Your Reviews of The Dunwich Horror

Let the world know what you thought of our newest radio play. We welcome your comments: good, bad, or intradimensional.

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Aaron H. from East Dunwich
I really enjoyed The Dunwich Horror. Great voice acting, great sound effects, and it all brought the story to life. Not easy to do with Lovecraft's works, which makes what the HPLHS does all the more noteworthy.

I look forward to hearing the others. Are there any other stories being tackled soon?

Mark from Texarcana
My favorite HPL story is brought to life by the talents at Dark Adventures Radio. Shivers run up my spine everytime the whippoorwills call.

Check out my full review at

Greg from Puyallup, WA
I received my copy of "The Dunwich Horror" today and I am amazed! In an age where customer service and product quality have been forgotten, the HPLHS has acheived a level of quality that is unsurpassed.

The production of the audio drama is outstanding and words cannot describe the detail and care given to the props that come with the CD.

You have a customer for life.

Phebe from Clifton Springs, NY
I received "The Dunwich Horror" today in the mail. It is fantastic! I'll admit I have never read "At The Mountains of Madness" but it may very be my purchase for next month. Keep up the wonderful work.

Brian from Indiannapolis, IN
The quality of these productions is astounding. They are helping me to get through a particularly difficult third shift tonight. I first found the HPLHS because of the typography and have been a fan ever since. Thanks for doing things right.

Fumihiko from New York
Now I am enjoying listening to three MP3 shows: The Dunwich Horror, At the Mountains of Madness, and The Shadow over Innsmouth. They are wonderful enough to chill me to the bone! Honestly, I love The Dunwich Horror the best of the three. Its narration, voices, sound effects, and the dialogue between Wilbur and Professor Armitage in particular are tremendously super!!

James from Dunwich, UK
It was superb! I'm a huge fan of the HPLHS's 'Call of Cthuhu' film so 'The Dunwich Horror' had a lot to live up to and I'm delighted to say it didn't disappoint at all. I loved it from start to finish, and I'm still smiling at the copyright gag at the end.

'The Dunwich Horror' is the first of the 'radio dramas' I've bought: suffice it to say that I shall definitely be treating myself to the others. The biggest problem at the moment is deciding which one to get first!

Many thanks for the terrific job you're doing and I really look forward to 'The Whisperer in Darkness'.

Danni from Denmark
The Radio Theater was just perfect. Just what I expected. I turned off the light, lit some candles and got under a blanket. Tried to get back to that pre-tv feeling and it really worked out.

I will definetly get the other ones also, so keep them comming :)

Chris from The Unholy Sepulchre, a.k.a. York, PA
Turn down the lights, kiddies, snuggle up close your old Philco, and get ready for thrills and terrors. As with everything from HPLHS, "The Dunwich Horror" is absolutely brilliant! Arriving just in time for Halloween, it left me shiverin' in my Miskatonic University T-shirt. I'm listening to it again and again, and it'll probably be the last thing I hear when You-Know-Who reawakens to claim the Earth.

Keep 'em coming, folks!

Kelvin L Smith from Maesycwmmer United Kingdom
I thought it was the best version I have heard, the sound effects were truly great and it was like listening to an actual film soundtrack...well done all round.

Lalo from Mexico
wonderful work, impressed and delighted once again. nice spiralling cosmic horror you guys have conjured up... the climax was particularly effective for me. imaginative and inspired work all around. (great adaptation you know, great scenes, good dialogue... and I dig your sense of humour amigo)

Brayden from Suburban Dunwich
I listened to it on the night I downloaded it. You guys did an amazing job on the whole thing, it was so cool!!!

Dave from Bronx, NY
My girlfriend and I and another couple listened to The Dunwich Horror on the way home from a haunted hayride this Halloween, and it was the perfect capper to the evening. At times suspensful, funny, or downright creepy, it captured old HP's story (one of my fav's) perfectly. Everyone who came together and made this (and the others too) should be very proud...and as someone who has been a fan of The Mythos forever, you have my personal thanks for a wonderful product. Cheers!

Ryan from Costa Mesa, CA
Thanks! I really enjoyed the Dunwich Horror; you guys are unbelivable... I am constantly blown away by your work.

Neil from Toronto
Thanks. I purchased "The Dunwich Horror" at the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver and really enjoyed it. In the past, I have also bought both of your Christmas albums and they are great.

Joseph from Littleton, CO
Got a copy of 'The Dunwich Horror' CD at WorldCon in Denver and have really enjoyed it! I think Mr Lovecraft would have approved of how you have handled his work with respect and real love.

Sean from Chester, NH
Dunwich was masterful, especially the climax on Sentinel Hill. I always crank my stereo up to 10 during Wilbur's brothers last words and thunderbolt. Very dramatic!

Jeff from Rochester, NY
Love, love, LOVE the radio dramas you've been doing, they set the perfect mood and feeling of lurking doom from the unknown. The Dunwich Horror was filled with everything that makes Lovecraft's writing perfect and I'm sure I had a smile on my face the whole time I first listened to the CD. My only minor quibble is a couple of the townspeople's accents were out of place and one in particular had me adding in my head a "..don'tcha know" Wiconsin twang at the end of each of his lines. That said, the dialog itself, the pacing, and the emotion behind it were all perfect. I will be ordering The Shadow Out of Time the second it's up for sale, keep up the great work!

