The following reviews and comments about A Very Scary Solstice and An Even Scarier Solstice are submitted by our customers, fans, and some ghouls that meep beneath the Arkham cemetery.

Julie from the Internet
You guys have done the impossible. You've made 'An Even Scarier Solstice' better than 'A Very Scary Solstice'! I love 'A Very Scary Solstice' and didn't see how anything could top it.
I've been particularly enjoying 'Mountains of Madness', 'Harley Got Devoured by the Undead', and 'Go, Summon up the Dead Ones'. And of course 'Death to the World' is just perfect for cultist holiday cheer while the Blue Solstice spoken bits conjure up sanity wrecking images that I cannot and must not recall. So I can really get into the feeling behind 'All I want for Solstice is my Sanity'. And 'A Brumalian Wish' is truly lovely.
I'm not sure which is a greater threat to sanity - nonstop blaring of Xmas music in department stores or mentally singing along and inserting Mythos based lyrics. But I do know that if I'm seen smiling during a playing of, say, 'Joy to the World' it's because I'm mentally singing 'Death to the World'

John Calascione from Brooklyn, NY
My friend purchased this album for me last year and I still listened to it even when it was not anywhere near being Christmas. Of course now on the other hand, its just a couple of months away...lets see if the stars are right this time! I look forward to the Even Scarier Solstice album if the samples and Blue Solstice song are a hint of whats to come! BRILLIANT WORK GUYS!

Christofer from San Jose
Such a glorious collection of sanity eating carols that I had to buy some to share.

Simon from Berlin, Germany
This little CD has eradicated the last tiny shreds of sanity left. Now I can dance, play and revel in blissful abandon to the sounds of idiot pipers...

Dlinthe from Seattle
Dude.....Very Scary Solstice rocks! My friend got it, and we had a blast with it. I'll be getting my own copy (plus other albums) in the near future.

Maneus from Moscow
Please can anyone tell exact lyirics of "The Shoggoth Song"? Even text alone? That's really awesome album!!! Thanks guys. Too bad it's hard to get lyrics -_-

karli from New Athens
It's very scary

Michael from Durham, NC
As a one-time choir director, I am deeply impressed with your work. The lyrics are flawless, the arrangements delicate and the sound quality crisp. "Oh Cthulhu" may be the best song I've had the pleasure of purchasing in some years.

You will make more, won't you? Please?

Jeff from damned if I know
Now I can finaly go caroling until death do we part!
Oh please, Oh please wise Old Ones, bring unto me a sequal!!

Blessed Be!

Carsten & Kerstin from Saarbrücken
Never say filesharing isn't good for artists. We just "found" this recording on a P2P network and you know what? We directly bought it. Such great work! Bravo!

Sandra from Canberra Australia
Our choir had been desparately chasing around for a version of Carol of the Bells in the original language (Romanian I think) because they couldn't bear the schmaltzy Soprano line. I can't wait to show them this alternative. My only regret is they left out the Bass 'Bong' at the end of the song. I think it still would have worked in this version.

Being a chorister and a Call of Cthulhu fan I am in seventh heaven.

Thanks very much

Zoe from Leeds
My husband can't get the "Fishmen" out of his head now. I like this one, and the Carol of the Bells modification.

Are there any plans to do justice to the Coventry Carol, or any others? And can we send lyrics in?

Ty4 a very scary Solstice :)

Sarah from Ottawa
Absolutely fabulous. I think my born-again Christian brother's commentary of "disturbing" really epitomizes the appeal!

Anna from That changes too fast :)
After listening to this wonderful CD I had true problems when it came to singing carols this year... It's kind of disturbing how fast you pick up the lyrics and how that makes you forget the original ones... Anyway, it's that sort of CD you'll listen to all the year round! Until a doctor decides you've had had a dangerous brainwash that is...

Good job you guys!!!;) I wish there was a second one...

Dennis from Denmark
"A very scary solstice" is a must have for any Cthulhu fan! This cd will drive you utterly mad, and you'll love every second of it.

Erik from Gävle, Sweden
I will never be able to listen to the original songs again without singing along with your lyrics instead. This is a pure masterpiece :)

Juha from San Diego
Absolutely stunning! Keep up the great work spreading the insanity!

iä iä!

Karalea from Circleville
We recieved the CD and songbook as a gift for Christmas last year. We did not go caroling for fear of conjuring up something. We have played the CD so much that our children think the lyrics at church are wrong. Maybe we should tone things down a little.

Glenn from Travis AFB, CA
You all are fantastic!! I have been listening to the Scary Solstice CD ever since it arrived two weeks ago. I can't get enough of it. Very creative. Having worked in the mental health arena for the past 21 years I especially appreciate "Away in a Madhouse." I laugh every time I hear it! I also really enjoy "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fishmen," and "I'm Dreaming of a Dead City." The stories that those represent are two of my favorites from HPL. There is not one song on the entire CD that I don't enjoy listening to!

Have a very Scary Solstice!!!


joanne from warminster pa
I absolutely LOVE "Very Scary Solstice"

I can hardly wait for another CD. You people are wonderfully talented.

Its nice to listen to carols that somebody isn't screaming "Politically Incorrect" about.

My favorites are "I saw mommy kissing Yog Sothoth"
"little rare book room"
"away in a madhouse"
"i'm dreaming of a dead city"

wayward from far away
Genius pure genius! I will order the cd soon, absolutely the most worthy Cthulu Christmas gift i have ever seen.

Jón from Denmark
I got my copy some months ago, way before the season of witch it is intendet for, but i could not keep from listening to it over and over again. And come the propper time i will bring the CD with me to every social gathering and play it there over and over again untill there are but true fans left.

