to listen to the broadcast while flying between Chicago and Albany. It was worth the wait! Listening to the descriptions of the frozen wastes as I flew over snowy fields and lakes was amazing...I especially loved the transmissions from Antarctica, they made the program real. As a paleontologist this has always been my favorite HPL story. The nature of the astounding discoveries is hard not to believe sometimes. Thanks for taking the story to a whole new level, much appreciated! Alex

p.s.: About 1/2 through I called to the flight attendant "There's something on the wing of the plane, looks barrel-shaped with five sets of tubular appendages, membranous wings...boring into my brain with weird piping sounds!" She saw nothing, must have flown off. Anyway, we made it down safe, yet how the wind howls here...

George from Carbondale, IL
A friend played this to me, but didn't tell me it was a fictional recording. I thought the whole thing was actually occurring. He clued me in as I poured gasoline throughout my apartment and was about to light a match to prevent the creatures from doing unspeakable things when they arrived from the Antarctic...

Seriously, it was brilliant!

Cannot wait for the next installment. And what about a soundtrack?

Joseph from Cambridge, MA
I have yet to be disappointed by anything I've gotten from you guys. The Mountains of Madness CD was quite excellent. The case didn't quite make it through shipping intact, but fortunately I had a spare. The audio and the props included are great as always. :)

Uggo from Savannah, GA
Gents, I listened to the show Friday night, Had a nice dinner and sat in my big leather chair by the fireplace. Very fun, really enjoyed it. Excellent job, I hope you are already planning the next one.

Stephen from Chepstow, UK
Can I just say that the cd was quite excellent. A really good dramatization of the story with excellent use of sound effects which made it nice and atmospheric.
The packaging was pretty amazing to.

Boy I wish I had had this when I was running 'Beyond the Mountains...'last year, could have made for some nice archive radio handouts! Though come to think of it I guess recording facilities were in their very early days back then!!

Stephen from Chepstow, UK
Can I just say that the cd was quite excellent. A really good dramatization of the story with excellent use of sound effects which made it nice and atmospheric.
The packaging was pretty amazing to.

Boy I wish I had had this when I was running 'Beyond the Mountains...'last year, could have made for some nice archive radio handouts! Though come to think of it I guess recording facilities were in their very early days back then!!

Robert from Chicago
I just listened to my CD copy of "Dark Adventure Radio Theater: At the Mountains of Madness".

To put it simply, It was GREAT! Well worth the money. Some of you might be familiar with an earlier attempt at a Radio Style drama of ATMOM, which was produced my Atlanta Radio Theater Co. Although I did like Atlanta Radio Theater Co version, Dark Adventure Radio Theater has far surpassed their predecessor.

This version of is just Great... I can't say it enough...GREAT GREAT GREAT! And for those Lovecraft purest out there, the radio play is incredibly faithful to the original material.

Brandon from Newport News, VA
This was amazing I love 30s radio shows. I can't wait for futre instaments of Dark Adventure Radio Theater

Stephen from Medway, MA
I enjoyed ATMOM very much. You guys always do such a great job at these things. I'm always impressed by the level of detail you put in, from the Fleur de Lys ad in the recording to the page from the sketch book in the CD extras and the props offered from the CoC movie. It always makes me wish I could somehow get involved with HPLHS on some level.

Bill from The Frozen Wastes
Wow, I really liked it. I must say I've been puzzled at the big reputation MoM has received in recent years. Reading Joshi's annotated version I still found it rather dull.

But your dramatization brings it to life -- in spades. Things I never appreciated about the tale, such as the extra-terrestrial look of the mountains, came across as never before. The radio transmission format added so much atmosphere -- not just the barking of the dogs and the howling of the wind, but a sense of how _distant_ the Antarctic was,
like a Mars expedition.