Stephen from Kirtland OH
Dunwich was great, even better than "At The Mountains of Madness".

This approach is better than film in that it leaves the power of the original narrative intact, but adds voices, sounds, music. The problems with film are capturing the abstract, the atmosphere, the poetics. Radio drama preserves and perhaps enhances the original written version - if it is done tastefully as yours.

Carl from Aurora, IL
Wow! This is an outstanding presentation of this classic horror story, finally done the way I hoped it would be done. I am very happy there is an organization like HPLHS out there doing their part to bring the works of HP Lovecraft to life. Looking forward to their upcoming DVD live action version of The Whisperer in Darkness.

J.W. from Chehalis, WA
The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society scores another success with their retro-style entertainment. This follow-up to their audio play 'At The Mountains Of Madness' is further proof that the HPLHS is the yardstick for adapting the works of Lovecraft to other media.

Once again capturing the feel of OTR plays, this CD is a must-have for Lovecraft fans. From the genuinely frightening performance of the story to the extras in the CD case (a map of Dunwich, a page from The Necronomicon, and newspaper clipping), 'The Dunwich Horror' by Dark Adventure Theatre is a five-star masterpiece.

The HPLHS is prepared to release another 'Dark Adventure Theatre' production, this one an adaptation of Lovecraft's 'The Shadow Out of Time'. I, for one, can hardly wait.

christian lehmann from Paris, France
Dunwich horror was very enjoyable. It was a different experience than At the Mountains of Madness, as the story to be told has less "set-pieces" than ATMOM, which to this day is my favorite. I await the next installments, specially Shadow over Innsmouth.

Mark from San Jose, CA

Clint from Scottsdale, AZ
Had a chance to listen to it last night. Absolutely superb! I'll confess I wasn't too jazzed by 'At the Mountains of Madness', but your rendition of 'Dunwich' makes up for any let down in spades. Awesome stuff, really. The voice acting for Wilbur made me think of that creepy guy in 'Horror Hotel' (well, the creepy guy in that movie who isn't named Christopher Lee, I should have said). Excellent, and the party line sequences were wonderfully paced and scripted. I'm really looking forward to the next two, especially my favorite story getting the treatment, 'Innsmouth'. Of course, 'Whisperer' is also high on the anticipation list as well. You guys did such an amazing job with CoC, the blasted studios should pay attention and pay you to do some big budget adaptations. Or at least a 'Sci-fi Original'.

Simon from London
just to say I thought the CD's were excellent, they brilliantly catch the atmosphere and feel of the stories. Should you produce any more, which I sincerely hope you do, I will be an eager purchaser!

Remember, save the last bullet for yourself...

Michael from Indianapolis
I have become a fan of old time radio serials and I was delighted with Dark Adventure Radio Theater: The Dunwich Horror. The company captured much of the fun of the older radio dramas while also translating the classic story. At first I hesitated at the price tag for the disc, but after opening the case and seeing all of the extras included, I knew that I would be listening to a quality recording. This is excellent all around and would enjoy more productions.

Jason from Iowa City
Great program, great props, great job!

Robert from Allston, MA
I just rec'd, and listened to, my copy of DART/TDH. It's really very well done indeed. You folks did an especially good job with managing the information conveyed in the long narrative portions of the story.

The props are a great addition to the package. I am unable to figure out how to get them back in the jewel case.

Anyway, congratulations and thanks for another great bit of Lovecraftian Lore.

Rob from Arkham
I've just finished both of the audio dramas. And I have to say, I really really enjoyed them both. The standard of production was very high indeed, and the voice overs were excellent! I thought you really captured the Lovecraftian atmosphere down to a tee. I could really visualize those horrific mountains, and felt their oppressive atmosphere.

There was a perfect blend of Voice, music and SFX.

I'll definitely be buying the next ones!

Thanks, and great job guys!

David from Newark, CA
I love your radio dramas "At the Mountain Madness" and "Dunwich Horror". I have had dinner parties with friends where after dinner we sat and listen to your two radio shows. I know it is a bit silly to say, but I have a radio/ mp3 player that looks like an old cathedral style radio from the 30's and that what we listen to your radio shows on. It definitely adds to the atmosphere of the radio show. My friends and I are all in the theatre arts and film industries and are quite taken with HPLHS production value in both your film and radio shows. Please keep it up and I am sure you will be seeing more orders from me.

Jonathan from Utah
The folks down at HPLHS have done it again with yet another "radio broadcast" cd production. This time it's my all time favorite bedtime story of "The Dunwich Horror". Now you might think that just because this is my favorite story I'm going to be lenient on it. Well quite the contrary. As a fan of the written work I can be very picky about how it is translated.

For those of you who have missed the once popular radio plays of the 20's, 30's and 40's. This cd brings it all back to life. (And without the help of Herbert West I might add!)Complete with traditional foley sound effects used back in "the day". Along with a couple of commercial sponsor spots. This brings back a a healthy mix of nostalgia and modern creativity.