A really great idea and a even better outcome. Thank you all so very much for this.

Cheers JE

Bri from Lilburn
The album was great, but I didn't like some of the more specific songs, like Do you Fear what I Fear? and Mythos of a King. I perfer songs that would make anyone twitch and faom, not jsut those that have foreknowledge of HPL's works. Still, great album and one of a kind. Good job, A.

Jacob from New Orleans
Without a doubt, the best carols I have ever heard. Aside from the brilliant lyrics and clever references, the Solstice Carols display a level of vocal and insturmental quality unmatched in any fan-made work.

Adam from Minneapolis
It's a triumph and a masterpiece. I challenge anyone that would prick an objection toward such an ambitious and inspiring accomplishment.

Art from San Francisco
I read a lot of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos as a kid, and I have relatives who did too. I can't wait to play this for them at our next family gathering. :) "Do you fear what I fear..." Priceless. :)

Paul from Ottowa
The first thing I have to say is that, well, after
receiving A Shoggoth on the Roof, several strange things have strated happening to me. I have started to have strange dreams about a hidden underwater city. In the city I see people, well not really people, fish men, I know them all, though when I wake up I cannot recall any face that I truly recognize. I notice each day, my hair falling out, my voice is getting a little more hollow sounding and strange scars on the sides of my neck. Could it be that Great Cthullu has decided to make me a messenger... perhaps.

Theadeaus from New Brighton PA
Must go caroling this year HAHAHAHA
such addiction to such wonderous blasphemous eldritch music

thanks to all who have worked on this project
Cannot get enough of Carol of the Old Ones

Amy from Lebanon, TN
I'd found A Very Scary Solstice and simply adored it. Great work! You've made a Lovecraft fan very happy indeed.

Jenni from Suburban Chicago
My friend bought the Solstice cd just before I'd ever heard of Lovecraft and forced me to listen... I loved it immediatly and very nearly "borrowed" (read killed her and stole) the cd. I have to say that as an introduction to Lovecraft, nothing could have been better for me. She just ordered Shoggoth, and I can't wait till it gets here. You guys are eternally my heroes.

Ryan from Manassas, VA
As an atheist with pagan sensibilities who is nevertheless an aficionado of classical choral music, I am delighted to
have lyrics I can belt out without fear of giving the wrong impression. My favorite songs on the solstice album are "Oh, Cthulhu", "Mythos of a King" and "Carol of the Old Ones".

As for Shoggoth, I am delighted to discover it. It is truly a work of genius -- slightly deranged genius, but that is entirely appropriate. I am sorry its author is lost to you now. Tonight I will be attending a performance of Sweeney Todd -- a musical about vengeance, murder and
cannibalism -- which would make a good double-bill with ASOTR, I feel. Nine years ago, I starred in a production of it which was performed in the basement of a university in Boston; if I had known of Shoggoth at the time, I think I could have convinced that group to perform it.

Many thanks to you and all the good folks at the HPLHS, The Dagon Tabernacle Choir, and associated friendly weirdos like me.

Tansy from Colchester England
So cool to finally hear the Carols I love so well, sung so professionally.

My humble little Cultist group have one or two carols of our own and are always making more. As I am sure many have before me, I will now send one to you, in the hope that I may one day hear our words sung to the great ones in your wonderful style.

Remember Keep watching the skies and fear the corners, they seek you from the corners.

Cthulhu’s wonderland

In R’leh Slime is glistening
The cultists sing, Cthulhu’s listening
If the stars are all right
He’ll be summoned tonight
We’re waking up Cthulhu from R’leh

Gone away is our old form
Here to stay is our new form
The Innsmouth look is the one that we took
As we’re waking up Cthulhu from R’leh

In the circle we can call a Shuggoth
With mindless chanting and with bowing down
He’ll say "Barra agn"
We’ll say "Absu"
"Ea ea Ftagn Cthulhu"

Later on
we'll conspire
as we dream by the pyre
To face unafraid
the plans that we've made
while waking up Cthulhu from R’leh

In the Circle we can call for Dagon
and tell him that Cthulhu's coming round
The stars are all in correct alignment
Just like the mad arab prophesied

We’ll be dancing, we’ll be singing
While dagon starts the killing
We'll frolic and play
In our Deep one way

As we're waking up Cthulhu from R’leh
Waking up Cthulhu from R’leh
Waking up Cthulhu from R’leh

Robert from Milwaukie, OR
just to let you know, I recieved my "Very Scary Solstice" cd and song book and truly enjoy it. I can't begin to explain how much it pleases me and my freinds. We have enjoyed listening to it a number of times already and are working on learning the lyrics for a solstice party this coming summer solstice, We thought the irony fun. So thanks to all who contributed, you are all twisted geniouses( or something). Oh i'm also supposed to say that your harmonies are excellent, and truly moving. Yes we did only recieve it yesterday but it has been anticipated for a while.

Carolyn from Spokane, WA
The Shoggoth combo arrived this morn in the mail. WOW!!! You guys are GENIUS!! I immediately put the CD on and sang along ---following the songs with the Libretto. We just watched the documentary. It was great to see the faces responsible for the whole affair. Gee---It's all so well presented that I just got sucked in! Thank you for all of your hard work. I love it

Benjamin from Providence
I got the items in excellent condition! Thank you. If I were a good and moral person I would spend the remainder of my days trying to kill you and Andrew. Instead I hope you will release more filk. Thank you for some of the best laughs I have had in a long time... The only real problem is convincing my wife that this is suitable music for children.

