The Alert Idol

Alert Cthulhu Idol

Discovered by the intrepid crew of The Emma aboard the ship The Alert, the Alert idol depicts Cthulhu in his glorious foulness. The Alert idol is a replica of the prop used in the HPLHS film The Call of Cthulhu.

This idol was sculpted by Andrew Leman for the movie. Each piece is cast in polyeurethane resin and is numbered from a limited edition of 50. True, they are expensive, but each idol is hand-cast, hand-finished, and hand-painted greenish color with pearlescent highlights. Each idol comes in a hand-made wooden shrine box as seen in the movie. This is a beautiful, albeit creepy, collector's item.

As was foretold in ancient prophecies, this idol was very popular and the entire edition has SOLD OUT. ALL DONE, NO MORE.

Height: 10 3/4" - 27.3cm
Width: 7" - 17.7cm
Depth: 6" -15.2cm
Weight: 5lbs. - 2.3kg