The story adaptation is terrific. Many scenes are brought to life through creative (yet extremely faithfull) scripting, and production. This is Lovecraft for Lovecraft fans by Lovecraft fans!

I did however note a slight "nod" to the HPLHS production of "Shoggoth on the Roof" in this particular play. And it would be prudent for me to mention it. Though it does not effect the story at all.

The cd also comes complete with a few extra printed "goodies" to add to the mood.

Overall this was a very entertaining cd. One best listened to with the lights down low or off. With your only source of illumination being that of the pale celestial neighbor that hangs in the sky. A small decantur of brandy. And your revolver handy. Though it will do you less good than the brandy.

A first class production all the way. Fans of Lovecraft will be spellbound by it's quality and adherence to the written work. I can't wait for thier next piece!

Myra from Davis, CA
We just listened to "Dunwich Horror" on a road trip and loved it! I can't wait until "Whisperer in the Darkness", that will be fantastic!

David from Somerville, MA
I got the package in today, I've always been happy with past orders and have been a fan of the products the historical society has put out for some time, from the holiday albums to the movie and am always glad to see undertakings like the radio theater. Many thanks for all the effort the HPLHS puts into their products and expanding the mythos.

Alasdair from Edinburgh
Sorry to take so long to reply, but I have now listened to your Dunwich Horror many times, and enjoy it immensely. It is an excellent adaptation of the original story. and is tremendously atmospheric; the "hill noises" really make you shudder! The voice of Wilbur is very suitably unsettling, and the whole feeling of the story is excellently presented, the mounting terror of the Dunwich residents, and the herioc endeavours of the Miskatonic scholars, and I particularly enjoyed the enclosures with the CD, in especial the map,
(I love maps!) which gave a real feeling of knowing the site intimately. The only criticism I can make, since as you know I am never an entirely uncritical reviewer, is that just at the climax, where Lovecraft describes "unmistakeably English" syllables, it's actually quite hard to make out. If you should ever get a chance to rerecord for future distribution, perhaps you could just sharpen that up a bit. Otherwise; another triumph! Really looking forward the the
"Whisperer" film!

kpel from okc
I've lost track of how many times I have listened to this. I love it more each time. I really don't think I could ever get tired of hearing this.

Jeff from Port Orange, FL
I greatly enjoyed Dunwich. The only problems was that I assumed it would be a while till a new one appeared. I was delighted to see the news that two more are on the way. I look forward to ordering them in the near future from you!

Dennis from Indianapolis
Just wanted to join the chorus of congrats for DUNWICH HORROR and say how much I loved it. The idea of adaptations being presented as part of an imaginary radio series (complete with commercials) really is inspired. And upon listening I was pleased to hear that AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS (one of my 2 fave HPL stories) was not just a one-offer. DUNWICH HORROR holds up equally in the terms of casting, music, and sound effects. Heck, I kept wishing the stories advertised at the end of DART were also being made! But I'll gladly settle for the news that DART will be back with SHADOW OUT OF TIME and SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH (my other fave). Keep up the great work!

Jay from Indianapolis
Got the Prop update CD and Dark Adventure Radio Theatre rendition of 'The Dunwich Horror" in today's mail. You guys are absolutely amazing! Thanks so very much for the hard work, dedication, and atmosphere that goes into every product.

Michael from Plymouth, UK
I eventually got my CD and it was very much worth waiting for. As I closed the study door I gave strict instructions that I was not to be disturbed whatever sounds should come from the room; I drew the curtains, closed my eyes, and then sank back into the chair and back into another time and place. The evocation of Dunwich and its inhabitants was excellent, and I was especially struck by the quality of Wilbur's voice the first time that he spoke. Though I knew the tale well enough, the telling of it kept me rapt to the end. By the time it was all over I was left with the sense of malign presences pressing against the membrane dividing our dimensions from those beyond.

The map, news clipping, the page from Wilbur's mysterious coded journal and the page from the Dee Necronomicon all add to the atmosphere; mysteriously they do not fit back into the case. Our vicar thinks I should burn them, lest I undo Armitage's work and let through what those Whateleys were trying to bring in.

Peter from Santa Monica, CA
Great new radio series ... speedy delivery, CD in perfect condition. Keep 'em comin', guys!!

Mark & Linette from Toronto
Linette and I have listened to both of the radio dramas and absolutely loved them. The actors were perfect for their roles, the music and sound effects were superb, the adaptation kept the feeling of the original and everything fit perfectly together.

Fantastic job!

Nick from Exeter, England
Enjoyed it very much. Especially the scenes of panic when the twin brother broke loose, which are really tense. Appreciated the superior radio reception from Dunwich (none of that interference you got in your broadcast from the Antarctic).

The attention lavished on the props definitely added to the pleasure I got from the play. Keep up the good work.

Just one question: shouldn't the "w" in Dunwich be silent — as in Norwich and Harwich? Or is that a purely English thing?

Glenn from Medford, OR
Absolutely FANTASTIC!!

This is truly 1st Class work here. Great atmosphere, great script. Thank you!