Alanna from Portland
The cds and the books came today. LOVE THEM!!!! Thank you for the holiday jeer, looking forward to future works.

Carolyn from Spokane
A Very Scary Solstice and Solstice Carol Songbook arrived first thing this morn.Thank you for such a professional and delightfully uplifting product! Seriously--I am a stay at home Mom with two sons 4 and 5 yrs. and a 12 yr. old daughter off at school. We have listened to the Scary Solstice all day. The wheather is nice so we opened the slider to the back yard, put the CD player up to the screen--so everyone can hear it. My little Shoggoths played in the back yard and I did some weeding all accompanied by your WONDERFULL music. I'm glad that you all came together to produce this.
My kids do know that Cthulhu is a Great Old One from H.P.L. books( they will read the stories some day) and Shoggoths gibber alot and tell bad jokes! Before you start thinking that I might be warping their young little minds---they just think that they are enjoying Christmas type music!!
I will definately check out A Shoggoth on The Roof. Once again--Thank you.

Victor from Tucson
Since we received the CDs, we have subjected all of our friends to them. My wife can be heard going around the house singing “bloody, bloody, bloody, blood.”

Marcus from Lake Jackson
The Cd is fantastic.
Its march and I'm still listening to it.

John from France
Hurray ! I got the bloody stuff ! We are all going to avoid seppuku.

I think the 200 goats I burnt alive yesterday in offer to Shub-Niggurath, was finally a good idea !

Keep up the good work, all of you.
John, from France which-is-far-finally-even-in-a-plane

Scott from Somerville, MA
I got the package last night, watched the DVD and have listened twice to the CD. It's all great! My roommate got a big kick out of it too. I would love to be involved in an actual performance of this musical hextravaganza.

P:son from Uppsala, SWEDEN
The perfect songs to have in your CD-player while out shopping christmas gifts.

Martin from Grossbettlingen, Germany
your CD arrived timely and in a good condition - thank you. I really enjoyed it - the lyrics where even more funny and blasphemous than I expected and the music was even more professional than I hoped for. I guess I'll come back to you for your other production where I can afford it :)

Natasha from Fremont, CA
Just wanted to let you know we received the holiday CD last night. I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time, thank you SO much for the wonderful collection! I'm now picturing a group of friends in full Dickens regalia wandering the streets singing "Demon Sultan Azathoth". *wicked grin*

Yael from Seattle
I just received A SHOGGOTH ON THE ROOF! This isn't fair -- I busted so many ribs laughing I ran out of Ace bandages to hold me together. ;-) Seriously (if that's the term I want), it's utterly hilarious, not to mention a very well-done musical (well, the libretto and sound-track, anyway). I wonder what Andrew Lloyd Webber could do with this -- it would be lovely if he or a successor picked it up and somehow got around any legal problems having to do with the author, as well, because he'd not make it an, um, unforgettable experience for all audiences, and add his trademark glory to its visual aspects, but also you'd make big buck$$ from the royalties, as would He Who (for legal reasons) Is Not To Be Named, and you'd thereby acquire resources to keep HPLHS going for a long, long time, with endless new wallet-traps -- er, products for us, your adoring customers.

Joseph from Nashua, NH
I have and LOVE A Very Scary Solstice.

I played it in the background at my Xmas office party. No one noticed the words!

Sandra from Wisconsin
It was declaired the best gift I have ever given. (Not sure how I feel about this...)It was greatly entertaining and frightenly enough, enjoyed by all!

Liam from Erie Pa
This is one of the best sites ive ever seen.
prompted me to call 2 associates across the country to have them log on and check you guys out.

Cthulu Fatang !!!


Phil from Huntsville, AL
I congratulate you all on a lovely CD.

Timothy from Bothell, WA
A friend brought over Solstice on christmas, and we laughed ourselves silly. Very funny stuff!

John from Kadath in the cold waste
CYCLOPEAN!! AVSS arrived on Xmas Eve and I had it playing in the background.People started to notice the subtle difference in the almost familiar but could not quite place what was "WRONG".Then, all the angles started changing..................
Many thanks

John from Alaska
I should be the one thanking you folks - I've been extremely impressed with your products, and have wowed quite a few of my friends (not to mention frightening several coworkers) with the Solstice Carol CD.

Michelle from Reno, Nevada
I bought the Solstice cd for my teenage daughter for Christmas. Both my husband and her are fans of HPL. This turned out to be her favorite present, she listened to it 3 times the first day. The song book and cd were great! Wonderful art design, interesting comments and of course the lyrics, singing, and music on the cd were fabulous. This is a gift she will enjoy for a very long time to come.

Conny from Sollentuna, Sweden
I just thought that I should drop a line or two about my opinion of the CDs.

They are absolutely great! I love them! Better still, my girlfriend loves them, so I can play them loud and often at home. My parents, with whom I'm spending Christmas this year, are a little bit more conservative with the Christmas songs though. But I'm going to sneak some HPLHS songs in at any given chance. ;o)

I must say that the CDs were better produced than I had anticipated, great sound, beautiful vocal harmony arrangements, superb lyrics and so on.

The songbook was great as well, I love the amusing footnotes, and I actually learned something new from it. The fact that Good King Wenceslas had an origin in medieval swedish manuscripts was something that I was totally unaware of.

Something abount ASOTR as well then. Again, great lyrics and production. I actually laughed so much during some parts of the lyrics that I couldn't move.

I wish you a merry Christmas/scary Solstice (whichever you prefer) and a happy new year!

