Cover art by Darrell "Ol' Marsh Eyes" Tutchton

Live at the Gilman House Digital Download

Ogham Waite and the Amphibian Jazz Band recorded live at the lounge of the Gilman House Hotel in legend shrouded Innsmouth, Mass. Join Ogham and the band for a moody yet lively romp through jazz standards.

This recording features eight memorable tunes, sung by Innsmouth's favorite singing talent playing for the hometown crowd. As Robert Olmstead said, "It's a night I could never forget".

Listen for yourself - free sample track.

Live at the Gilman House features eight tracks with a total play time of 33:10. The download is a .zip file containing 8 files in the MP3 format, playable via iTunes or most other digital music applications.

The recording features these marvelous tracks:

My Slimy Cephalopod Some Wonderland Overseas
Blue Seas When You've Got the True Marsh Eyes
Somewhere Under the Ocean We'll Be Stalking You
The Very Scent of You You Notice My Head

Want more? Order the CD which comes with a cocktail napkin and matchbook from The Gilman House, or order the Deluxe LP Collector Combo which features an LP on vinyl, plus the CD and more!

Musical purists will be pleased to know performances are done on real analog instruments - digital sampling doesn't go over well in Innsmouth.

Price $10.00


Listener Comments:

Kevin in Connecticut says, "On my 3rd. listening, f****ing love it!"