The voice talent was first-rate. Doing the host as an upbeat tenor John Cameron Swayze type with a slight Yankee accent was absolutely perfect -- in period, and in every other way. The principal narrator's voice was also dead on target -- though I would note, since the word comes up in something like half of HPL's stories, that the preferred accent in "Cyclopean" is the third syllable, not the second; the other way is also acceptable, but third syllable is not only preferred but just fussier and more Lovecraftian.

Anyway -- loved it. A tremendous value at the download price, and now I'm wishing I'd sprung for the newspaper and other props.

Peter from Whitley Bay, UK
The radio drama is wonderful. It really does send an(antartic)chill down your spine! Keep up the good work.

Joe from Carlinville, IL
I just got the ATMOM cd yesterday. Fantastic work, and the extras make the package so much fun.

Christian Lehmann from Paris, FRANCE
One thing I forgot to point out...
This audio-drama would make a GREAT addition to a BTMOM campaign. The radio excerpts, which some seem to find a bit tedious, were, to me, fantastic. They serve, in the context of the story, to set down the scene, and in the context of the game, would serve to tell "what the worlds knows about the MU expedition". Dyer's interview would then be used when players find the... manuscript ;-)
I keep listening to the CD in my car, and it's true that the radio excerpts are sometimes filled with static and such, but that makes it so much more believable, and enhances the feeling of vast distances and loneliness.

Christian Lehmann from Paris, FRANCE
An amazing production. I bought it as soon as I found an article on announcing its release. Thanks to all concerned for this work of love which has produced a masterpiece.
I was a Keeper on a 18-month long "Beyond the mountains of madness" Call of Cthulhu campaign and hearing the story again, told and dramatized so vividly,was fantastic.
Strangely enough, it is small things that make this great audio-drama a fantastic success. I had never thought I'd shudder at hearing "tekelili"... I thought I had become jaded, but you creeped me out. And I wish to point out a brilliant scene, so reminiscent of what my playes and I lived thorugh: the recreation of the conversation betwwen Peabody, McTighe and Dyer in one of the airplanes. Special kudos to the actor who plays Peabody. He manages to be down-to-earth and extremely frightening by the way he makes the other two characters face the unnatural causes of the Lake's Camp destruction. A great voice, and a great actor.

As for the package, it's fantastic, from the photos to the newpaper clipping to the drawings. Let's not forget the Miskatonic University Expedition stamp on the enveloppe!

I am not anxiously awaiting your next productions!


Luke from Newport, Isle of Wight
ATMOM is wonderful.To hear a familiar tale given fresh treatment is a great joy.It is quite easy in your superb version to "suspend disbelief" in a very short time.You expertly shift emphasis to the main story by the use newsflashes to set the listener up. A straight forward rendering of the original text through the use of narrative as in the original could have been quite dry. My partener and I were quite rivetted, even to the exstent that our small son destroying furniture could not distract us. I never thought I would live to hear her gasp "the shoggoths! the shoggoths!" Fresh reminder how Lovecraft heavily influenced "Who goes there?" and the otherwordly evil of its two subsequent film adaptations.Greatness awaits the HPLHS or your just easing the return of the Old Ones.Im happy with either. I cant wait for your Mi Go project and further audio ones.

P.s Even the package is a joy to recieve, the official M.U stamp on the outside!!! The photos,the clipping.As one gets older it is easy to become jaded and bored with things.You have bought sparkle and wonder back to the imagination.

Stewart from Liverpool
Just had to drop you a quick thank you note. I have just listened to your audio adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness? . Incredible !. Superb! Awesome !

It resurrected that wonderful frisson of fear that Lovecraft first induced in me when I read him as an adolescent over thirty years ago. The descent into the city of the Elder Things was authentically shudersome?. Keep up the good work.