Jonathan from Tucson
Wow, possibly the most fun my ears have had since that one night...anyway, it was great. I have recommended it to everyone who either hates Christmas or really likes Christmas. I think my favorite is...well, the whole thing.


Ian from Birmingham, UK
I managed to sneak this onto the playlist in work. The results were suitably squamous.

Ron from Berkeley
Have been listening to carols non-stop for several days now. Friends and family have all fled. Finding myself unable to resist urge to burst out in song.

Dustin from Maryland
I love you guys!

Robert from Palo Alto
In all seriousness, BUY THIS! This is a very well produced and recorded CD of 25 seperate songs which parody famous Xmas songs. This CD is not some fan produced piece of dreck, the recording and singing are all top quality. And on top of that you get the Solstice songbook which lists the lyrics to each song, along with extensive footnotes about the original Xmas song as well as Lovecraftian/Cthuloid references in the parody.

This is, seriously, a great CD to play on Xmas eve or morning, as the songs are so well instrumented even non Cthuloid visitors will song along with them for sometime before noticing that the lyrics are, ahem, somewhat different than they expect :)

Dawn from Seattle
This CD is wonderfully done. Now when I go shopping this holiday, a grin crosses my face when the carols come over the speakers because I'm singing along in my head with the HPLHS versions instead of the traditional ones. Makes the holidays just a little more fun.

Great Job!

Duke from Indianapolis
The following is an exerpt from a review in The Daily Vault (http://www.thedailyvault)...

How, then, shall I speak of this, for those of you who have not heard its remote and interloping insanity? Shall I tell you of the hilarious opening track, "Have Yourself A Scary Little Solstice"? Shall I speak in hushed tones, best suited for nitreous catacombs where unspeakable deeds are performed, of the jocular horror that is "Mi-Go We Have Heard On High"? Shall I gibber of "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fish-Men", "I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth", or "Do You Fear What I Fear?" No, no, I must not! I shall not ! I will save these innocent readers from this horror…ph'nglui mlgw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn…

(The voice changes to an oddly accentless tone with a strange, horrible buzzing note to it…)

"Please, ignore Mister Egbert. He is overwrought and will be taking a rest cure. He says that the HP Lovecraft Historical Society's A Very Scary Solstice is a wonderful addition to your holiday CD collection, and in no way does it damn your soul to the Elder Gods to own it. At least not until the stars are right. Really. Buy it today."

Rating: A

Mark from Halifax, Nova Scotia
It arrived today and I definitely enjoyed it. Wonderful seasonal and sinister music and I'll have to pick up A Shoggoth the Roof ASAP

The Ziggurat from Radford
This is a awesome piece of work.
Do you fear what I fear has been stuck in my head for aeons!!!

thanx a lot HPLHS!!
Keep up the unholy work!!!!


Mark from Freeport, NY
both cd's were hysterical...I had to pull the car over on several songs on each of the cd's. A brillent well done to all involved. If I can be of any help to the society <my mother too :)> let me know..<ever on long island..know some great eating places. Freeport is known for its seafood...errr..steak houses...

Fishface from Brighton, MI
We delighted in playing this album, over and over, to the relatives last Squidmas. Only we knew the lyrics were different. I mean, until you listen to the lyrics, it sounds exactly like the more dignified sort of Christmas album (by that, I mean it could not be mistaken for a Boxcar Willie Christmas Collection). By the end of the evening, tentacles were sprouting out of every face as they listened, enraptured, around the Squidmas tree and we knew we had gathered another dozen souls into the chomping maw of Dagon. Merry Squidmas everyone!

Mike from Pittsburgh
I cannot stop laughing (and shuddering!). This is a masterpiece. I love Christmas carols. I love HPL (duh!). I usually HATE novelty Christmas carol parodies--but this is certainly an exception. The parodies are truly the pinnacle of inspired creativity. The singing and playing are first-rate. I received my disc and book as a gift (in the summer), and I just played it a week ago for the first time. I listened to it 3 times that day. I've played some of it every day since. I want to go up to people and sing loudly, "On his hands he's got orifices." But I guess I'd end up like many of Lovecraft's characters--labeled mad and put away. If you are wondering whether to buy A Very Scary Solstice, stop reading these reviews and order it now! You are doomed to anyway so why wait...

azrael from dunwich
Love the Cd!!!! I can picture Wilber (aka Dean Stockwell) singing I saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth.

Little Rare Book Room
Away in a Madhouse

Tim from Pembury, UK
Just wanted to say thanks for my discs (and songbook) which arrived today and, with the carols playing in the background, applaud the combined fiendish genius and talent of all involved. Sheer brilliance! Expect an order for Shoggoth On The Roof at a later date and I await with great excitement the completion of your film project.

Good luck and thanks again for the fantastic material,

One happily insane customer,


Jeppe Buchreitz from Denmark
A Very Scary Solstice is fantastic. Ive listened to it many many times and it keeps getting better.

"Its beginning to look a lot like Fishmen", Migo we have heard on High", "Come all ye Old Ones" and "Carol of the Old Ones" are born classics already and "The Mythos Of A King" is the anthem to any Lovecraft fan.

Nice production all together, I would recommend it to anyone.

And nice singing guys btw.

James from Warriors Mark, PA
i plan to listen to this music until my eyes bleed. good stuff

Logan from Sacramento, CA
I found you a long time back, and periodically checked in to see if the Documentary was back up. When I saw the cast album I nearly wept with delight. I just got the order yesterday and now have "Tentacles" stuck in my head, driving me insane. With any other product that statement could only be taken metaphorically. Thank you, and curse you,

ulrich from Germany
Thank you again, it's brilliant stuff! Shame about the
legal problems, it'd be interesting to see it brought to life on stage at some point.

