Omen Antiquitatum - John Dee's Elder Sign

John Dee Elder Sign - Occultist Edition

John Dee completed the first English translation of the Necronomicon from the Latin in the early 1600s. His manuscript describes the magical Omen Antiquitatum - the Elder Sign. We have followed his instruction precisely by using acid to etch Dee's Elder Sign onto a plate of genuine copper. The result is a striking recreation of a magical artifact used to keep the forces of the Mythos at bay.

Click here to see a detailed photo of the Omen Antiquitatum (note: each piece is hand-made and has a unique finish).

The Occultist Edition of the Omen Antiquitatum is made to meet the demanding needs of live role players and those interested in using it for actual occult experiments. It features a hand-made etched copper version of the symbol, carefully aged with verdigris, and comes with proper antiqued nails for securing it over doorways, old pieces of luggage, crypts, or other portals through which Darke Thinges may pass. The Elder Sign comes with a facsimile copy of five pages of the Dee Necronomicon which discusses the Omen Antiquitatum, its consecration and and use. For more information about this Elder Sign, click here.

Approximate Dimensions
Height: 6 x 6 inches (20cm x 20cm)



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Warrantee, Occult Indemnification and Fine Print
Persons purchasing the Omen Antiquitatum hereby acknowledges that it is a potent magical symbol which manipulates cosmic forces completely beyond the understanding of mankind. Further, Purchaser acknowledges that the Elder Sign is intended to be carefully consecrated and used in accordance with some bizarre rules written by a mad Arab nearly 1400 years ago. Purchaser understands that there is no Warranteee (implied or otherwise) that ElderWear will necessarily provide guaranteed protection against: supernatural infestation, demonic possession, ectoplasm, enchantments and/or ensorcelments, or mental instability. Purchaser agrees to hold HPLHS, Inc., its subsidiaries and officers free and blameless from any and all damages arising from occult and/or supernatural phenomena.