Jim from The Frye Farm
I listened to it last night and it was excellent. I liked it even better than "At the Mountains of Madness". It was genuinely creepy. The script and performances really captured the spirit of Lovecraft's tale. This is the third audio adaptation of "The Dunwich Horror" I've heard and it's easily the best.

Jim from The Frye Farm
I listened to it last night and it was excellent. I liked it even better than "At the Mountains of Madness". It was genuinely creepy. The script and performances really captured the spirit of Lovecraft's tale. This is the third audio adaptation of "The Dunwich Horror" I've heard and it's easily the best.

Charles from Post Hills, ID
Absolutely fantastic! Keep up the excellent work.

Kit from Las Vegas
Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: The Dunwich Horror is a masterpiece. I loved Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: At The Mountains of Madness which set the standard for Lovecraft on audio. Happily, Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: The Dunwich Horror rises to the challenge and meets it. It is a phenomenal audio and the props are even more impressive than those in Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: At The Mountains of Madness. Overall, this is an excellent production and I can not praise it enough.

I've purchased three copies thus far and have more friends who are hinting that they now want copies of their own as birthday and holiday gifts. Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: The Dunwich Horror is truly excellent and I eagerly await the next production!

Rusty from Warrensburg
I own both 'At the Mountains of Madness' and 'The Dunwich Horror' and I've been very impressed by both programs. I listen to both nearly everyday and enjoy them as much as any of the classic radio shows in my collection. I have only one question: Which story will Dark Adventure Radio do next?

John from Kewaskum, Wisconsin
HPLHS produces the best H.P. Lovecraft movies and radio adventures. Not only do they capture the essence of Lovecraft but their production value adds to the entire experience!!! You would think you are listening to a broadcast from radio's golden age. I highly recommend all of their productions radio plays and movies. Their service and delivery is as excellent as the product received.

Charles from The Mist
It was excellent!

Sean from Mystery Hill, NH
Another inspiring performance by the Dark Adventure crew. Absolutely wonderful!
The extras with the disk are excellent too, and even the invoice for my order is worth saving.

I look forward to more performances; perhaps the Colour out of Space?

Scott from West Nyack
A truly, truly outstanding adaptation of one of Lovecraft's best stories. A wonderful imitation of a time before video existed. Completely immersive, listening to it in a dark room is a sure recipe for a sleepless night.

Well done, HPLHS!!! If you're taking requests for your next effort I'd love "The Shadow over Innsmouth" or, if you're feeling ambitious, "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward".

I'd also like to mention that my CD arrived within 4 days in perfect condition.

Tim from Kansas City
I absolutely love your audio-dramas! Please do many, many, many more! I will gladly purchase any that you produce. The voice acting and sound affects are top notch!
Here are my top choices for new audio dramas: "The Call of Cthulhu", "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", "The Thing on the Doorstep", "The Whisperer in Darkness", "The Shadow Out of Time".
I know you have created several videos of some of the stories I have asked for. But audio drama is a totally different, and wonderful, medium. I search high and low for audio books of Lovecraft's works, as well as other contributors to the Cthulhu Mythos.
One othe very best audio dramas of a Mythos-inspired story I have listened to was the performance of Tim Curry as he read "Crouch End" by Stephen King. If you haven't hear it, be sure to listen to it. It's magnificent. Your works are absolutely in the same category of professionialism as that work. You are amazing in your high level of quality.
I have your site bookmarked so that I can buy anything you produce. Please keep up the wonderful and amazing work.

Brady from Venice, CA
You just go from strength to strength! Keep up the good work.

I can't wait to see Whisperer!

Carl from Aurora, IL
I got my order within less than two days and was very very pleased with the CD. HPLHS is doing a spectacular and magnificent job in bringing the works of H.P. Lovecraft to life. I look forward to my next order with them! Keep up the good work, guys! H.P. would be proud of you!

Julieta from Argentina
my boyfriend and I are both great Lovecraft fans and we totally loved your radio theatre!, it was really amazing, the voices, the ambient sounds, everything! =D, we are really looking forward to see the whisperer in darkness!

Paul from Sandy, UT
Arrived today. First thing, before ANY work, is I listened to Dunwich Horror! Excellent, a masterpiece, brilliant. But let me tell you how I REALLY feel. Loved it.

Nick from Los Angeles
Great job, guys! Enjoyed every minute. Fantastic score, too.

Luke from Newport, UK
Not many things give me gravel sized goose bumps but hearing the terrified victims at the end of phone being slaughtered by you-know-who certainly did.
Thanks again guys. Here's to years more of insanity.

John from North Haledon, NJ
Another fantastic job! If anything, this was even better than ATMOM. The actors really brought the piece to life. Especial kudoes to Mark Colson's unforgettable Wilbur.

Now where's that filmed version of "Whisperer in Darkness"?

The whole format is an amazingly good idea, since HPL's stories, with their careful buildup towards flawless terminal climaxes really lend themselves to this sort of dramatization.

Bill from Endicott
You people are the shoggoth's pajamas! I received my copy of 'The Dunwich Horror' and have listened to it half a dozen times already.
I think it's even superior to 'At The Mountains of Madness' (which is saying something!). Nobody does Lovecraft like the HPLS. Keep them coming!