Daniela from Columbus, OH
I've been singing the "Carol of the Olde Ones" all night at work. You guys rock.

Robert from guess
Hi. I read the "Cthulhu Chorus" at

It was based on my free sheet music for the "Hallelujah Chorus". Having read Lovecraft in the past, I am amused.

Edward from Chicago
My Shoggoth combo arrived today; I've been listening to it all morning. It's arguably the most twisted yet amazing thing I have ever come across, thank you. I love it.

Diana from London
The package arrived a couple of days ago. Thank you very much for sending it... I have already been driven to madness and I am certain that the sound has attracted the local wildlife. My friends, however, do not hear these sounds and my cat has run away.

Anders from Sweden
I just wanted to confirm that the shoggoth combo has arrived with all tentacles in place. Beautiful, hilarious and terrifying at the same time -- what more could you possibly want?

I did live through _A Very Scary Solstice_, but a good friend almost didn't. What I mean is that she couldn't get through it -- we had to shut it off, because she was curled up on the floor, literally crying with laughter, and could hardly breathe...

Thanks to all of you for making the world a little bit weirder!

Best wishes from Sweden,

Alys from Brisbane, Australia
Very clever and delightful pieces of work. I and many of my friends love them. I'm very happy I bought it! Well worth the money.

Joe from Las Vegas
You have created a masterwork, combining Fiddler of the Roof (my favorite musical) with the Cthulhu mythos (my favorite... err... evil extra-dimensional preternatural beings) really made my day.

Andy from Atlanta
Excellent work! If anything, even better than ASOTR, and that says a lot in my book.

Also, high kudos on the customer service front... My original shipment was defective, but was replaced quite promptly, shipping the same day I let them know of the issue. All around a very positive experience!

Boulos from Cairo
It is very strange. I like it.

Akira from Osaka, Japan
It's very pleasant! I love it! (^-^)
'The Carol of The Olde Ones' and 'Oh Cthulhu' are my favorite.

I listen them on my commuting way with iPod.
Thank you very much!

Jay from Newberg, Oregon
I got my copy of the CD today, and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Of course, my wife thinks I'm crazy...

Stacey from Tempe
This album has changed my life. Everyone must have this! Next year, I know what everyone *I* know will be getting.

I also purchased "Shoggoth on the Roof". I cried, I laughed, I cackled, I tore my hair out from the over-whelming beauty of this production.

Buy them both now!

Yael from Seattle, WA
On more playings of this delightful CD and re-readings of the accompanying songbook, I've determined yet another wonderful aspect of the two: they are probably two very good reasons we have not been invaded from outer space, or at any rate not THIS Solstice. Any wannabe space invaders landing here, discovering us happily listening and collecting music such as Dr. Demento, Tom Lehrer's various oeuvres, MAD GROOVES, and above all, A VERY SCARY SOLSTICE, would exchange a quick glance, turn around, get back into their UFOs, and get out of Dodge as quickly as possible -- with Sherriff Howard "Wyatt" P. Lovecraft and his sidekick Deputy August "Doc" Derleth in town, and all those crazy citizens volunteering to be deputized as well, it's just no place for any space aliens not bent on suicide! Altogether wonderful! Keep up the good work -- I'm looking forward to next Yule Festival to see what you'll produce next. :-)

Yael from Seattle, WA
The CD and songbook are both beautifully done! Very professional, at least as much so as any "normal" Xmas album. The filksong lyrics are superb. Keep up the good work! I'm going to urge my local library system to order the album and songbook, as well. :-)

Keith from Houston
Great CD, by the way, it was enjoyed.

David from Belleville, IL
I recieved your disk on Tuesday. Even now my children are regailing their Aunts, Uncles and Crandparents with " Eddie the Red Brained Mi-Go".

I personnally think " Scary Solstice" is the most beguiling thing on the disk though I also enjoyed "Tentacles". Please accept my extream complements to your coral group and sound engineers. A really wonderful job by all. Of every thing I purchaced in the last year your CD is far and away the one thing I'm sure was worth every penny.

Sarah from Toronto
We love the CD. The only problem is that now my three-year-old runs around singing, "If I Were a Deep One" and "To Life I'll Bring Them" in front of houseguests.

Mark from Berkeley, CA
The footnotes in your songbook are the funniest thing I've read this year.

Jaron from Columbus
I also find that now when listening to the Christmas songs you hear all over the place in public, I am substituting the words in this CD.

Alan from Redwood City, CA
This is the apotheosis of "wicked cool"!

Jonathan from Ogden, UT
My brother (I swaer I do have a brother- and he does NOT look like a Deep One) loved the cds I gave him!

Archpope Däch from Irvine, CA
A lot of the songs are actually quite beautiful. I was expecting a "novelty CD," but it was quite professionally done, and the songbook is great, too. I wish I knew more people with the songbook so we could go out caroling.

James and Sheila from Ft. Collins, Co
Just received our copy and laughed ourselves insane!

Diane from San Marcos
This is such a great idea. I just ordered it for my boss for Christmas and I can't wait to hear it.

