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Four Dark Adventure Radio Theatre Shows

Embrace the thrilling experience of old-time radio with our collection of four classic Lovecraft stories. This special boxed set features CDs of The Mountains of Madness, The Dunwich Horror, The Shadow Out of Time and The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Each CD comes with its own collection of props from the story to enhance your listening verisimilitude. And all four CDs come packaged in a custom made box artfully styled with the look of an antique tombstone radio.

We're now shipping our New and Improved box. It has the same great styling but costs less to ship and kills fewer trees. It's the coolest box of this kind we've ever seen.

Mix and Match. Have some of the CDs? Need to round out your collection? Use the pop-up menu below to select either a 4, 3 or 2 disc boxed set. Want the box but already have the shows? Click here.

Boxed Set
All Four Shows
Any Three Shows
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ATMOM- At the Mountains of Madness
TDH - The Dunwich Horror
SOOT - The Shadow Out of Time
SOI The Shadow Over Innsmouth