The Legrasse Cthulhu Idol

Legrasse Cthulhu Idol

Inspector Legrasse recovered the Cthulhu idol after breaking up the unspeakable cult ritual in the Louisiana swamp. This idol depicts the dreaded Great Old One in a bold 1920s art-deco style. The Legrasse idol is a replica of the prop used in the HPLHS film The Call of Cthulhu. Don't miss your opportunity to own this bizarre and extraordinary sculpture.

This idol was sculpted by Bryan Moore of Arkham Studios. Bryan hand- casts each piece in polyeurethane resin, and numbers them from a limited edition of 50. The finish is hand-painted black with metallic highlights. The Legrasse idol comes in hand-made canvas New Orleans Police Dept. evidence bag. The Legrasse idol is a wondrously strange collector's item.


Height: 10 3/4" - 27.3cm
Width: 7" - 17.7cm
Depth: 6" -15.2cm
Weight: 5lbs. - 2.3kg