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The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
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"I have brought to light a monstrous abnormality,
but I did it for the sake of knowledge."

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward brings Lovecraft's novella to life as it might have been adapted for radio in the 1930s. This special 2 CD set dramatizes HPL's longest story with a huge cast of professional actors, exciting sound effects and thrilling original music by Reber Clark. This tale of ancestral evil and supernatural horror in Lovecraft's beloved Providence is a favorite among HPL fans. It's our understanding that this story has never previously been recorded in English.

Charles Dexter Ward is a bright high school student in 1920s Providence. He investigates genealogical records about his ancestor, Joseph Curwen, a dubious character who fled Salem before the witchcraft trials. Charles' inquiry takes a number of dark and nefarious turns, leading to grave robbing, ritual magic, murder and madness. Can a horror that started centuries ago be stymied, or will occult fiends succeed in their hideous ambitions?

You get the full 154 minute radio show (more than 2.5 hours!), available for immediate download. Choose from the whole show as two AAC or MP3 files (part one and part two) or an collection of the show's chapters as separate MP3 files. Downloads come with digital cover art and are approximately 350Mb+ - dialup not recommended. It's a great way to stay green: no plastic disc, no carbon footprint for shipping; just place your order, download it now, and fire up your iPod, iPad or other listening device.

Want the show as a two CD set with some really cool props from the story? Click here.

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Tamara from California says,
The programs you produce are amazing and so incredibly well done. They have also saved us on long car rides; my girls (6 and 8) absolutely love them. Their favorite is The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. They have the radio announcer speeches down pat; it's hilarious to hear these two little voices in the back seat loudly proclaiming "If it looks bad, don't look! And save the last bullet...for YOURSELF." Not to mention when they start chanting "Ia yah, Yog Sothoth!" and anything else they can memorize. I really need to record them.