Wendi'igo from Wilkes-Barre, PA
I just got 'AVSS' from my wife for Yule - all I can say is "Wow! What an awesome collection of songs!" I've had "Es Y Golonac" in my head all friggin night and I'm going quite insane - thank you, HPLHS :)

Erik from Bloomington
I received the replacement "Solstice" disc today and am quite pleased. I see that you personally did a lot of the writing and singing. Although I'm not sure whether you should be proud or ashamed, I am certainly appreciative of your efforts. I already own over 90 Christmas albums on CD, and "A Very Scary Solstice" will take an honored place among them. It's hard to give all 90+ albums their proper attention every yuletide, but that won't be a problem with this
album! And of course, thanks for your attention in replacing the defective disc.

Ian from Arvada, Colorado
Just to let you know I received the CD and song book in good order and I have listened with much glee to the CD. I have to be concerned though that my computer locked up toward the end of the song Cthulhu Lives. I was able to revive my stricken machine with seeming no ill effect to it. I do wonder for my own safety at this point and may have to sleep with the lights on the covers over my head a 12 gauge shotgun and a sigil on my headboard. Other then that I have enjoyed my purchase and plan on unleashing its contents on an unsuspecting Christmas gathering.

Vindaloo Beast from Arkham
Ok... after listening more or less daily to your carols, I must say THANK YOU !
I have trouble remembering the previous so-called original lyrics of the songs and now can resume with what they say is a normal life. Hey, I can even go back to shopping malls without fear of nervous break-down ! Iah !

Darvin from Baton Rouge
I found this CD to be delightful to listen to this holiday season. A very top notch product. The people involved seem to have a lot of fun creating this CD and it shows.


Marcie from British Columbia
I'm not sure how my husband found your website... possibly just through looking up cthulhu online... but he did, and has been playing the music on it every few days for the past month, and singing it (and I wish he could hold a tune as your singers do) almost non-stop. I'm so glad it will be here in time for Christmas. I'd much rather listen to your
renditions than to his :)

Louis from Yarul
A Very Scary Solstice is great! It takes those tired old holiday songs and infuses them with a dark joy. So, toss the Christmas tree on the sacrificial pyre, and run screaming into that long winters night!

River from Somewhere beneath Puget Sound, WA
We bought your CD and "A Shoggoth on the Roof", and listened to both back-to-back. Everything seemed normal, except for the screams from our neighbors, until the other day. My beloved has grown scaly, and I feel the call of the sea water...

Must go. Hard to write. Must....what is happening to me....

Patricia from San Francisco
First, the slavering fangirl comments: You and Andrew are amazing. The search for a well designed Miskatonic t-shirt led me to the HPLS site several months ago, then the Carol of the Old Ones mp3 got me hooked, and ever since I've been utterly dumbfounded by the quality of imagination,
execution, and humor in everything the HPLS has put together -- from astonishingly rich game descriptions to the SOTR parody-of-a-parody documentary to the Solstice CD/songbook (love those footnotes!). You guys rock.

Micah from Pueblo, colo
i can't stress enough that this is, perhaps the coolest thing ever to come from the mind of man since, of course, HPL's beloved tales. So thanks again for giving a whole new dimention to the mythos.

Brett from Mass
Wow. Brilliant lyrics! Great voices, and madness. I love it. Purchased both CD's on Friday, and they where tainting my mailbox on Monday!

Now I sit in the corner, listening, and drooling!

Great work!

Darvin from LaPlace, Louisiana
Wow It was waiting for me when I got home last night. I did think it would get it till later in week. I found it to be very top notch. I think I listened to it at least twice last night. Wife liked it also but did not get the full effect..yet.

Very well done, sounds like the players involved had fun. They turned out a quality, top notch product. Your Society is very creative and talented.

Jaime from Redmond, WA
Listen, any group that can come up with lines like "fungi why this revelry/why collect our brains in cans?" is clearly populated by freakin' _geniuses_ deserving of every penny they can earn thereby.

David from Mairetta, Georgia
Everything has arrived, and is better than expected.

Rick from Seattle
Just wanted to drop a quick note and say how much I love the CD !!!! Most awesome !!! This will truly be a great Solstice this year, thanks to you guys...

Keep up the good work !!!

Lesser Brother Fang from Leng

Fortutous are that the stary hevans have made such wiseness be revealed now. I and brothers enjoy much to chant prais hymn of solstice. Pleas learn "Very Scary Solstice" keep out dark space night chill of winter Leng mountain llama church. And Moon Beast dismayed most great by "Do You Fear What I Fear>. Ai Nyarlathotep!

Jamie from Madison, Wis.
Delightful collection! Well-written and well-performed. I plan to play it for everyone this horrorday season and organize a sing-along.

Turner from San Francisco
I have chosen to present this work of farce with the highest praise I can offer:
I'm making other people I know buy it.

Thank you, very much, for giving me something to run through my head when I'm listening to the horrid little pieces of glurge piped into every establishment on the planet's face, and wrestling another shopper to the ground for the chance to purchase the last NyarlaBaby (I think those are the big toy this year) at my local emporium.

Tamara McDonough's Mom from An Undisclosed Location
:) yes we received it -- and I was real upset - thinking some crazy organization got our names (and was concerned that they had both Harry and I and figured they knew just where we lived...) and I waited till he got home from PGH and showed him (he knew nothing) and thought some crazy people had our name...  so I never even listened to it and threw it away!  Now I feel terrible that I missed hearing you sing - there was no note and it bothered me someone would send us something free when I know it cost money - I figured they wanted something...  :) that is your mother!  I didn't know anyone that would mock Christmas... 

I'm sorry.  All I saw was it was from CA and never linked it to you - just those crazies that live out there!

[HPLHS Note: Tamara McDonough is one of the performers on the album ("Tentacles", "Freddy the Red Brained Mi-Go")]

Mike from Durham, NC
my cds showed up and they're great. My wife is not terribly thrilled with the solstice cd, but if she can stomach her mother playing Mannheim Steamroller's christmas album every year, she'll be able to put up with me singing along to cthulhu carols.