Bruce from Fall River, MA
Worth every penny to get the actual CD. All the little extras that come with it are just brillant. Great job guys. Plus the story is pretty good

Tom from Antwerp, Belgium
(I just posted this short review in the usenet groups alt.books.ghost-fiction and alt.horror.cthulhu)

Dear all,

I listened to the recently released "At the mountains of madness" audio play (see ). In short: I can strongly recommend it to all "weird fiction" readers, not only to HP Lovecraft fans. This has been produced with obvious love for the material and with a meticulous attention to detail. You can buy it as an mp3 download, but you really want the CD version that includes splendid props: a newspaper clipping, 2 photographs from the antarctic ruins, and a page from a sketchbook. This product is made by the people behind the splendid silent b&w "Call of Cthulhu" movie, and indeed they know how to appeal to HPL fans. These guys love to get the details right: the sticker that originally seals the CD box has a "Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition" logo, the packaging has a similar stamp, the invoice stamp says "Our shoggoths thank you".

The story stays close to the source material, and the nice touch is that it is produced as a 1930s radio show. If Lovecraft had become more famous, he could have heard exactly this adaptation on his radio. The vocabulary of the radio hosts and guests is deliciously old-fashioned, and of course HPL's own baroque language shines through. It is very entertaining to listen while browsing the props (such as the expedition map in the newspaper clipping). It was a long time since I read the story, and this cd is a nice way for many to discover it, even if I expect that only HPL fans will buy it. Anyway, it makes a good gift!

The sound quality of the CD is adjusted to sound like an old radio show with often bad transmissions during the interviews. Well, this is charming but it is also the one weak point of the CD: track 2 (18 min. long) is tiring. I mean, I can well imagine that wireless comms with Antarctica in the 30s was plagued by interference, but I thought it was too much of a good thing here as I regularly had to listen very closely to make sense of what the professor at those hellish mountains said. Also, this track is a quick succession of news broadcasts to illustrate what happened before, and to hear every 2 minutes the radio station tune got on my nerves. But still, this one weaker element doesn't spoil the total experience. It is a strong first audioplay for the HPL Historical Society, and I hope that they will produce more.

all best,


Paul from Costa Mesa

Greetings HPLHS,

I recieved MoM last friday, and listened to it while working on a set project over the weekend.
(Disk took only 2 days to arrive, btw!!)
I was astounded by your production.
"Mountains" has always been my favorite HPL story, and I found your audio rendition, a near-perfect adaption.
The cast was enjoyable, the sound effects spot-on, and the score inspirational (Any chance of releasing a disk of the music?)
Oh yes, the extra artifacts in the CD were great. I especially enjoyed the newspaper article, complete with cigarette ad on the back, as well as the drawings supplied on real notebook paper! Please add these items to your already amazing lists of props!

I've been a big fan of your Props and Fonts for years. I also highly regard your "Cthulhu" film. I'm the Production Designer for a small film that has been in production for a couple of years ( and I highly enjoyed all the behind the scenes footage on "CoC". I found your Lang-ian influences, and antique special effects a welcome change from all the CG stuff we must deal with nowadays.

Interestingly, I also listened to the Orson Wells version of "War of the Worlds" over the weekend, and found that "Mountains" had the same, if not more Creep Factor.

As another reviewer mentioned, I found the "radio broadcasts" from the pole a tad taxing, but they did help to instill the feeling of distance and isolation, for the Miskatonic expedition.

Lastly, I'm a WWII reenactor ( and I will be slipping "Mountains" into our usual BBC lineup in the barracks.
Several of our NCO's are HPL fans, and I think they will enjoy the surprise!
(You may rest assured that they will want to purchase their own copies. ;-) )

Well, that's enough slavish devotion for today. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next "Dark Adventure"!

Best Regards,

Darren from Vernon, Canada
I received my package from you (Soundtrack, Radio Show, and 2 T-shirts) a few days ago. I was impressed yet again by the unbelievable products that you people at the HPLHS create. You do a great service to the Mythos with the absolute passion you put into everything you do.

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre is an inspiring undertaking, and At the Mountains of Madness was genius. I really do hope that you and yours at the HPLHS continue to produce these genuine works of art. Even the soundtrack alone for the Call of Cthulhu is wonderful to listen to.