Benjamin from Worcestershire, United Kingdom
I've got lots of audio-books and I really enjoy audio-drama, and I thought The Dunwich Horror was excellant! It was certainly every bit as good as At the Mountains of Madness! The Dunwich Horror was atmospheric and tense, and yet I liked the occasional humour.

I've only started reading Lovecraft's work fairly recently, so I haven't got around to reading The Dunwich Horror yet (I'm working my way through The Case of Charles Dexter Ward), but when I get to it, I know I'll be in for a treat, if the fantastic Dark Adventure Theatre adaptation is anything to go by.

I really hope you adapt some more of Lovecraft's stories. Personally, I'd love to hear The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Geven the setting, I think it would work well for audio.

Anyway, great job on the Dunwich Horror. Keep up the good work!

Kent from Watauga, TX
I listen to a lot of audio books and dramas, and I would put the two episodes of Dark Adventure Mystery Theatre right a the top in terms of quality. HPLHS did an excellent job of dramatizing both stories, especially 'At the Mountains of Madness'. I especially liked the use of 'live' broadcasts from Antarctica to relay the meat of the story before the climax was revealed. I will definitely be looking and purchasing the next episode that is put out.

As an aside I would like to thank you for the Lovecraft works you have done. I use to play Call of Cthulhu, but after moving to a new area haven't found anyone interested in it. The radio plays have helped satiate the desire to know things man was not meant to know.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Paul from Los Angeles
It was my pleasure, I enjoyed it very well! The quality of the HPLHS's programming and product always exceeds my expectations. Dunwich and Mountains of Madness weren't my favorite stories, but your works gave them a new light.

Martin from Koeln, Germany
You've done it again! The Dunwich Horror is a great production; sound, voices and music are top notch. I haven't read the story in a while, but your adaption is spot on to my ears. And I love the package design and the inlays. It's good news that you are planning to do more Dark Adventure Episodes! I'll be waiting...

John from Atlanta
I just finished listening to your adaptation and it is up to your usualy extremely high production standards. The entire production was wonderful. I can't wait for "The Whisperer in the Darkness" to be released on DVD.

Sam from Toledo
So when's the next one? I will buy every single one. If there was a science fiction radio show like X-minus One these days, you could really show 'em how to do it. Fantastic!

Ben from England
Can you use a better font to show the password we need to type? I think I've just mistaken an l for a 1 and lost the glowing review I tried to post the first time.

Mike from Tampa Bay
Got my copy of The Dunwich Horror some days ago.

Nice job! Very professional production.

I especially like the map - very handy for following along.

Paul from South Carolina
This is the definitive version of the DUNWICH HORROR.

Richard from Phoenix
This is the second release of an HP Lovecraft tale by Dark Adventure Radio. Like the "Mountains of Madness" the "Dunwhich Horror" does what film probably could not. To appreciate the terror of Lovecraft it is best to imagine it, than actually be shown. The radio drama provides the sounds to help guide one's imagination into the black abyss of horror that we all crave!

The work is done in the manner of a 1930's radio production and the nostalgia factor alone makes the CD a great buy. How can you not love a program that has advertisements that say cigarettes are good for your digestion?

This particular Lovecraft tale is different than his others, in that there is a blatant good vs evil fight. The voice acting is well done and the story follows the written tale quite well. I will ruin nothing, but only say that the climax was fantastic. I actually jumped and loved it so much that I had to listen to it three times to take in what can only be put in these sophisticated, college educated terms; 'Wuz Teh Awesomez"

The CD is literally bursting with goodies including a newspaper article, a clumsy diary entry from a strange three year old who takes after his father, and a page from Abdul AlHazrad's Necronomicon. For fun I read the page aloud on a given night, at a certain place, when the stars seemed right. Needless to say, I regretted my decision.

Any drawbacks to this one? No! Dark Adventure's prior work, "The Mountains of Madness" had some 'pacing' issues in the begginning, but not so in "The Dunwich Horror". I'd say it is a must for any Lovecraft fan and well worth a listen to anyone who appreciates good horror.

Dave from S. Croydon, UK
Just listened to it and its excellent. Manages to keep the old 40's radio style but is actually genuinely scary. The original story doesn't seem to actually scare me, books never have, but the radio play seems to make eerie and horrible in a very up to date way.

If you're thinking of doing another I'd love to hear the Whisperer in Darkness.

Adam from Drancy - France
Another great adventure ! A journey in deep horror as we all love ! Thanks a lot, again !

José from Arcozelo, Portugal
Hello. It is a very good adaptation of a Lovecraft´s tale. It is as good as your adaptation of "At the mountains of madness". Congratulations.

John from Dunwich
I loved it!!!! I got your first "Dark Adventure" radio broadcast and was excited when I saw a new one. It is a great as I expected!!! I also loved the extras.

Alan from Leeds, UK
I just listened to the show and really enjoyed it... Am already looking forward to the next one!