Stacie from Youngstown, OH
I just *love* the CD. It's wonderfully twisted, delightfully perverse, and rather cheery--all at the same time. Quite a trick, I must say. "Tentacles," "Awake Ye Scary Great Old Ones," and "Dance the Cultists" are sure to remain favorites for years to come.

Martin from Scarsborough, Ontario
Received the CD, it's wonderful. Thanks again. You people have too much time on your hands, but I'm glad.

[HPLHS Note: this is a common misconception; because of these kinds of projects, we have NO time on our hands]

Donato from Purmerend, Netherlands
These Cthulhoid Christmas carrols are great!

The lyrics are fun and the singing is on a professional level.

I´m looking forward to Christmas so that me and my friends can sing along to it.

Let´s see how the HPL Historical Society can top this one.

Buy it!

Gnat from Petaluma
Being a lovecraftian fan, and an AVid larper and gamer, I had to have the cd's. I like them very much.

Cliffie the Lemming Girl from Brighton, MI
I am so very pleased with the carols on the new album! They'll get an enthusiastic review at Crab Chips. I also can't wait to play it at Squidmas for the family to see if they notice the improvements you've made on the old standards.

Erin from Lexington, KY
I recieved my Very Scary Solstice Cd--it is great! It was actually a gift for a friend, but he absolutely loved it and he's been listening to it all day! Thanks so much!

Jouni from Helsinki
The package arrived on Friday -- much faster than I have come to expect from overseas shipping. The songs are just brilliant. I think I will have to smuggle the CD to a Christmas party and see how long it takes people to notice anything strange.

Peter from Uppsala, Sweden
I just wanted you to let know that the CD arrived today. I have just finished listening to it. It's wonderful, simply wonderful. I can't wait to play it to my friends closer to christmas.

Marnie from Milwaukie, OR
The CD is great......all my friends are rolling still.

Jen from Austin, TX
Wow. That is so hysterically funny, chilling, and good music all at once!

My husband (it's his giftmas present) is a Lovecraft fanatic. He's going to *love* it.

Amie from Christchurch, NZ

Seriously impressed here.

Quite apart from the glory that is the lyrics -- "I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth" had me utterly paralysed (with giggles) -- the production values are amazing.

The arangements and instrumentation are great. The singing is great. The choral pieces are bloody marvellous. The lyrics booklet is beautiful and remarkably informative.

This may never make it into my friend's Sostice stocking ...

Warren from South Pasadena
The package arrived today and I am listening to it even as I write to you. I LOVE IT!!!!! My mind echoes with the image of a group of carolers in period costume and makeup singing these songs to the dazed and confused residents of our fair city.

You folks do great work.

The Scary Solstice CD is wonderful. Seldom has a collection of music brought such pleasure to me. I haven't stopped giggling and smiling since the disc started playing. I haven't gotten to 'Shoggoth' yet because I keep replaying 'Solstice'. I'm saving the pleasure of 'Shoggoth' for later tonight or tomorrow.Thanks again for having created this wonderful disc. It brings much pleasure and amazement.

Don't ask me which songs on the disc are my favorite. Trying to make that choice would drive me mad..... "Oh Cthulhu" is wonderous, "The Carol of the Olde Ones" is without compare, "Little Rare book Room" resonates with my love of books, "Great Old Ones are Coming to Town" absolutely rocks,
and..... well you get the idea.

Tom from Munich (Germany)
The best Christmas carols which I ever heard.

Kevin from Joplin, MO
OMFG! I /love/ this CD. At last, Christmasy songs that I won't be heartily sick of by late December.

Channing from Los Angeles
I have my 9 year old son singing The Carol of the Old Ones as we drive in the car. Then again, he also has a plush Narolethotep he sleeps with every night.

Thanks for the great music and keeping the nightmare alive!

Mikos from The Bad Side Of Reading
But...where are the idiot flute players?

Jaime from Redmond, WA
Hah! Are you kidding? This stuff is great! I had to get a 3rd copy as a gift for another friend who I know will appreciate it.

Not only are the songs fun, but the footnotes and especially the essay that serves as a foreword in the songbook are excellent. Very well written and spot on.

Jim from Portsmouth, UK
I haven't had the pleasure yet, although it's on order. What passes for a postal service around here has gone out on an 'unofficial' strike. Can anyone spare a shoggoth?

Thane from Albuquerque
Absolutely the best end-of-the-world-christmas-parody-song site on the internet. Even better than "Christmas at Ground Zero", and thats a classic.

Holly from Venice
got the Solstice CD in the mail the other day. LOVE IT. Looks fabulous, sounds great. Of course, all in that creepy-very-wrong-should-never-have-been-conceived-of-in-the-first-place kind of way.

Prof. J. H. Abner from Unknown
The CD is excellent but don't listen to it backwards!!!! Please! You've got to believe me! There are... things... beyond description... the music was comedy gold but playing it backwards... opened a portal... I don't know where I am and my fingers are turning into tentaclasdsjsad asjdhkjdh sakdhkasjhkdjhkasjhdkasjhdkjh sakhdkashk ksahkjsheropeooppofjdsj




Andreas from Stockholm
Thanks, got the CD yesterday and spent the day listening to it at work. It is quite simply a great CD. Shoggoth on the roof has provided me with hours of listening and so will this one.

Christian from Portland, Maine
It's playing right now in my book store, and man are we enjoying it! What a way to convert people...