I look forward to your future endeavours.

P.S. - The script and acting in At the Mountains of Madness was wicked. Keep up the good work!

Jussi from Helsinki
I thought it was brilliant.

Julie K from Saugus, CA
The Dark Adventure Radio Theater presentation of At the Mountains of Madness is fantastic. At the Mountains of Madness is my favorite Lovecraft story and this 'radio' adaptation gets it perfect! (And the '30s radio style is just perfect as well.) Like other HPLHS products, the extras in the CD are a whole lot of fun and add to the experience. I'm hoping there will be more 'Dark Adventure' shows in the future.

gregory from allston, ma
I received At the Mountains of Madness today. That was a fast trip from the West coast.

Very nicely done. I was wondering how you would handle all that lengthy narrative. It comes off brilliantly.

Anyway, thanks for a really well-done rendering of a Lovecraft classic. I very much look forward to future efforts.

David from Silver Spring, MD
In a word, "In The Mountains Of Madness" is simply amazing.

I'm a huge fan of the work of the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.† I have many of their Lovecraft adaptations (including ITMoM), but there is no comparison.† Your adaptation is a true piece of art.

Keep up the great work.† If you guys produce it, chances are I'll be ordering it.

Simon from Bristol, UK
Just listened to the Mountains Of Madness Radio Drama and wanted to say it was utterly amazing! Great to hear one of my favourite Lovecraft tales come to life before my ears! Absolutely enthralling and gripping from beginning to end, and raised real shivers too! Really loved it!

Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see what you do next!

Yael from Seattle
Well done -- it recalls all the flavor of the period. And BTW, it was absolultely perfect Lovecraft. :-)

Peter from Derby, UK
Well, I've listened to At the Mountains of Madness and I give it a big thumbs up! It sounded how a 1930's radio adaption should sound, with just enough of the "pulp" feel wihout it becoming camp.

I did feel that perhaps the introductory radio news items describing the progress of the first expedition could have been a bit briefer perhaps - I was impatient to get to the meat of the story with the rescue expedition! But that's a minor comment and I thoroughly enjoyed the audio and hope to buy the CD when I have the money to spare.

I'm already looking forward to further audio adaptations!

Mike from Somewhere in the UK
I've just listened to ATMoM - fantastic! I love the authenticity of the news reels and the interview style. I particularly liked the words from the sponsors! Acted well and nicely dramatic in all the right places.

I'm actually just about to start running Beyond the Mountains of Madness for my rpg group - starting this Tuesday. I'm thinking about how to use elements of the show in the game.

You've done a great job here and I'll be talking it up wherever I go. Marvelous. I just wish I was nearer to you as I'd love to get involved in some of the projects you're doing (I'm a drama graduate!).

David from Los Angeles
Simply Mad about the "Mountains"
Oh my gosh! I just finished listening to "Mountain of Madness." It was great and bang on Lovecraft.The quality of the recording was worth the price of admission but the 'extras' blew me away. It was like an evening LARPing; listening to the radio while studying the drawings and photos. The Icy wind blowing in the patio door helped. Please tell me you will do more!

Paul from Sandy, UT
Received MTNoM. Bless you. Well done. In additional to Disney, Lovecraft, Cthulhu, Etc., I am also a member of another offbeat subculture group -- Old Time Radio (25 Year Plus member of Sperdvac, 1000s of Shows in my collection, numerous books, etc.). So it was with great pleasure I sat down in my 1930s Chair with Bridge Lamp and Philco Cathedral Radio (with cd/audio equipment attached, but sound comes from the speaker of the radio) and listened to your marvelous piece of work. Brilliant, as always.

Robert from Simi Valley, CA
I LOVED it! I'm a BIG fan of old time radio and you guys nailed it. Most other modern radio dramas don'r work that well to me, but this was just about perfect. Can't wait for the next one.

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