Will from Buenos Aires
I have to say I am really impressed by the radio theatre, so vivid and well made. It was like watching a movie. I could see every scene, witness every moment... thanks a lot for doing this. A pity I am so far south because if not I would have already bought the CD instead of only buying the MP3. Nevertheless I enjoyed it very much and can't wait to listen the Mountains of Madness. From Argentina I say this is the best of the best so tomorrow I will open my Arkham Horror board game and add the Dunwich expansion for a great game session (Yeap I am crazy about the Lovecraftian Universe). Ia Ia Cthulhu F'tang

Nick from New York, NY
Wow! I haven’t even listened to them and they are awesome! The extra materials are first rate and I know will enhance the listening experience. You guys do first rate work and should be very proud of both issues.

Please do more! They are perfect examples of a true “collectable.” I am so glad that I ordered them. And I sincerely hope that you all will release some more of these radio dramas.

Loston from Durham
THE DARK ADVENTURE RADIO THEATRE's presentation of H.P. Lovecraft's "THE DUNWICH HORROR" was truly amazing! It is in every way superior to the previous RADIO THEATRE cd production of "AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS", which left me somewhat disappointed at times. The "AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS" production suffers from over-zealous sound effects, attempting simulate radio static and wind noise to add color to the show. Sadly these radio noise sound effects make much of the spoken Lovecraftian dialogue nearly IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend. Though I'm glad that I purchased the "AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS" cd (at times it is truly genius), I found the "THE DUNWICH HORROR" Radio show to be just right! It is PERFECTION. The dialogue is clear, the acting is quite good throughout, and the sound effects work well in this production. Fans of the original "THE DUNWICH HORROR" story written by H.P. Lovecraft will be very pleased at the faithfulness of this radio drama adaptation. "DARK ADVENTURE RADIO THEATRE: THE DUNWICH HORROR" has the five star production quality and faithfulness found in HPLHS' silent CALL OF CTHULHU film! Like the DVD of the silent Cthulhu film, the "DARK ADVENTURE RADIO THEATRE: THE DUNWICH HORROR" CD is a MUST HAVE for Lovecraft fans! The HPLHS team does excellent work!

"DUNWICH HORROR" is gold! Heres hoping for a future revised edition of "AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS" that deals with the voice clarity/sound effect issues.

John from Medford, OR
I received the CD yesterday and listened to it first thing. This is the first time I ordered one of your CDs and I was wonderfully impressed. I especially enjoyed all the extra bits, such as the page from the John Dee Necronomicon, the map, etc. A thoroughly wonderfully packaged product. The radio drama was fantastic. I paint, and like to listen to movie commentaries when I paint, but now your radio drama has moved to the top of my stack. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what unnamable product you unleash upon the unsuspecting world. Not that it doesn't deserve it

Ubik from Aylesbury, Mass.
If you consider yourself a fan of Lovecraftania and quality adaptions of HPL's work then you should not pass up the opportunity to get this terrific "radio" adventure.
It's just so good - the wonderment starts when you open the case and all those "genuine" documents tumble out!
Some great voice acting - Sean Branney and Barry Lynch are the standouts. Both men have a flair for the dramatic with pleasant, rich tones that are perfectly suited to audio. The sound effects and music are also outstandingly creepy!
The guys at HPLHS know what they're doing and they're doing it with virtually no budget, tons of natural talent and a lot of love.
Get this today - there is no way you'll regret it!

Edoardo from Roma
What a really painstaking work! amazing item with excellent props, produced with extreme attention to detail....Very exciting and thrilling sensory experience; the HPLHS guys are always Guarantee of Quality.
I can't wait for " The Whisperer In Darkness" movie to come!
Saluti da Edo
a presto!

kelly from oklahoma
this is totally effing awesome, not that i ever really doubted it would be. i've played it 4 times already. just like "at the mountains of madness" this one messes with your dreams if you listen to it when you go to bed.
thanks, as always.

Esa from Joensuu, Finland
As with At the Mountains of Madness, I listened Dunwich 3 times in a row. Nice to see someone putting so much effort into their work. More please! *Cough* (Shadow over Insmouth) *Cough*

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre introduced me to radio drama - thank you for that too!

Robert from Kings Langley, Australia
Dunwich Horror arrived today. I can tell you it's just brilliant and I'm so thrilled I had to write this straight away! It's in some ways superior to Mountains because (so far) you have dispensed with the interview style of the latter and focused on a more traditional radio drama style. The faux documents in the CD are also (again) just terrific. I feel like I'm involved in some kind of RPG from when I was a kid and the DM has just given me some items - I'm sure you can appreciate what I mean! Once again thank you so much and I look forward to not only more Dark Adventure theatre, but also The Whisperer in the future...

Darren from Edmonton, Alberta
I received my copy of the Dunwich Horror yesterday, and promptly threw it on my ipod to listen to on the way to work. As was expected, you and the HPLHS crew did a fantastic job with it. Like At the Mountains of Madness the performances, and the editing, were brilliant.

I can't speak for anyone except myself (and my fiance), but Dark Adventure Radio Theatre is a highlight of my library (CD or otherwise).

Not only am I looking forward to future DART releases, but I'm under the impression that you should release some Audio books. Wayne June did a decent job, but I'm thinking yours would be a lot better!

