Scary in many ways!

Cthulhu Ski Mask

Most of the weird stuff we sell we either make or commission, but every now and then we stumble onto something fantastic and we feel we must share it with you.

So, when a hand-knitted Cthulhu Ski Mask made the rounds on the internet recently, we knew we had to get some. And we have. The crazed knitter who makes these is now making them just for us and they're available here for you.

It really is a hand-made, knitted, tentacled, balaclava rendered in a disturbing shade of Cthulhu green. Each one is unique, strange and downright marvelous. Be the scariest and warmest guy or gal on the ski slope, skating pond, or neighborhood coffee shop.

NOTE: our ski masks are lovingly hand made by one individual. Since we first started selling them, they've been on backorder. We're getting closer to being caught up, so we're taking orders again. For those of you waiting to get yours, please be patient; she's knitting (technically I think she's crocheting) as fast as she can.

Customer Review: Michael in Texas says, "I just received the mask and shirt today...awesome!!!  Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.  Also,  please pass along to the very skilled lady that crocheted the mighty C'thulhu mask that I am a very satisfied the work, and thanks again for the hard work on the mask.....I can see why they took awhile! Anyways,  Just wanted to drop you and everyone at HPLHS a huge have a very satisfied customer....for life!"