Jonathan from Ogden, UT
Just got the"A Very Scary Solstice" cds. And they are beyond excellent!. These are the songs the way they should be sung - you guys are more than talented-I would say bordering on genius(or madness). The only downside is that some of the songs are too short(yep- give us MORE!)

You were also right about the songbook. I was expecting a small paper pamphlet with the songs only. Printed on typewriter-weight paper. This was a terrific surprise!(and it does help with the sing-alongs!).As you can see I have also ordered my second copy of SOTR for my brother(I swear- I do have a brother). Keep me posted on on any other projects you guys may be doing.

One other thing- I was surprised to see that in the carols you had deleted Hastur's name. Yet you mentioned the other Old Ones by name. I could not see the logic in this. As naming any of the Old Ones aloud would have the same effect. Personally, I have said Hastur's name many times and have nev

Benoit from Paris
I listened to it many times this week-end, and I truly LOVE it. Congratulations !

Anonymous from I'm Not Telling
This is a great CD! I've only had it a few days, and I've already developed three distinct nervous ticks and uncontrollable drool!

Brian from Lexington, KY
I've gone through once so far and it's fantastic. Very well done, both the production and the way you managed to capture the various musical styles just so. I fear the original lyrics of all those songs are already being displaced in my mind. Maybe fear isn't the right word, this could prove to be an effective shield against the persistent inanity of the holiday season.

It'll definitely go into heavy rotation in this house, especially in a couple of months.

Benoit from Paris
I just received your parcel, and I think I was about to die laughing just by reading the lyrics in the songbook. I can't wait listening to the CD!

Sylvia from Edmonton
Not only did the lyrics have me grinning like a monkey but you have a group of singers with beautiful voices that have turned to the service of the Outer Gods here. I liked the little touches that make the songs extra "mythos-y", like the drum beat and piping continuing madly after the lyrics in "Demon Sultan Azathoth" and the background cackling in "Away in a Madhouse". The songbook was a very nice addition as well. It insures that my friends and I are *definitely* going carolling this Christmas...

All in all, wow!

Rik from The Netherlands
The only problem I am experiencing now is that I can't get those songs out of my head, although that seems to be quite common with your productions.

Janos from Bath, England
as usual it is wonderful, it will no doubt add the appropriate air of madness to some of the festivities during the silly season ;-)

SoMK from Montreal
Ok.. You've outdone yourselves guys : This is obviously THE cd to be caught dead with.

Catherine from Portland
[re: the HP Lovecraft Film Festival] The best item for sale this year was definitely the "A Very Scary Solstice" CD by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Twenty-five classic carols with Lovecraftian lyrics. I've got my Christmas shopping done. Thank you Sean Branney and Andrew Leman. If you don't already own "A Very Scary Solstice" or "A Shoggoth on the Roof," buy them NOW!

Allan from Anchorage
The CD arrived yesterday. We love it! Thanks a lot.

Rik from The Netherlands
Somehow carols are often for me connected to the season of commercialism that is encountered and hearing / reading these songs adapted to mythos are quite funny. I found the introduction of S.T. Joshi, Sean Branney and Andrew Leman where quite amusing. Also interesting was the background of the songs. Some of the footnotes could also be interesting with the not-so-Lovecraft-familiar public. Nevertheless, all the reading did not prepared me what became next.

...If you seek songs during solstice that could rise R'lyeh to the surface, these songs could do it.

One of the things I most like about the CD is that the music is diverse in style. Not only children songs, but also more popular and classic songs are on this haunted disc. The fact that most songs, have been sung on a happy tone, is contributing to the eerie factor when compared with the lyrics.

It is very difficult to select the best three songs. In the end, I made my selection on both content as getting most out of the original song.

The winners are:
- It's the Most Horrible Time of the Year
- Little Rare Book Room
- It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fish-Men

Kind Regards,


Kevin from Bellevue, WA
I couldn't stop laughing. I'm going to try my darndest to get this on the overhead play at my retail-based employer this holiday season. Thank you for another fine effort!

Elin from Oslo
The songs were lovely and creepy at the same time, I like that! I think "The Carol of the Olde Ones" is my new favourite song, it's so beautiful creepy it gives me goosebumps. ^_^ I was thinking about trying to get my friends who run a goth club here in Oslo to play this song at the club night in December. :-)

Perry & Tylee from Sirprise
This collection of music makes me smile. It is very well produced and the lyrics and accompanyment are exceptional. It is worth every dime. The packaging is very professional and informative. My hat is off to the HPLS for their work on all of their products (which I own all!) and I hope to see more in the future.

Kvaladh from (misspelled Kadath)
And I thought I was insane... Tsk, tsk.

Ronni from Lawrenceville
I got that CD and songbook!

Mike from Los Angeles
The CD and songbook are both perfectly executed and presented. Simply amazing!

Julie from Saugus, CA
Lighting does strike the same place twice. Great Old Ones do break through the same angles twice. And the HP Lovecraft Historical Society has produced a new CD as blasphemous and sanity threatening as 'Shoggoth on the Roof'.

'A Very Scary Solstice' is one of the most insane and hilarious things I have ever heard. I have been wandering around work unable to get these songs out of my head. During critical presentations at tense times I have 'It's Begining to look a lot like fish men' running through my mind. 'The Shoggoth Song' threatens at all times to break through my lips and escape into the public.

No doubt, when I finally go completely insane and am confined to the asylum, it will be said that the songs of the HPL Historical Society played a large part in my fate, but I am content since those songs are just so fun and amusing.

I hope there will be another CD next year!