Anyhow, thanks for all your hard work, and that of the rest of the HPLHS! Now I have the Whisperer to look forward to.:)

P.S. The DART CDs and media are the highlight of my Lovecraft collection. You did such a fantastic job on the newspaper clipping, the diary page, the necronomicon page, and the map... I'm really impressed with level of production.

Manny from Athens, Greece
People are probably getting tired of me praising HPLHS work but I can't help it!
The Dunwich Horror is a very well done old-style radio adaptation, with the quality one expects when buying stuff from cthulhulives. More so, this time around they have ironed out the few and minute nuisances found in "At he Mountains of Madness" (which was also superb by the way!) and the result is flawless!
Oh, and did I mention that the CD case is actually bulging with some really cool props? They are little works of art, me thinks! As always, thumbs up and keep up the good work guys! Can't wait for "Whisperer in the Darkness" film!

Adrian from Calgary
I thought "Dunwich" was very impressive. It's a good mix of narrative and full-cast role-playing that really brings out the drama of the story. (Dunwich is one of my fave Lovecraft stories next to "ATMOM" which was also brilliant, BTW) I like the "Radio Program" lead in and I hope that future productions will use the same thing. (it brings to mind the "Suspense" version of Dunwich)

Fabio from Genova (Italy)
This CD is absolutely wonderful !
We can live the sensation of to be transported
in the years of H.P.L.
The playing is very impressive and also
for a person that not have English as mother language
the thrilling is sured.
The props are just a surprise, very very amazing


Eric from Raceland, LA
I want to thank you and HPLHS for putting on another awesome Radio Drama. I loved the Dunwich Horror, it was very well done. Very exciting to listen to, I listen to this one and At the Mountains of Madness like twice a week now. You just can't find this kinda of Entertainment in the mainstream now adays.

Dominic from Brooksville, FL
Very well done.

The excellent portrayal of this classic Lovecraft story is sure to be a major hit with not only Lovecraft fans, but horror fans in general.

The creepiness of the story comes to life as only an "old-time" radio program can do (commercials and all).

The little "extras" included draw the listener into the adventure even more!

Thanks for another great item.

Bo from Brooklyn, Australia
I've listened thru it twice. Wow. I hope you + the other guys and gals are feeling cataclysmically proud of this wonderful new addition to all things Lovecraftian. It's quite the trip. The static at the very start filled me with nostalgic dread. The cigarette comercials are a really nice touch. The whole feel of the thing rings true. The acting was so good I never once thought about it. I know this story pretty well, but was still glued to my earplugs. It's such a fun-filled yet scary as all get out story.

Cameron from Hopkins, MN
There's no doubt, you guys give Lovecraft the respect he deserves.

Being both a Lovecraft fan, as well as a fan of radio drama, the folks in The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society gave me some real meat to chew on. I've heard the great Suspense version of "The Dunwich Horror" from Halloween of 1945 and was impressed that they caught the essence of the story so well, but Dark Adventure Radio Theatre brings it much further with a production that makes the old Suspense episode seem like a mere sketch!

And having purchased the D.A.R.T version of "At The Mountains Of Madness" I was so impressed with, not only the quality of the production, but with the very well-made props included, I knew "The Dunwich Horror" would be no different. In fact, they were better. I especially enjoyed the aged map of Dunwich. You simply have to purchase the CD to see the care that was given to these nice extras.

My only real complaint is that the jewel case was literally bulging with the maps, Wilbur's notebook page, etc. that I couldn't help but think there could be a better way in packaging them.

But it just goes to show, this is a quality product, and with some very classy and "authentic" props! I can't wait to see what the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre has in store next time around. Might I request "The Colour Out Of Space"?

Don from Seattle
I've just finished my first listening of "The Dunwich Horror". I'm very pleased to find it has the same production value as "At the Mountains of Madness", which quickly became one of my favorite CDs (I listen to it once or twice a week). The radio plays are an excellent compliment to "The Call of Cthulhu" movie, as they remain true to the social and technological feel of Lovecraft's day while still preserving as much of the source material as possible. The voice acting is spot on, and I love the effects applied to Wilbur's voice. In your face, Dean Stockwell! Heheh.

Chris from Bedford, TX
Received today, just finished listening. Very very impressive, I enjoyed it alot. I also love the quality of the 'props' that came with the cd. Thank you VERY much. I can't wait for your next production.

Gary from West Michigan
With trembling fingers I removed the seal bearing the "Restricted" warning of Miskatonic University's Special Collections. Opening the cover I glanced at the ageworn map of the proposed 1868 Arkham and Aylesbury Rail Way and briefly read the yellowed May 22, 1917 newspaper clipping. The cryptic page from Wilbur Whateley's handwritten diary I set aside for the moment, moving to the stained and ancient leaf torn from John Dee's translation of the Necronomicon. While reading this I began playing the CD.

The walls of the room fell back and I was transported to the village of Dunwich, Massachusetts, reading over Dr. Armitage's shoulder, standing in a dim corner of Osborne's General Store, or huddled with the villagers as Dr. Armitage, Dr. Morgan and Professor Rice battled the powers of darkness high atop Sentinel Hill.

