Professor Angell's Box

Our newest prop item takes things to a new level. The Angell Box is a highly detailed real-life version of the box of occult papers and artifacts left behind by Professor George Gammell Angell in the story "The Call of Cthulhu." Our box contains the Wilcox bas relief, along with highly detailed replicas of key prop documents from the movie and other documents as described in (or implied by) Lovecraft's text. All the documents are carefully handmade by our prop slaves to appear as genuine as possible, with many being replicas of entirely real documents, all packaged in a hand-distressed, lockable metal box. The story comes to life in your very hands: it's Lovecraft's tale told in the form of props!

13.5 x 10.5 x 6 in. 10lbs. 200+ pages of text and images.

Price $1,000.00


The law prohibits us from giving you a real dead uncle, but you will get a real distressed steel box containing (click links to see each item in detail):

"What?" we hear you ask, "one thousand dollars? Can it possibly be worth it?" Read what our customers have to say about the Angell Box.

Dr. David says:
I received your” Prof. Angell” documents case on the 23rd of December and can I say that I was completely astounded by the level of detail that you have put into this fantastic piece of art work..frankly calling it a “prop” does not do it any justice at all! Aged  and “distressed “ to perfection anyone who enjoys the stories of H P Lovecraft ( and indeed so many of the great writers of the supernatural.. M R James , Williiam Hope Hodgson, Susan Hill …) would be enthralled to have this in their collection not only because of the fine and meticulous detailing but for the resonance it carries for the story and beautifully stylised film you created and, frankly, the pure tactile pleasure of handling these documents which cannot be appreciated until you have them in your hands and share them with friends or dark shadowy cytoplasmic forms. I look forward to your future production(s) whether that be in the next DVD, CD or “prop” release. What a thrill you give us….and what a chill we enjoy!

Customer Don says, "

The Angell box is the most impressive piece of physical Lovecraftiana I have ever seen!  In many ways, it's like a whole other version of the story -- read the materials AS the story."
Greg Stafford, who published the Call of Cthulhu game for Chaosium said over and over again, "This is so f___ing cool!"

Customer Becky said, "the first thing I said when I opened the shipping box was "holy shit".

Customer Michael says, "I'm going to treasure this, and hopefully it will fool (terrify) whoever inherits it upon my demise... "

Customer Richard says "the Angell box is freaking amazing. Definitely worth every penny."

Customer Nick says, "it is (obviously) absolutely fantastic. I stand amazed and shocked (and slightly scared) at the level of detail and versimilitude that has gone into it. Thank you, thank you and thank you."