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society just keeps getting better. Their previous Lovecraftian "Radio Drama" production of "At the Mountains of Madness" set a standard which it seemed would be difficult to maintain, but with "The Dunwich Horror" Sean Branney, Andrew Lehman and a cast of highly accomplished actors have proven their earlier successes were no fluke. HPLHS' "The Dunwich Horror" manages the double feat of carrying the listener both to the world of 1930s radio, with perfectly produced sound effects, excellent original music, even a few commercials suited to the era; and of bringing to life one of H.P. Lovecraft's best stories.

Turn down the light. Close your eyes. Your journey is about to begin.

Kevin from Ypsilanti
"The Dunwich Horror" is perhaps my least favorite of HPL's major works, but I purchased the DART adaptation the second it became available because "At the Mountains of Madness" was so excellent.

I'm happy to report that HPLHS continues to meet their own standard of excellence. This "Dunwich" is tightly written and capably acted. I appreciated the occasional doses of humor that are only appropriate to such a lurid and pulpy tale.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Johnny from Valley Village
Once again, the HPLHS have managed to create another masterpiece! I can't wait for the next one, and the one after that, and the one after that etc.

Randolph from the Acherontic Pits
I received the CD yesterday. I felt it appropriate to wait until it was dark to pop it in my retro-style CD player/radio and settle back in my big leather chair. The bonus materials are fantastic, worth waiting for the CD over the download. Music and sound effects are excellent. Congratulations to the all the players for a professional job well done. Special congratulations to Leman's graphic design and packaging and Branney's script adaption and narration without faltering over the tongue twisting syllables of HPL's archaic language.

Scott from Milwaukee
The CD arrived today and I've just finished listening to it and I have to say it's easily one of my very favorite productions of it's kind. The guys and gals at HPLHS have done a wonderful job. Kudos!

Toby from Irchester, UK
myself and my fellow Lovecraft fans here in Irchester (England) huddled round my computer in a darkened room to enjoy the show. Well done it was thoroughly enjoyed buy all.

Paul from Costa Mesa, CA
Dunwich" is sublime. Congrats on another job well done!

David from Winston-Salem
This audio drama of "The Dunwich Horror" was awesome!!. After purchasing "At the Mountains of Madness" I was anxiously awaiting this recording, and it did not disappoint in the least. I hope you guys continue to make more of these audio dramas. Thanks for all the hard work.

Michael from LaMirada, California
I listened to the new production and I thought it is another job well done. I'm looking forward to the next Dark Radio Theater presentation. I really appreciate the high quality of work that is put into each of your products and am really looking forward to the DVD release of "Whisperer in Darkness." Keep up the good work.

Johan from Uppsala, Sweden
I just finished listening to it and I think you captured the story really well! I was *very* impressed by the quality of the acting, and the whole production was, well, great! Definitely on par with AtMoM which I also loved.

I can't help wondering what weird cosmic force is driving you guys - you're too productive!

Yog from So. Thoth
I've heard two other versions of The Dunwich Horror as audio drama. The HPLHS version stands above them easily, and in a most surprising way. Is it audio quality? No--it's about average. Is it acting and soundscaping? No--we expect and receive high production values from these guys.

What this production does is emphasize just what it is many of us always appreciated about HPL's stories: the heroes are professors, scholars, and academics. Men of science and knowledge--skeptics and truthseekers. Men pressed into action by what they KNOW when others run and hide in fear, ignorance, and loathing.

The body may falter, the gun may only wound, but it's the mind that destroys the bogeys in the night.

Joshua from Dean's Corners
What can I say? You guys are brilliant! I've completely enjoyed everything you've produced. These radio dramas are like a Prairie Home Companion from Hell. I love it! It is such a cool feeling to know others adore HPL enough to create such solid works. Please keep it up! I'm so anxious to see TWITD, so please send an e-mail when that is ready to purchase. [Not that I won't be checking everyday. ;)] Well, thanks again. May your dreams be filled with non-euclidean vistas. Peace.

Shoji from Honolulu, HI
Got it... The Whatleys are bitchin'!

Jon from Suburban Dunwich
I gave the show a listen last night. Wonderful work, as always! Thank you so much for the dedication y'all put into these products.

Robert from Pontiac
It is MARVELOUS! You guys are terrific in evoking the 30's era radio drama and its absoluty perfect for Lovecraft. Couldn't wait for the 13th to get the CD to listen to it....but I'll be buying on of those too!

Now you guys could do DARK RADIO MYSTERY THEATRE on a weekly basis.... :)

Jeff from Terre Haute
Dark Adventure Radio Theater delivers again with "The Dunwich Horror." And they deliver it in a very large truck. An excellent example of the power of modern audio drama, "The Dunwich Horror" is genuinely creepy, extremely dark, and effectively captures the essence of the classic story. Wonderful soundscaping (if that is a word) brings Dunwich and its inhabitants to life. I can't presume to speak for HPL himself, but I DO think he'd approve. My only complaint is that the download version did not contain an extra pair
of pants.

Keep up the good work guys.

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